It is irksome that people are buying this merchandise from me on eBay, but they are not buying my book. I think I am allowed to make money the terrible, horrible, degrading fashion which yields me only a few pennies with which I might scrape by, but my book, like my research, is something that would give me enough money to get the fuck out of here. Even though my life plan is to first become squared away with money, and then to have kids, and I think my enemies have attempted to forbid me any success which would get my money squared away as their goal is to make sure I never achieve my goals. As others have my enemies as their gods before me, The Lord God Almighty, they are all cooperating to ensure that I never succeed at anything I do, and that I always lose, unless it's something trivial which wouldn't change my life (like on a 30 minute sitcom where they make it look like something might happen but really everything is always going to the same in the next episode.) Since I have always won, however, when my life was on the the line, I assume it is only a matter of time until I can hurt them many times over with respect to how much they've hurt me, which is a tremendous amount, and is basically the story of my life. I will repay them many times over when the time comes for them to reap what they have sown.

I see the SP500 vol ramp began squarely in the middle of the first "insider's cashing out loop gimmick" crash delay tactic. I wonder where we are in the second order gimmick which is currently unfolding.

I made a post about volume, and now I went to reexamine the trend. It seems like earlier there was a distinct uptrend in the volume, but today I see two even vol peaks on the finviz data. (I see this was the Dow, and I had clicked on the wrong chart!)

One time when I went to Ru-san's, wherein I once observed a delivery guy looking shocking identical to Eric Cantor delivering fish or produce "or something," I noticed some guy with a distinctly evil aura giving me bad vibes from the place where you wait for the waitress to seat you. I continued to eat at the bar, and the guy was seated with his party in the booth directly behind the aisle from me. I sat at the bar with my back to his booth across the aisle. As I continued to eat, my mind became filled with images of a dungeon and children in pain or cowering. As it persisted, I looked around and I saw on the face of the sushi chef behind the sushi bar that he was also thusly struck. I said, "Yikes," and finished and left. The origin of the "yikes" meme may be that the sushi chef, presumably a non-native English speaker, thought I was antagonizing him, but I was only blowing if off and it was not the first such instance of such sudden imagery in any case.

I think it was after, I can't be sure, but another among the wait staff at Ru-san's started giving me chronic stink eye on multiple occasions. He was white but I think he was Mexican. The man at Alliance always told me about Ru-san's that they were dirty and that I shouldn't go there, and I had heard the same thing from another person who briefly worked there. Indeed, it was the man from Alliance who told me about Circle Sushi where certain other gangstalking events unfolded. The third of three such incidents there being the one about "The Japanese Gameshow" which I have recounted many times. I stopped going to Ru-san's and started going to Nori-Nori. The man behind the sushi counter there reminded me of the third party stink eye waiter at Ru-san's and, though he did not quite plainly give me so much stink eye as the guy at Ru-san's, it was very obvious that he was "gangstalking" me. I think what had happened was that the guy who came in and gave me bad vibes put out those dungeon memes in the ether, and since the guy was behind me, the guy at the counter thought that I was beaming memes to him and then antagonizing him by saying, "Yikes," but really I was just blowing it off to finish eating after it was weird that we were both thinking the same dungeon thing. It was probably as plain on my face for him as it was on his face for me. Those were nasty memes.

I mention it because I think Joey "El Mencho" Collins and Steve "The Atlanta Child Murderer" Collins deliver the produce to Ru-san's. My previous main source for having my mind flooded with images of child snuff porn film sets was Joey. One time Steve was going on and on talking as he does, and he told me that he knew a cantor, a Jewish religious singer as opposed to the Eric "Cantor" I saw in his restaurant in Buckhead, in Chicago and that he went to the daughter's Bat Mitzvah, and that he gave her a check for $53, and the father later asked him about because he thought it was weird so Steve gave her another present at a higher cash value. 53 later turned into a meme, and this the key thing about Steve telling me all that: Steve told me that when the father mentioned it to him Steve told the cantor that he heard 53 was a good luck number for Jewish people. When Steve finally came to that at the end of his story, I guess he was probing me if I knew about the number 53. I noticed that my initials J=10, W=23, and T=20 add up to 53.

Decreasing vol makes it a fake rally.

My prediction is that the market will fare worse this quarter, the one ending in March, than it did last quarter, the one starting in October and ending in December.

I'm planning to get a solar battery to power the washing machine in the abandoned house I'm squatting in. If I could get to the point where it wasn't a large expense and a huge inconvenience to take MARTA with my laundry to la lavanderia, and where I could do my own laundry regularly with impunity once again, that would be a dream come true. I have always washed my clothes regularly, but in my homelessness I have worn horribly dirty clothes on many occasions, even perhaps without being sprayed with the "chemical weapon" stink bomb before the smell test. Due to my impeded access to laundry and shower facilities, my overall condition has been degraded for nearly two years, and I can notice that I have become more grimy with regards to my skin biome. It sucks, and wearing dirty clothes all the time, something to which I am not accustomed, has been very burdensome in the time since I lost access the washing machine and shower facilities that I had been using at the place where I paid rent with my salary from fake CIA op to destroy the universe such that humanity goes extinct and does not achieve "eternal life."

This post will remind me to torture three more people to death. As I was going to the store to get a second battery on what may well have been 20190107, some faggot was fucking with me at the Midtown MARTA station. On the way back from Chamblee station, some faggot sat down next to me to give a monologue about some guy yelling on the train, and the third man is the one who was pointing his camera at me while the second man made me listen to his wretched voice.

I think everyone who ever listened to me on the phone should listen to my earliest calls to PUR Digital when I was living on Howell Mill Road. PUR Digital was my ISP at that time. The insufferable bitch kept telling me that they were going to have to send a technician to look at my stuff, and I was telling her that I had not changed anything and my internet was obviously turned off on their end. She was a horrible customer service representative, and only after I refused the technician's visit many, many times did she eventually say, "Oh, well. I can check with the technical team to see if we turned it off, and then they turned it right back on, and that woman from that call was gangstalking me on the phone for years after that, and I hate her so much it is beyond what I would even reasonably envision for the purposes of writing a blog post. When I was living in Dunwoody, allegedly, this person fucked me over on some Amazon call I had to make and when I called back the gangstalker with a different voice said, "Oh no... she didn't do it," in reference to doing the thing I had called Amazon to get their rep to do for me. The second person said, "That was Destiny B," as if to associate that name with voice which is painful for me to even hear, and has somehow, seemingly, been intercepting my calls for years, and this might even explain, at least in part, issues I've had with women ignoring me on the phone when I was trying to have sex with them.

After I got detained on the train the other day, I continued to ride the train in the following days. During that time some person came to sit in front of me with a stupid smirk on their face, wearing what looked like an Erin or Karen disguise. Due to this person's stupid smirk and inability to demonstrate fear of the Lord, I will increase the duration of the period of defilement which that person is subjected to before the finally die, years later.

Whereas I have paraphrased Julia saying a certain phrase, on the first occasion we were at a party when she turned me down. She was more accurately paraphrased as saying not simply, "No," but actually something like, "No, I don't like to hook up," as in, "I would rather go home by myself tonight if my only other option is to go home with you."

It's so telling to me that Julia would have said, "Eww, no. Gross!," to me on multiple occasions when I asked her to come home with me but when my enemy asks her to follow me around in a blackface disguise so that she can join in with my enemies' gangstalking torments then she says, "Ok, that's sounds great." I will repay many times over and I will take away their share in the tree of life. I believe Julia Forrester is a Forrester of the Forrester de Rothschild's so that is a well known share in the tree of life, even a notorious one, and I will take it away.

I got detained on the train yesterday. Whoever called the cops is probably going to get defiled, as are those gangstalkers involved, brutally and epically, and with a level of disrespect to which I presume they are unaccustomed. Even though I ought to have warrants for skipping court and skipping pre-trial in another case, the cops let me go. When I arrived back in midtown, I am quite certain I noticed Julia Forrester trailing me in a blackface costume. Given the many times she told me to fuck off when I asked her to go home with me, and even her other request that I never again ask her to go out with me, it makes me very angry that she has chosen to join in with the troupe of gangstalkers which follows me around. When I wanted her company, she refused me. Now that I don't want her company, she is gangstalking me. Therefore, if she refuses to repent and to listen to my teachings that she should kill herself, if she refuses even until the very end, it is highly likely that she will be among those defiled that live on and on in anguish, and who are despised by all of humanity when they look out on the wages of their sins. Indeed, John Thomas' persona has been making a large appearance in the gangstalking lately, and the same defilement awaits him. The same goes for the people in their families: I will take away their ancestor's share in the tree of life. I will preferentially select from their families when I choose those whose torture will go on and on to be the example for the future generations that might entertain similar rebellious activities. I will take away everything from them, even their dreams of a swift death.

I recently saw the meme, "Could it be that he is 'a traitor to our nation,'" with "him" being Trump/Joe. Look at this closely and dwell on the rudiments of the principles: Did you think he was Mr. Super Patriot because most of the time "patriotism" means you have to do what he says even though when it says he has to do what I say he is not patriotic at all, and he is the among the main handful of the most evil people in the history of the universe, and whose heresy is like that ascribed to the Man of Lawlessness? Do you think maybe it's not the "nation" that he loves but rather that he loves having sycophants who do whatever he says and always say how great he is and praise his name even while he ignores God's law?

From Spivak's Calculus.

I've got it on my mind that God says he has hated Esau and loved Jacob on several occasions in the Bible, implying at least some of the time that he was wrong to do so. I lashed out the other day with my tongue during a gang stalking experience I had on the train. I recognized the man's eyes, and I lashed out at him where I could see him in the adjacent car through the window at the end of our respective MARTA train cars. The gang stalking environment is stressful and I cannot think why I would see someone I know in disguise on the train, or two people I know: (1) Joe or Dad, wherein I do not know Dad's real name for sure since having several disguise encounters with someone I called Dad. (2) the man from Alliance with the wart on the end of his nose, wherein I do not know if that uniquely specifies someone. These train based gangstalking approaches are extremely stressful for me. MARTA has been in the past a nightmare with respect to gangstalking. During the first year or so of my homelessness, MARTA was really, really bad for me.

It says fear of the the Lord is the beginning of knowledge so please stay away from me, unless undisguised, until such time as I can preside over the Day of Judgment. The reason I'm making this post is because I am concerned that I have lashed out at someone who loves me, and I am heavy with this feeling. However, it seems like I usually am feeling heavy with whatever the gangstalkers prompt me with, and I am not happy about disguises in any way.

Is the 2019 peak in the S&P 500 around 2520?

Whereas I have made it known that Rodney Williams of Exide looked shockingly identical to Steve "The Atlanta Child Murder" Collins, the father of recently notorious gangster Joey "El Mencho" Collins, I myself being Gedalia "El Arcón" Gershon, with Gershon being the firstborn son of Levi as I recently found out in the Book of Numbers, I have also recently made it known that Rodney Williams of Exide looks like John "Chief Justice" Roberts whose constitutional mandate does not vest him with the power to opine in an official capacity with respect to the Declaration of Independence (which says that people have a right to abolish the government.) The Supreme Court is vested with the authority to deal with Constitutional issues, but the supreme law of the United States of America includes the Declaration of Independence. Indeed, when I called for the death penalty against John Roberts following his Obamacare decision, I noticed at that time in 2011 that John "Chief Justice" Roberts looked mighty like Steve "The Atlanta Child Murder" Collins. The Atlanta child murders were serial killings wherein the government never found the killer, stopped investigating the case, and Wayne Williams went to prison for allegedly murdering two adults. The investigation into the killings stopped, and then 9/11 was a big surprise to everyone. Why did they stop investigating the Atlanta child murders? Where did the killer or killers go? Is John "Chief Justice" Roberts in league with the killer or killers? Is Emily Hancock in league with them? How much worse would what they did to me have been if it was with some beautiful woman that I was madly in love with, such as perhaps any of the women I might have spoken to but did not, for some reason. Do you think they would not have done the same thing to me in any case, except in a way that might have hurt more? It's some conspiracy they have there!

This post will remind me about the man who was taking a picture of my bag this morning.

It is about 90 days by now.

This was the year that the heretics said, "Let us have 52 more of the weeks in Jonathan Tooker's life, and let us continue to misuse his name, the name of the Lord God, in the form of some fictitious legal person," and the other heretics in the government said, "Ok, sounds good." They said, "Let us keep the rape implants so that we can continue to attempt to establish dominance by raping him all the time in front of everyone, and also let's step up the rape with some extremely painful ones in one of his feet, and just some regular zappers in his other foot so that we can always report on the zapper when he complains about the painful 'stone in shoe' implant, which for some reason you let us have zappers that we had to slice his flesh to implant, to his great displeasure, we will tell you about the zapper and not the pain one. Also, we should implant a new zapper in his anus and then take that out, and we will report that we took out the old ones even though we didn't. God wants us to do this to him." The fact is, I don't like any of it and I want to kill the people who are doing it, and their children, and the children of my enemies that are unhumbled from times long ago, those who may have dodged me in the time travel up until now.

It occurs to me that the meme, "You can't do that," which I have attributed to Joe is in relation to the abomination children and not simply his own children and the children of clans in which he was enmeshed while he was fomenting the Great Sperm Heresy: the single worst heresy in all Christendom, bar none and by far. If he says, "You can't," then I say, "Haha faggot, watch me." Watch me kill the child, and the mother and father, and the mother's and father's other children, and maybe the brothers and sisters of the mother and father and their kids too. None of these people can be in my kingdom. If they wanted my sperm they should have come to me for it, not gone to my enemy.

As usual, today I'm thinking about destroying my enemies and eliciting a satisfactory lamentation. I suppose one of those people whose friends and family will contribute to the lamentation will tell me I was retarded for not concluding those people who looked somewhat different but never appeared together were actually different people and not simply different looking instances of the same person due to subtle changes in the DNA showing up due to time travel. I wonder if that is the same person who looked at my theory for years where I step by step spelled out each critical detail with mostly meticulous attention, and then he still couldn't figure out that it was just like I said it was. Indeed, I wonder if this is the same person who sees me say, "Kill yourself and your loved ones because I will defile you all slowly and with maximal disrespect," and who also sees in the Bible where it says that those who forsake God are doomed, and then will ignore my threats like he ignored my technical instructions. I wonder... and I think it is the case.

On many occasions, I would look at the man at Alliance and think to myself, "Is this the same person?" He always acted like he knew me and never corrected me when I called him Jacaré. It seemed weird to me that his appearance would fluctuate and the unsolved mystery did not cause me any great distress, and certainly there was nothing world-shatteringly untoward about it like the lack of any recognition for many great contributions to science to and mathematics, even to include a solution to the single most important problem in all of mathematics without garnering even a smidgen of praise in public. Indeed, between someone's appearance changing and this latter issue with the non-reality of math and science, the latter disturbs me greatly where the former is simply weird.

It's very rainy where I am. I like the rain very much and I think it's been pouring all night. I have memories of long rains in Atlanta so it is reassuring to me, somewhat, although I still don't know where I am. Despite my memories of long rains, there was am absence of pouring rains during my homelessness. I was wondering why none lasted all night or all day, or even more than a few dozen minutes although the light misty sprinkle would last for a while sometimes. I did not see more than a few drops of rain during this last summer but when I looked up Atlanta's rainfall, it said that Atlanta had gotten twice the average amount of rain in a couple of summer months. I did not see that rain but I am glad to see this rain now, wherever I am, and I lie how i makes feel like the place I am in is open to the sky... which is good and as it should be.

While I was out stealing lunch today, someone made the comment to me, "I love your show," and then muttered something and pretended like they hadn't plainly said it. This is not the first time someone has said something like this to me, and even Helene in her wickedness once made the awkward comment to me, "I'm your number one fan." This is the truth: if there is a show that someone is making about me, and you are in the audience, then you should kill yourself and your loved ones because it is quite likely that I will put you into the same slow and terribly disrespectful death that I put the producers into, and the other people on the show.

I'm rewatching Game of Thrones. I'm noticing a lot of meme names that I didn't notice the first time around, e.g.: "Sir Still in Paine," "Sir Barrister Sell Weight," and "Sir Dox Sauce." I guess Joe is Joffrey. This time around I am seeing the meme eyes in there too though I don't know if they're putting them in there special this time or if they were there all along.

I wonder if there has ever been a case of NASDAQ and SP500 losing 20% without the Dow doing the same.

I hope this paves the way for some -5% days soon.

I noticed a Joe-themed meme recently. It said, "You can't do that." I think he knows full well that I can and instead he is trying to convince me that I should not. I will ignore his suggestion. I wonder if he will ignore my suggestion to kill all those people he's spending the day with today to prevent them from falling into my hands. If he ignores my suggestion then I will do what he says I can't do but if he repents and listens to my teachings and does what they say then I will not do it... unless he was saying that I can't nuke Israel. I thought he was saying that I can't sell all his collaborators, friends, and loved ones to his enemies for $0.99.

I was trying to get some money to pay for the bills I've acquired recently. I'm trying to sell some junk on eBay, and there seems to be a conspiracy of people placing bids to win my auctions and then canceling after the auction ends so that I have wasted the time I spend trying to raise the money. I suppose this might be bot activity, but someone who is out there having a merry Christmas right now is going to get fucking tortured to death for doing it to me.

(A) Original MCM paper.

(B) Second MCM paper. Go to Occupy Atlanta.

(C) Fired from Georgia Tech.

(D) Elavon (US Bancorp)

(E) Lexis Nexis (El Sevier)

(F) Exide

(G) Go to Exide to request documents and to terminate all agreements but arrested and sent to jail in chains, and where I wouldn't be surprised at all if Helene was disguised as a Mexican man from Texas in the jail cell with me. On this day, I noticed in the directory in the lobby at Exide Rodney Williams and Rodelene Williams. This is certainly done to defraud via some ambiguous persona "Rod Williams." I watched an episode of Duck Tales, and Uncle Scrooge commented on some contractual thing, and that inspired me to check on these fraud suspicions. After I quit Exide, Spicer said something memey in a press conference I was watching on YouTube. I don't remember the context, but it caught my attention when he said something like, "It's not over until you come up here and sign these documents," and it made me think about Rodney Williams saying that I didn't quit because I didn't sign the documents. This was just my imagination and Rodney never said that. My pay was almost instantaneously terminated and that is a termination of all the agreements Rod and I discussed. Somehow, from my non-attendance, someone in HR was able to figure out that I had quit without even seeing my ID and laptop left on my desk when I quit. I terminated that job by walking out, and this is such a commonly understood method of terminating employment agreements that "walking out on the job" is a literal meme phrase, from olden times. At (G), I returned to Exide to inquire about fraud documents pertaining to unknown agreements, undiscussed during the hiring process and brief employment. It's hard for me to guess exactly what was in those agreements. They probably delegated themselves my proxy by fraud. In what matters I might even engage a proxy remain unknown to me. They were likely held secret all my life by those who have wrongfully delegated to themselves my proxy in those matters. That is probably why Rodelene sounds like Helene, and why I thought I saw Helene in the jail. There was a Mueller issue that day, (G), with rapid fire court proceedings, and the Khashoggi murder the next day when I was supposed to report to pre-trial probation.

In my previous analyses of likely catastrophic market events, there will be a Christmas season on whose performance yearly profitability depends in many retail companies, which fails to generate profits as the offline retailers are rendered unprofitable. I haven't seen many mentions of how retail spending was this holiday season and usually that is something which is broadly touted when it is good.

After $30 oil comes $20 oil!

Don't forget that the same analysts whose reports said that I am weak, and that my theory is stupid, and that they will make money by fucking me over, and that I am homosexual whose heart's desire is for penis, are the same analysts producing the reports on which the rest of USA policy is based (to the extent that policy isn't based solely on bribery.) I know this is a popular time of year for people to kill themselves. If you're doing it to hide from my wrath, best make it a murder-suicide because you wouldn't want to leave your kids out in the cold.

Last week I mentioned resistance around 2200-2400, but now it looks like a cliff diving, no resistance type of thing and I want to revise and put the resistance zone around 200-400.

Having trouble posting this morning.

I watched the Equalizer 2 this weekend and it certainly caught my interest with those numbers and book references. That scene where they told Denzel that they weren't going to let me achieve any financial success in writing fiction sure did hit home with me. Who is out there saying no to me? Who is out there not killing them for saying it? In any case, even if I had gotten some money for my book, I think most of the people who read it would have been disappointed to learn, in my upcoming attack, that they are essentially the residents of Emerald Station.

But seriously... who is it that can organize a conspiracy against me, in the open, and live to tell the tale? I'm pretty sure conspiracy against me is supposed to get you killed but these liberals have people convinced, today, that it isn't. (Here I use "liberal" to describe those who take a liberal interpretation of my instructions to always kill all infidels.)

This extremely weird chart shows it took two years to close the gaps from some explosion contemporaneous with my employment at Exide. I imagine the regional bank market is one in which Elavon gets a skim called the EBITDA, and that is where I was employed after Helene and Joe filed the fraud affidavit which led to my temporary enslavement until a judge eventually ruled that they had no grounds to deprive me of my freedom. After my enslavement ended, I acquiesced to Helene and Joe's desire for me to get an idiot job pending my theoretical work. The place I got hired was Elavon: the credit card processing subsidiary of US Bank.

Although Elavon was the best office I worked in after getting fired from Georgia Tech, the office sucked completely and the job which followed me home from the office with my mandatory 24/7 phone bitch duty made my life basically a living hell in which I had fallen in to my literal --not figurative-- worst nightmare. Although my boss had written the ETL .ksh script to accept a second, optional, and undocumented parameter, he felt the need to wake me up with the phone every five minutes on each instance that the fraud code in the second parameter set off the system alarm and I, knowing full well that the alarm was set off by the fraud code, was supposed to log in through their slow remote desktop and figure it all out, and it only took about 20 minutes most of the time, but it was all night and it made my life a living hell and I fucking hated that job. The thing was, I could only go back to sleep if I marked it that the fraud code was ok.

I got fired from Elavon, basically, in summer 2015 and then I worked at a worse office in a job that had no 24/7 phone bitch duty: Lexis Nexis, a subsidiary of the publisher El Sevier which has recently rejected my manuscript after they fired me in summer 2016, right after they made me attend the promotion announcement of the person who was always lying on the project, in addition to the off-site project collaborators who likewise always lied during my employment at Lexis Nexis. Lexis Nexis was better for my quality of life even though the office was much worse than Elavon. However, if the life quality issues I was having while I worked at Lexis Nexis were related to some terms with which I am unfamiliar, then it would be ironic for me to phrase the career development in terms of improvements in quality of life. Exide was the worst office 1,000,000 times over, and it was so bad that is was basically the same living hell I had been stuck in at Elavon, but with no 24/7 bitch duty, but all day office bitch duty, even while I was the most successful living physicist, bar none, and I could get neither a decent job nor a decent woman.

Shortly after Lexis, I got hired by and fired from North Highland, and then the "loyal" people at Northside Hospital made me lick their boots through multiple interviews before telling me to fuck off. Incidentally, after Northside I was contacted by a recruiter that only wanted to gloat that he had filled the Northside position and didn't actually have a job to offer me. He attacked me with the same Satanic powers that I had suffered through when I was begging for money at the hospital... before later meeting to beg this recruiter for some money only to find he wasn't even offering any, and he only wanted to gloat and attack me with his psychic powers or psychotronic devices. Indeed, even the recruiter that took me to the interviews at Northside had attacked me with his nonsense, and seems to have been like a gangstalker.

I got hired at Exide right around the time this chart exploded. I quit Exide where the black arrow is. The red arrow is where and I recently went up to their building to demand paperwork and to terminate any agreements into which they had conscripted my legal person without my knowledge or consent. This was the day Khashoggi died, or maybe the day before, when he tried to go get his divorce papers, and also there was the Mueller procedural problem that day. The first red arrow is when I emailed Exide to request docs, and the second is when I went up there to obtain copies and also terminate all agreements which might not have been terminated with my employment after I quit in January 2017. When I went up there, Mr. Gay called the cops on me after refusing to help me, and they took me to jail before I could get copies of the agreements or get confirmation that they had relinquished their misuse of name via the legal person fiction with regards to the USA corporation.

Not hearing much about VIX, which has apparently hit a five year high, at least.

I saw someone's car getting repossessed this morning. The repo guy pulled up behind the car in his tow truck, and then he walked around the car and probably checked the VIN. Then he got a shim and tried to unlock the door but he was not able to. The car was parked in front of the garage of the house and I guess it was front wheel drive. The guy gave up on his shim and used his tow truck to drag the car away from the garage. Then he pulled into the neighbor's yard and backed up so that he could get the tow clamp under the front wheels and then he pulled away. When he was moving the car, it sounded like he crashed into something backing up so I went and looked after he pulled off. I didn't see any crash damage but his tow truck completely fucked the lawn of the neighbor. The lawn is smallish and now it is cut all to pieces with 8 inch deep muddy tire tracks, several of them and overlapping such that the man completely fucked the neighbor's yard in his bid to get the car whose door he could not shim.

I was looking through the bear fight videos to get a gif today. I noticed that the most famous bear fight from YouTube has been edited so that it no longer shows one of the bears taking a giant dump in the fight. Anyway... this one caught my eye. Check out this bear's single leg take down. It is pretty good!

What is it that compels all these people around here to look the other way when I shoplift but does not compel them to simply buy a copy of my book?

This looks like it has enough momentum to ignore the 2200-2400 resistance zone like it ignored the 2550-2600 alleged resistance zone.

One thousand points on Monday? Exceptional vol explosion today.

I think it's a foregone conclusion that this is going to 2340. Will it get there on Monday?

Looks like NASDAQ entered the ~~~BEAR MARKET~~~ today. Current 6333 divided by high 8110 gives about 0.78 putting it square in bear territory.

On the days that I've been checking this, vol has been coming in low. That's a good sign for more crash coming that it has an over-vol day on a big sell day when the indicator is already saying that it's oversold.

Limits are said to diverge to both infinity and zero. If you consider the analytic continuation of the Riemann zeta function to the left complex half plane, you see that you likely can't isolate zeta because the equation will look like
0 x zeta = 0 .

We cannot divide or multiply to get rid of zero (zero has multiplicative absorptivity ) to write an equation for zeta itself. Even if zeta is equal to zero at some value which disproves the Riemann hypothesis, it will be impossible to isolate zeta to show by some convergence theorem that the value converges to zero. Limits of series don't converge to zero, they diverge to it. In fact, the two point topology (0-sphere) of zero and infinity being subtracted from the coordinate charts on the manifolds was the main argument of my original disproof of the Riemann hypothesis.

I was watching some movie with John Travolta in it recently. I was looking at his eyes and I thought, "Dang! He looks like my dad." Now I'm watching Game of Thrones and I can't help to think the same thing when I look at Sean Bean. Even one of the other guys looks like the one who I recently dreamt came to me and said, "I'm not your dad." I think it is dishonest to go on in the state where I think two similar looking men are the same person and they abet my wrong thinking by not making a distinction, or only making it in some state of cognitively impeded dream hypnosis.

I predict zero rate hikes in 2019.

I've been waking from a vivid dream each morning lately, it seems like a high density of very vivid dreams. Each one has been slightly sexually disgusting or I was very angry in the dream, but this morning it was a nice-ish one... and it was about the Bogdanoffs. I was at a concert or something, and it seemed like my nemesis or nemeses were performing on stage. Then I bought some weed and sat down to roll it into a blunt. At that point, I was in a classroom with high school-style seat/desk combo units. I noticed I got terribly slacked on the weed I bought, and then I noticed I was sitting next to the Bogdanoffs. I said, "Is that really you?," to them and then went to look for the guy that sold me the weed. Then I went to leave the concert in my rented Jeep but I had lost my keys and went back to the classroom. The Bogdanoffs offered me a ride home and I accepted, but they brought to their place which seemed like it was near Cobb County while I was expecting them to bring me to Viewpoint in Midtown. We arrived at their very fancy building and went into a restaurant on the first floor where Lubos Motl was a waiter. Then we went upstairs to some poker room and I watched them play poker but did not have any money with which to ante up. We bantered and the people in the seats moved around as the money came and went and then it was just the Bogdanoffs, Lubos, and I sitting at one table. I wanted to play but didn't want to ask for the money so I said, "I want to play but I can't pay," and I guess one of them spotted me some money because soon after that I was playing with them. Then the cards in my hand changed during one round of betting and I asked, "Wait... are we playing poker or rummy?" I had several pair, and three fives, and my fives and aces beat whatever it was Lubos had. It was very late by then, or early in the morning, and the Bogdanoffs called me a limo to take me home. It was a cream colored Rolls Royce and the driver wore a tan colored bowler's hat. I realized that I had been endowed with free limo service for life and it seemed very nice. On the drive home, we took some coastal highway and I recognized some beach cliffs from another dream sequence I have had. I asked the driver, "We're right around the corner from Malibu right?" He said, "Meh...," as if he could tell that I didn't know where I was. The driver recognized that I am God and thanked me for his life and made some comment about the early passing of his wife. I explained to him that I am a mortal man like him, and there are things out of my control, and that unless there is some big technological breakthrough I will grow old and die one day, and that it frustrates me that God gets the credit for his own work and also for Satan's work, and that no one ever accounts for the free will that Satan has to do evil. Then we kept driving and the driver memed something matter of factly and not at all in any kind of homosexual solicitation, "It's a shame such a good dick is going to waste," in reference to my problems with the ladies. Then I woke up. This dream was pleasant and not at all like the string of dreams that have been coming to me each morning lately, I suspect, in some form of stimulated dream theater. Pic related, it was mostly the one on the left I was interacting with but the one on the right was there too.

Reinstalling MiKTeX. The first checksum was wrong so I re-DLed it and got the right one. Who does this?

I also watched Aquaman this weekend. I enjoyed it quite a bit and it was definitely better than Black Panther. I liked how they were able to insert the comedic portions without making Aquaman into a dunce. Although both movies had thin girls overwhelming much larger men with their magic girl strength, a pet peeve of mine, I liked that Aquaman did have not the strong woman make fun of the male hero's implied erectile disfunction in the opening scene of the movie, e.g.: the, "You froze," bit in Black Panther. The end part of this movie had a nice amount of laser blaster. The crescendo of laser blaster, which seems to be a theme this season, at the end of Mortal Engines was not nearly so satisfying as the very high volume of laser blaster at the end of Aquaman. Also, I like when they have delightfully pretty women as the actresses; Aquaman certainly had that but Mortal Engines did not.

I watched this movie this weekend. I did not care for it but it wasn't terrible or anything. I think if they were going to adapt to post-apocalyptic life by making everything 1,000,000 million times less efficient then why not just go ahead and make it 1,000,000,000 times less efficient and not bother with all that bullshit? My least favorite thing was that three of the people in the movie looked strikingly like Sera, Jeff, and Chris, and lately I have been wondering, since he looks so much like the prince of Saudi Arabia, if Jeff is also in that group of people whose entire families will get defiled: my "mortal enemies." I think this movie made me think he is in that group and I am sad to think that because I like Jeff. One thing I liked was when the person was saying, "Haven't you learned the lessons of history?," in an apparent meme reference to Hitler but then Hugo Weaving was like, "Hahaha, we have the super weapon now!" I hope that was a reference to the million Nazis in Antarctica who have already built the new unlimited energy war machines based on the technological advances facilitated by my recent conceptual work. FYI, the real lesson of history is that if Hitler had launched nuclear blitzkrieg instead of tank blitzkrieg then he would have won the war.

$30 handle next.

I am glad that it blew through the alleged support zone today.

This says, I think, that the market does not expect a rate hike which would come in around 25 points where "10" are expected, and means that zero is preferred over 25.

In a way, and by that I suppose I mean in every way and with my entire being, I hope that I am in the detention location and not simply on the surface and in a city of the southeastern region of the USA. If I am in regular Atlanta then it will be only bitter-sweet to nuke this city and kill my antagonists in a moment but if I am in the detention location then it will be sweeter than honey to demonstrate to these infidels that they were most foolish, cataclysmically foolish even, to go out of their respective ways to antagonize me as they do. I suppose I could do the torture fest the same in either place, the regular city or the city of lies, but there's a counterbalancing desire I have for the swiftness of my attack that would be less relevant with regards to a hidden black-site prison city than to an ordinary city.

I was at Walmart today. The woman behind me said, "Interesting," in the way that she identified herself as a gangstalker. This post will remind me not to forget about her. I will not forget that she is choosing suck and fuck some other guy while he has chosen to mock me.

People have been putting the next resistance zone around 2550-2600 but I'm putting it around 2200-2400.

Just on the off chance that there is someone fucking with my computer and/or internet so that I think I am communicating with the general public but I am not, I will repay that person in kind and many times over. They think they are sending their children to go live in the future, and they think they are sending their family to be part of the future of humanity, and they think they they are propagating forward some culture that they adore, but I will show them that they were only in a bubble and none of those people made it into the future and that their culture died with them: none of those people in the extended network of all persons in which my antagonist might have any interest in seeing them make it into the future, I will deny all of them. It will be nothing more complicated than one simple question: who did they like while they hated me?

I remember in 2009-2011 time frame, all the analysts were saying, "The next crash is going to be catastrophically horrible," and, "If you think this one is bad, the next one will knock your socks off." Where did those guys go? Did they change their minds? I haven't seen any articles titled, "This one will be way worse than the last one: it will be the prolonged global depression that everyone was talking about during the last crash."

I know Helene must revel it in when she antagonizes me and I tell her that I will kill her children. I wonder if her friends Judy, and Carolyn, and Carrie, will likewise revel when they know that I will wring the blood from their own flesh that I cannot wring from that of their accomplice Helene. I wonder what quaint smirk they paint on their faces as they tell themselves that I won't go to great lengths to see their children defiled in the most malicious and disrespectful fashion. I wonder how they will feel the perceived superiority of their vaginas and menstruation, to the extent that they are even able to menstruate in their conditions of advanced age, when they tell themselves that some other Catch 22 will protect their children like it protects Helene's son, which is me, as far as I can tell.

I will scour the Earth for them, and leave no stone unturned, and I will pour out my wrath on them. Carrie and Judy and Carolyn: I will hunt you forever and your clans will perish. I will not give you the merciful death, nor your children; I will defile you, slowly and maliciously. I do have some regard for Helene but I have none for you. I will extract an outrageous amount of suffering from the fruits of your respective wombs, wombs that are likely by now shriveled and barren, and also I will pour this out on the second generation of your grandchildren as I mercilessly root out every trace of allegiance to Helene. Next time you see her antagonizing me, think also of that time when I will antagonize you. While she is too weak to antagonize me with anything more than words, I will repay her words on your children with metal and fire: Judy, Carolyn, and Carrie. Yes... what's done is done and what is to come is yet to come, but even then, how many of your cousins also have children, Judy, and Carrie, and Carolyn? Will they be glad to see you rah-rahing Helene's vileness? I think not. What's done is done, and the number of Helene's actions is already very high, but how much higher will her cheerleaders watch it rise, and how long can they blot the images from their minds of their own daughters strapped into those nefarious gynecological chairs? Helene has no prudence, do they have any? I doubt it.