I was just commenting aloud on the ironically named N'Drangheta while I was scrolling through Facebook. Then "Jacaré's" account popped up with a comment, "Hahaha good job guys, that's my club." I don't think that was a coincidence. I would not be surprised in the least to learn their leader is the one who was raping me. So loyal. Such loyalty. Wow.

I kept thinking this guy looks like Cheney, and then when he was shielding his face, maybe not in this frame but when he was shielding his face at the end here, it looked like Helene doing crocodile tears pretending like she didn't love every one of her adulteries with every one of the kings of the earth and like she wouldn't do it all again twice as much right now if she could get to see it piss me off again for half a second.

Is this meme about how my failure to market my book is guaranteed because I am not connected to the real internet? Pepe and Wojak both will both get tortured to death if they even smirk at this, much smile. That would really something if they put me in public to watch the gang stalkers heckle me and then turned off my internet again after they fucked me.

I can also thank Helene for adding to the gang stalking of my coworkers on my last day at Exide. When it was just strangers doing it, I bore it, but when it was her too my better option was to head down to the gutter. Not only that, she was also collaborating with the gang stalkers at the library after I had moved down to the gutter. If she is my biological mother, it is likely that I will not send her into the Earthly torture, but I will do definitely do that, mother or no, to all of her coworkers. Since no matter what destruction I wreak, people will say it does not measure up to the fulfillment of the prophecy so i will make extra efforts to wreak the most severe destruction that was ever wrought. At least that way, no one will say someone else outdid me even if they don't believe I am the man in the book. Furthermore, there will come a time when denying that him will get you killed too, so watch what you say.

A man in a blue shirt at Target, a man with a backpack at Target, and another man talking about a string of losses at Publix earlier today will be people whose torture I want to make severe.

After I listed all those other nice rapes Helene gave me, I can also thank her for starting that nice schizo meme. Her and Joe together, I can thank both of them for that one since it was both of their signatures on those fraud documents.

"Shut up and calculate." This is what people say when they can't come up with new ideas. They say, "Let's use the old ideas to calculate stuff but no one spend time developing new ideas."

If your time machine is not working, don't forget that haters' karma can collapse the wavefunction.

Circumcision is good. While I will probably not kill people for lack of circumcision today, in the future it is likely that I will kill those who do not circumcise their sons (that are born in the future.) Anyone who says not to do this is doing the work of Satan.

Money is not the root of all evil you fucking mongoloid, it's the love of money. Nice straw man.

I've become enamored of the idea that classical phenomena depend on the minimum of the action while quantum phenomena depend on the maximum of the action. Note how the maximum action is intuitively consistent with phenomena like tunneling through a classically impenetrable energy barrier.

The true story is that if I wasn't surrounded by mental midgets, my science career would have worked out just fine. Maybe the time travel bureau put retards around me extra special on purpose because it turns out better in the long run that way, maybe this is a part of Satan's rebellion and it is truly a terrible, needless evil that has been inflicted upon me and everyone I would help, but my complaint remains the same that all of my research is worthy of praise to my name in public and none of it has yet received any. I don't know if anyone else was able to put together the pieces yet, but praise to my name in public is what I need and many are determined to see that I never get it.

Did no one look at the copious notes I left in Exide's audit tracker? Truth be told, those were only my complaints about Sandy my real boss, not about my supervisor Tim, my fake boss Rod, the Sharepoint admin Rob who was fucking up my reports after I uploaded them, nor my complaints about the female gang stalking activity in the office, and neither that fucking white dot in the middle of Rod's pupils, and neither did those notes include that particluarly exquisite moment in which Tim told me that Exide pays a beautiful prostitute to fuck he and Rod, and that I should get back to my desk to have a better look at Sandy's shriveled wrinkly triceps flab.

If more people are building the time circuit now, then that makes it an extra special misuse of my name Jonathan Warren when they call themselves Jews.

Gangstalkers will eventually want to say, "I'm sorry." First off, I know you're sorry you sorry sack of shit, being sorry doesn't mean you apologize and repent, it means you suck. Second, I don't see in the Bible where it says the way to save your soul is to be sorry.

I wonder if this post is about some faggot raping me, one with whom I would never have had sex under non-rape circumstances, and whose people I will rape into extinction.

"That famous fountain of knowledge, the Junior Woodchucks Guide Book."

Robot arms.

The flood.

Trap door.

"Signed 'El Capitán.' I don't know who this is 'El Capitán' is but I sure like his style." Haha, he's me.

Looks like we've got some GFB regulars in here.

The other Beagle Boy.

Here's one of the Beagle Boys talking about 299 times of something.

I was recently thinking about the theme song to Duck Tales, with ducks being a meme anyhow, and how it talks about rewriting history and being a duck blur. Screens from the first episode.

What IQ is needed to ignore the reproducibility crisis in psychology?

What is the point of working on this when they are just going to insert typos to make it look however they want? If you want me to believe they aren't going to do it again, show me the corpses. You'll see that before I caught them doing this, this was something I made an effort regarding, but since then I have not chosen to waste my efforts on this futile endeavor.

>implying that didn't happen

Just on the off-hand chance that someone who knows they are on shit tier compared to me, and that the whole point of their existence was to bring to glory to me, used me as an example of why it is important to use encrypted internet, I feel quite certain that had I been using encrypted internet then I would have fallen squarely into that CP frame-up which I only narrowly escaped by magnetizing my hard drives before I left my house one day in 2012. Also, I will be using them as an example of why it is important to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

This is the Hamiltonian from the paper that got released to obfuscate my own RH paper last year.

When the FBI went to the solar observatory recently, I was immediately sure that it was because the people heckling me on 4chan were traced to an IP there. However, it slipped my mind at the time how close the observatory is to the home of my former coworker at Exide: The Toy Box Killer.

After I decided that Bush II must be the worst President in USA history, I quickly came to believe that Obama was the worst. However, despite my disdain for Trump and my belief that the rebellion against me is predicated in no small part on his declaration of, "Look what I can do and live to tell the tale of," I do not think Trump is a worse President than Obama and Bush II. Obama was a farce of a President, and Bush II was a dunce, but without resorting to my unproven speculations about Trump, all of my criticisms about how he is handling the Presidency come down to the impotence of the office, not the failings of the man in it. I do think he is failing with regards to what I wanted to see him do, namely a fucking lot of, "You're fired!!!," and I want to see him earn the reward he has in store in himself for his rebellion (the existence of which I cannot yet prove) but if I was going to only criticize him on the public stuff that is widely accepted as factual, I have to say he is a big step up from those last two guys. Also, I hope the obvious impotence of the office is making the strong case for fascism to everyone else that is making for me. Even then, him being my mortal enemy or not, or whether it is Rosenstein and Mueller that are the most prominent front-facing parties of my enemy, I think Trump is doing a lot better job of being "Presidential" than either of those last two cunts. However, when it comes to the question of how he got my sperm, and why he decided to support my enemy, those questions form an entirely different matter regarding his soul and his share in the tree of life, and I am able to separate these issues objectively.

One of the best prayers is, "God, please keep my family safe from harm." How could I grant that to my enemy even while the families of the righteous are harmed every day?

People will say, "What justice is it to put the loved ones to death?" It's my justice. Did they rebuke that person in the light of day for all to see? Or did they eat from that person's hand while they ignored my laws? Indeed, I say, "What justice is it to let the wicked retain their share in the tree of life?" If they do not do what is right, then I will take their inheritance away from them.

Regarding the death of loved ones, the memes, which are not trustworthy in general I find, have said that the person whose voice heckles me through the speakers embedded in the walls and ceiling in this house they have me in will die next year. If that person dies without first killing all of his loved ones, then that will mean, effectively, that he didn't love them at all because I will single out those people for extra suffering, and use them as the example of the cruelty that people will avoid through righteousness. Right now I only have things like crucifixion and Russian sleep experiments on my mind, but during the course of my investigation I will have the opportunity to consult with people who know vastly more about death and suffering than I do, and I will be open to their suggestions.

I see "no fap" on 4chan a lot. To me, it seems like doing that to yourself is like letting someone put one of these on you by remote control. Furthermore, it occurs to me that I could have avoided 99+% of those disgusting situations I got myself into by simply taking care of it myself. Indeed, I notice one of the main things people heckle me with when I go outside regards the videos I watch when I do take care of it myself. I don't know how these people know what I'm watching or who tells them that they shouldn't be deathly afraid of me, but when I do my investigation later on I will mercilessly exterminate them all if it's something I don't like. (No one should misconstrue extermination with a quick death, quick death is something I might give to those enemies of mine who were lucky enough not to come to my personal attention, but those in my attention have no such hope and should prudently kill themselves and their loved ones.) One of my neighbors here has heckled me, "Anal? Oh really?," as I walked by her porch. There was some faggot Davonta at LA Fitness who did it to me one time, and then not only that, afterwards some guy at my gym Yusuf tried to justify the other guy's ridicule by saying, "That's just how they play." I am not someone to be played with like that. If you want to play then fuck me about something other than the fact that all the good looking women I ever asked out in my life turned me down and most of the ugly ones too. This is a major sore spot for me. If you poke me there then I will brutalize you and your people in retribution. Another instance of this which comes to mind involves Julia Forrester saying something about role reversal to me. I am going to investigate all of this. If you think the truth is something I won't like, i.e.: you were laughing at me for mocking off while refusing to send me a good looking woman, then you should kill yourself and your loved ones to keep them from falling into my hands. The death you give them will be better than the death I give them, I promise. That's my justice. That's how I do it.

These two memes are the same meme. If the downtown area in your city has a building with this meme, you are in the danger zone.

I know why.

Several people mocked me for the indignity of my food situation this evening, two cyclists and one in the store. Whatever death the others get, this post will remind to ensure that theirs is worse. Whoever has told them who I am, and explained to them the indignity of may position, and further left them with impression that I should be mocked will have a worse death yet still, and their children. So says I.

When it says that Jesus was the Word of God made flesh this is like saying, "Jesus is an anthropomorphization of God's anecdotes." "Dwelt among us," is like saying, "Inserted into history." When Jesus says, "I am here so that sinners may be called to repentance," that is like saying, "We inserted God's nicer anecdotes into history so the wicked would recognize him when he shows up, and love him because he is good rather than hate him because they are evil." God's other anecdotes, the main ones, are in the first part of the Bible.

While this new crime has grown and become more felonious with each passing day, a crime that was very great in history is lessened and lessened, and is now hardly considered a crime at at all and is even encouraged: displeasing me in the course of being alive. This was a serious crime in history and it still is a serious crime, and the punishment will be severe.

I notice that for years now the news has been greatly dominated by this invented crime which is not rape or sexual battery: displeasing a woman in the course of trying to get laid. This crime can only be committed by heterosexual men, and basically only heterosexual white men since black men don't get admitted to corporate America in large numbers. Why did they invent this crime? Who could be behind it but the faggots? I myself was expelled from college for this very thing, and I still suffer from the consequences every day. When will they come around to the truth that more women are liars than men are rapists? Indeed, all women are liars; women's general inability to refrain from making up nonsense just so they can complain about it is the most stereotypical of all womanly stereotypes. However, this goes unacknowledged and at the same time it goes unacknowledged that the burden of initiating sexual contact rests almost totally on the man. Despite that burden, it is now, essentially, a crime to get turned down for sex. Where did this new crime come from: displeasing a woman in the course of trying to get laid? It must be from the faggots.

I tell you what... my enemies aren't going to like it when they find out I've been putting "typos" in their time travel messages. Sucka! Fuck you.

It says King Solo Man was the wisest man that ever lived. He ended up with like 700 gfs.

After the anal implant started electrocuting me again recently, it's presence being a 24/7 anal rape from which I cannot escape, I inspected my anus with my finger again today. There is definitely another shallow one in there, much smaller than the one I felt last time. I went to the free doctor not too long ago and told him I thought I had an anal implant. He inspected my anus with his finger, told me that he thought it was healthy that I thought I had anal implant and sent me on me way. Since they have taken away all of my money, I have no way to get someone else to check for the anal rape device AND ALSO remove it, so I tried to remove it today. I made a makeshift anal speculum but the process of sticking it my ass was so irritating that I could not feel the tiny device in the swollen tissue. I will definitely exterminate the entire people of whoever raped me in the ass and left that thing in there afterwards. People might say, "He can't exterminate the entire people of everyone who ever slighted him," to which I say, "You don't think so?" In fact, if I don't exterminate them in full then that would pretty much be a big fuck you to the people who did the right thing, and I would never say that to them. To them I will only say, "I love you." However, as Jesus said, "I did not come for the righteous," and right now I am completely fixated on returning the rape many times over, on them and their children, with brutality and malice. People might cite the rest of my Jesus quote as, "so that sinners might be called to repentance." To that I say, "I already did that. They didn't repent."

Coded message from BB: all historical memes come from the future.

I bet a lot of people in Rosenstein's family are going to end up getting their genitals eaten by rats too.

You don't believe he is me?
Trust me, I am him.
Prove it.
Do something omnipotent.
It doesn't say God is omnipotent, that's just some bullshit you made up.
Yeah, well... prove it.
What proof could I offer?
Do what God would do.
What would God do?
He would destroy us completely for our infidelities.

Buy my book. I changed the price to $15.99, it should update soon I suppose.

Jacob is Satan and Peter denied Jesus three times. Styx is literally the name of the river in hell.

I didn't leave that many instructions.

And yet who do "we" cluster around as your leader and praise?


This observation follows trivially from the meme context. However, something which I view as trivial and yet others struggle to come to grips with is this: it is a very special property which prevents the heart from being killed, and people who are not the heart do not have that special property, nor do their progeny, and they should be careful to make sure the heart doesn't hate them and want to use them as the example of what happens when you go against the heart. That example is going to get made, and yet those non-heart people without special properties fail to grasp that it is wiser not to encourage the heart to use them and their people for those example purposes. Indeed.

It's less funny when you realize that they unironically thought God would be an average douche bag like them.

Recently I was opining that it's hard for me to see what kind of transition we could go through to take us from where we are here with these anal implants electrocuting my anus all day and hecklers ridiculing me on the streets every time I step outside, and hecklers ridiculing me all day when I stay in too, to where the Bible says we will be. That being the place where the obedience of the nations is mine and I inflict pain on suffering on my enemies many times in proportion to what they have given me. However, as people play more and more with time travel, more and more the people in the future will tell them only I am good, and that they are evil, and the fate of the universe depends on their obedience to my every command. I think this is a realistic transition mechanism.

It was me.

Is my paper 1% as good a the potato paradox? Let's see what Reddit's opinion is.

Since I have identified Mike and Ryan by name, let me do them justice, and also do justice to the Jews and the Scientologists. Mike bar Benjamin is pretty cool, but if he was ridiculing me on purpose at the behest of my enemies that is a capitol offense, and I also have exterminating all Israelites on my mind even in the absence of Mike's ridicule. On the other hand, Ryan bar David is an insufferable piece of dog shit that I can't stand to be around.

I saw a cyclist and a film crew near the park today. This post will remind me to water board them, let starving rats eat their genitals while they watch me crucify their families, and then crucify them too after I scraped their families' filth of the crosses I set up.

What if I'm in Atlanta-Georgia, Nevada and the town is filled with poisoned pussy and they're criticizing me for not trying to poison myself?

This table says that Atlanta, Georgia got almost double the average amount of rain this summer. That seems inconsistent with my experiences. I can't rule it out altogether, but the rain around here has seemed real sparse lately. That might be because I'm not in Atlanta, Georgia but rather I am in Atlanta-Georgia, Nevada.

Btw, the two people that I think are Netanyahu and Miscavige's sons are Mike Bixon and Ryan Aiken.

This makes more sense to me every time I see it.