Another person made some comments to me out here this morning. She said, "We didn't think you were taking your job very seriously." What job is that? I have no idea. However, if she saw some two year streak of total non-participation in some job that no one ever mentioned to me, and she assumed the issue was that I wasn't taking it seriously without considering that someone was lying to her about me having that job, or lying to her about me knowing that my person had been entered into that job, thinking I preferred instead to be a homeless bum for two fucking years, telling herself not that the people in control are evil but choosing to believe instead that I am just a crazy retard, while also believing, mind you, that I had been offered this ``job'' under some meritorious conditions, then she should be killed for incompetence and stupidity.

This morning some person on the patio at McDonald's came to heckle me after the window washer had passed by. He said something about Shit Face, who I think is as known as Caca na Cara which means "Shit on Face." Right behind the person who mention Shit Face to me this morning is a hotel: Le Meridien. Now... I don't know if Meridien is a French word, but it strikes me that the name of this hotel is awful like Le Mierdien which sounds like the kind of place Shit Face would like: a hotel called The Shitardian or The Fecal Freak Palace. On the sign in front of the hotel it says the restaurant in the lobby is Portico and it is written in the exact same font that the news service Politico uses.

I will drop their children into boiling water and then give them back their parents to watch the outer layer of flesh slough off, among other things, as they try to console the fruit of their loins in that time of suffering. These infidels will regret their mockery more at that time than they enjoy it at this time. I will make sure that two are almost incomparable in magnitude.

These two creatures behind me too, or those that sent those robots. This post will remind me to put the children in their families into the rape machine.

I want to remember specifically the woman that said, "Jon Tooker," as I was walking just now. Unlike these other people harassing me today, that person who I only interacted with incidentally might not stand out when I watch the surveillance logs later. When I am drilling her teeth later, I hope she doesn't like how the drill bit feels next to my name in her mouth.

I have declared that the mother of any child born into Trump's (Helene's) semen rackets should be killed, and all her other children, and the father figure, and all his other children, and the child itself. If they wait to kill these people, then I will do it. However, if they kill the child but do not kill the other people, then because they have sought to avoid my justice, I will be motivated to kill the brothers and sisters of the mother and father, and all of their children too.

It looks to me like Deutsche Bank was providing financing to Trump despite his tenuous balance sheet because of the illicit money he was making of his semen guzzling rackets. That would explain my suspicions that Merkel is one of these people who has been stalking and will earn for her earn family a one way trip to hell, hell being something I create on Earth to remind the people in the future not to be as stupid as people like Merkel and Trump... and probably Blankfein too. When they say "Blankfein was in the room," with regards to these "1MDB" proceedings, are they neglecting to mention that the room was as big as a football field and he was way over in the far corner? I will send all of these people to hell, and what I do to them will be so catastrophically horrible that it will remind people not to be so stupid for a long time.

Listen to me all you infidels. You are probably starting to believe that I was telling the truth when I told your ancestors that they should teach their children to fear me. Now I am telling you something else, and since are believing the one thing I hope you believe this too: if you betrayed me, and know that betrayal can only come from a friend, then you should kill your friends and loved ones to make sure they don't fall into my hands. I will use their suffering to make them hate you, and I will do it severely, but if you kill them before I can do that then it won't happen. However, if you betrayed me, then I will put them in the long cycle on the rape machine and you'll be there to watch it as I remind them every five minutes that I'm doing it to them because you ignored my instruction to fear me and then you also ignored my instruction to kill them to keep it from happening to them.

When I round up everyone from arXiv and put them to death slowly and some cases not so slowly, they are going to be really upset that they appointed whoever is making these decisions to be their decision maker.

One of these people is Barron Trump's mother and the other isn't his father. Trump is going to burn in hell for what he did, and his family too, and the same for everyone else who did the same thing: stealing my semen instead of sending their beautiful women to me, and all of their families. They will all die, and many unmercifully.

The difference between me, The Lord, a human man, and the other humans who are merely human is that the time travel bureau supports what I do. Although this day has not yet come, it will come.

This cartoon says a lot to me. Back when I was being an idiot and groveling indignantly for someone to toss me a few dollars a day for being their servant, it seemed to me that although the employment was all technical computer stuff in nature, the main thing the interviewers were looking at was my reactions to their psychic "squeezing" attacks. I do not know why they think this is important, and I will kill them until they stop thinking that, but I have often wondered if this is part of the "Keeping Scientology Working" program in which the Satanists embedded in the business sector preferentially hire other satanists.

Regarding these people around me who will die gruesome slow deaths after I mock and humiliate them while I do the same to the their friends and loved ones: the title of this article seems like something they would report when I turn my back to someone because having them in my line of sight disgusts me too much.

I know the guy is thinking, "If that's him then he tricked me." I didn't man. It's all true. Please don't put your lot in with my enemies.

Honestly, I don't even know what the guy's religion is but I think the point is the same in any of the main ones.

Another thing I saw this summer: it said Adolf Hitler was only homeless until the economy crashed.

In recent years, even before becoming homeless, it had seemed like the rain went way down from how I remembered Atlanta. I saw on some website that Atlanta got about twice as much rain as average this last summer, but where I was saw only a deluge for about 15 minutes one day and a light sprinkle on another day. I mention it because this week seems like the rainiest few days I have seen a long time, and that is also weird because it's not really even that rainy.

Nice call:

As a result, he thinks it is likely that today we will pile-on "melt-up fuel" as the election hedges are unwound thereafter, and notes that the 2800 strike still matters the most from a gamma hedging perspective

I read this article. It was irksome to me to see the author chanting "3.7% unemployment, what's the problem?!?!?" The problem is that while the unemployment rate is named after unemployment, it does not measure unemployment. The metric that measures unemployment is called "Workforce participation." It tells you how many people are employed and unemployed. To the contrary, the unemployment rate measures the number of people collecting unemployment insurance. Once your insurance runs out, you are both broke and unemployed, so in a worse position that being unemployed and collecting a check, but when that happens to you it makes the unemployment rate go down. Therefore, when they say, "Look how low the unemployment rate is," what they are really calling attention to is the number of people who lost their jobs and then also lost their unemployment checks.

The profile of this building on the left has always reminded me of Jabba's palace. Lately, this other feature is reminding me of Jabba's barge. In the movie, it said there was not a more wretched hive of scum an villainy in the whole galaxy. I can believe it!!! Hopefully I was frozen in carbonite when I was living behind that black building and now that I am on the barge, I am about head back into space.

Lately at the grocery store they've been making a pretty big deal about distinguishing white American cheese from yellow American cheese. If I'm understanding them correctly, I would advise them to buy a pack of crayons and compare the white one to their skin tone. I don't think it would be a good match at all. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the white dragon society is a subsidiary of the golden dragon society.

This week I advise the people in Laura Kershaw's family to kill her before they fall into my hands because I get my hands on my them while they were still letting her live then I will kill them all and grind up their children in the machinery of vengeance.

It seems weird that gmail is the absolute slowest, worst performing website I use. Why does it take so long to load?

Also wondering if the image on the right is a altered photo of the person on the left or if that is a different person.

I could not help but notice that I am quite similar looking to this person who is my dad though I've been wondering if he is my biological father

My protest turns 7 today
. Then I was complaining about Republicans. Now I will breathe a sigh of disappointment if the Democrats win tomorrow. Whoever wins, I will breathe a big sigh of disappointment that math and science don't count anymore.

Will someone feed that piece of dogshit to her enemies already? Do those her put her with me now not realize that I will put them with her later?

I have noticed that after hours futures trading seems not to be strongly correlated with intraday moves.

False. I will not renege on the original covenant. The abolition of the covenant, the only covenant, is rebel propaganda. The people have the free will to keep the covenant or break it, and whatever they decide, I will keep my promise about my response. I will keep my promise right down to the very letters in the original documents.

Look at the religious authorities. Even though what they preached for the last few thousand years is, "Only God is good and we are all sinners," and, "God's understanding surpasses that of all men," now that the time is here they say, "If that's God then I am well-motivated to throw my lot in with Satan because that man God is not like my concept of my best self but Satan is into the same kind of thing I'm into."

Someone might ask, "God, how do you justify telling us that only you are good while none of us are?" I would answer, "It looks to me like if you give command to anyone but me then the human race will go extinct but if you give command to me then it won't. That's the gist I get from the book. It says, 'Only God is good,' and, 'the way is narrow.'" Who am I, Jon, to disagree?

This movie is based and red pilled, and it was pretty good and I was surprised that it held my attention the whole time.

During my three rejections by the Israelites which I have previously recounted on this blog many times, I said that some man that I thought I recognized as an actor came into the secondary detention basement of the Thai-Israeli Taskforce and started saying, "This is El Arcón," before he sent me on way to New York (though I had arrived from Atlanta), pretty much making sure the door hit me in the ass on the way out. This was another person I recognized as an actor in that dungeon besides the other actor which I eventually recognized as Calogero from A Bronx Tale. Later, on the subway in NYC I recognized some old woman, a crone, as an actress who sat directly in front of me. Based on the similar looks, I thought at that time that I she must have been the mother of the other actor. The woman started giving me dirty looks and I felt her psychic attack on me. I distinctly felt me attention being pinched/pulled to one side and then I nodded off for what I thought was only moment. I opened my eyes and she gave me another dirty look, one of smugness and extreme self-satisfaction as if she had pulled a fast on me by making me nod off when I was quite tired from flying to Israel and then back to New York, or going from one crazy to place another without much rest. Anyway... I had said that I thought I recognized her as an actress but I could not place her. I think I just placed her this evening when I saw her as "Thelma" (an occult name: Thelema) in this Inspector Gadget movie: Frances Bay. Her Wiki says she died in 2011, and when I saw her in the movie I thought her nose was not so beak-like as the woman on the train, so maybe it was not her, but there must be some other actress that looks like this woman, one who is likely the close relative of the man with the equally beak-like nose who started calling me El Arcón in that secondary detention basement.

If you think you're going to make a profit by running a robot child in front of me just so you can say, "Look at the magnitude of my exhalation when I can divert the path of the Lord God Almighty," then they will be sorely mistaken to find out what are the real wages of such rebellious actions. The wages are death, and for your real children too.

There's at least one Republican I'd prefer to see lose, however.

If this guy in here is Jed, and he is wearing a disguise in front of me, I will send him into the most severe level of torture. If he once impersonated Emily then he was already in for that anyhow and I will take no more severe action than to put him into the most severe level of torture among the torture criteria that I hope to soon develop. I will put him into the absolute worst one and then I will forget about him as I already had once before.

This woman
reminds me of a disgusting horrible bitch at one of the places where they feed the homeless downtown: "Safehouse." This woman did not like me at all, and had a bad attitude toward me. It was very obvious that she thought she knows who I am and that she did not like me, and did not like letting me eat with the other homeless. Don't forget: a vote for a democrat is a vote for someone who will encourage your son to cut his cock and balls off.

Here is another question about the unmitigated impunity of the officials operating under and taking federal welfare checks from the Trump administration while I myself only get the measly $100/month state welfare check. Because of the impunity of the infidels to follow me around everywhere I go and ridicule me through the words they speak with earshot of my position, I use headphones to listen to white noise. Even within that white noise, the infidels of Trump's administration, those he allows to operate with unmitigated impunity even unto this day, are in my computer saying, "Right, right," and, "Ok, ok," through my headphones every time I have a thought or write something. I hate them and their voices, and between now and the time I destroy their hearts and minds with outrageously brutal torture, I would prefer not to hear them. I hate their voices and yet the Trump administration allows them into my computer to constantly ridicule me through my own headphones when I put them in to block the ridicule of the agents of the Trump administration that follow me around to ridicule me with their spoken words.

Take note of these words: if I heard your words of ridicule when I didn't want to, and I never want to hear the ridicule of the infidel, then by the time your long, long torture finally ends your mind will be so broken that you probably will not even have a concept of how long I have been torturing you for, and you will know nothing but an eternity of pain and misery: pain and misery of Biblical proportions, not the lesser kinds of pain and misery that are allowed under the current federal torture programs which are less than what would be called Biblical pain and misery, and anguish and suffering and lamentation. If you are one of the people attacking my peace and tranquility, either in person or through my computer, and you do not find the good fortune of a death before you fall into my hands, I will put you into the worst thing that I devise, and that thing will be managed by the most brutal hands I can trust, and those hands will be quite brutal, probably much more brutal than your imagination of the suffering you think I am promising you. I will destroy your body and your mind, and your suffering will last for a very long time.

I watched The November Man again yesterday. It is a very good movie. The big surprise at the end is, "Was it Weinstein?!?! Was it Weinstein!?!?," and then other guy says, "No, it was Helene." This film was produced by Mnuchin's company Relativity. So here is an important question: How did Helene get the impunity she enjoyed leading up to the production of that movie? How did she get the impunity in the couple of following years? How did she still manage to enjoy that impunity even after Trump became the President and hired the guy who made the movie about, "Surprise!!! Helene is the bad guy!," to be in his cabinet? Where does her impunity come from? Who gives that gift to her? It doesn't come from me; I want to give her to her enemies or at least put her out of her misery, and yet even two years into the Trump administration she still enjoys the same impunity she had before she got outed as the bad guy many years even before they produced The November Man back in 2014.

In the Bible, it was Peter who denied Jesus three times. In real life, it was the Israelites who denied me three time and thereby precipitated my current condition. Also in real life, as I am a homeless person without even regular toilet facilities, the Pope sits in the throne of the guy who denied me three times, sitting there up to his neck in gold.