I was walking peacefully today and some woman collided with me on purpose. I said, "Watch where you going bitch." THen she lied about doing it on purpose, called me a faggot, and told me that that was the reason why I'm alone. I feel like the reason I'm alone has to do with the state of involuntary detention I find myself in, and the prevailing idea that I am in this tiny space to learn what Satan teaches instead being Earth to teach a lesson to Satan's people. As Jesus said, "I did not come for the righteous." It is as if this space has been specifically populated with the type of person that is loathsome to me, and then I am criticized for not getting along.

I've been criticized in the past for being alone when people say I don't know how to ask a woman out. That is patently stupid, I am highly fluent in English. The problem was that women don't know how to say yes. The problem is with their judgment that they think the other guy's dick is a better dick to suck than mine. The problem with some other people is that they think a guy who likes to suck dick is in a good position to make judgment calls about what is or is not pleasing to God.

Pic related, everyone around this ugly cunt is going to get sold to their enemies. You should kill yourselves. If you don't I will go to great lengths, laborious and even inconvenient ons, so that you look back on your life and harshly regret not giving yourself a quick end while you still had the chance.

As I suspected, this article says that the Deir ez-Zor strike happened the day after I tweeted this which was the day after my tent got bulldozed and I suffered about 80-90% non-essential equipment losses. The tent was bulldozed on the 6th or 7th, I think it was the 6th. It was the first night that the low temperature stopped being real low, I would have to check the weather.

If it was the contractors of the Syrian government that bulldozed my tent then I have probably been wrong about supporting non-US intervention in Syria. If it was them then we should finish the operation today with nuclear strikes on all of the pro-Assad cities in Syria. Since Israel is anti-Assad, and anti-me, that seems unlikely. However, I may be attempting to categorize with reason facts related to an unreasonable situation ruled by the hysterical malice of a certain person.

There have been ups and downs but seeing my research not appear in the news for 3,080 consecutive mornings has set the stage for 3,080 bad days in a row. Will the denialism continue tomorrow?

DENIALISM: In the psychology of human behavior, denialism is a person's choice to deny reality, as a way to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth. Denialism is an essentially irrational action that withholds the validation of a historical experience or event, when a person refuses to accept an empirically verifiable reality.

This morning at Northside Hospital there was some woman who followed me onto the elevator. I detested her company and got off but she followed me off. I asked her where she was going and she said she was going with me. I told her that her fate would be like the others'. She said, "I want to see you go down." Why do they send people to me that can say this but they never send anyone who says, "I want to see you go up," or, "I want to see you get an amount of praise that would be completely ordinary for someone who has made the scientific discoveries you made?"

I completely reject this line of rhetoric. Ninety people is a lot for working on one project. Ninety competent people could do almost anything in my mind when their adversaries are taught to be incompetent by the deep state because the deep state needs them stupid enough to accept the deep state's lies and complacent enough not to ever uncover the deep state's crimes. For instance, a large group of people dealing with gists and feels can be easily undermined by another group dealing in technical specifications. An example of technical specification, a highly relevant one, would be to rely on the meaning of words that appear in the dictionary rather than their secret code meanings for which no dictionary exists and therefore from which no accountability can be demanded.

I had a dream that I was in a LARP video game. I needed the magic book to defeat the final boss, someone showed me the book right away, but then I got distracted trying to spray paint stuff and woke up.

After I made that last post the woman at the desk nodded at me some more. She nodded when I was staring at her before I made it too. She is the Whore of Babylon, I am the King. Look what it says in this scripture. It doesn't say "I hold it against that you actively cooperate and support her," it says, "I hold it against you that you tolerate her." She is evil. The woman at the desk said, "Are you sure?," which is a stupid question. A better question would be, "Can you imagine being presented with some set of evidence that would lead to you be significantly more sure than you are right now?" The answer to that question is definitively no. She is evil! She is evil and you who merely tolerate her are doing evil as well.

As an aside at the end here, the fat one who attacked me recently, the one that calls herself Laura, has the same build of a hill troll as Laura Kershaw. I saw Helene and Laura together both at Elavon and at Exide so I would not be surprised if they were together in there too. I will kill everyone they love. I will destroy everything they built. I will burn everything they touched. Everyone will hate them forever.

Not only do I think it's likely that one of the women who works at the Auburn Avenue Research library attacked me with biological or chemical weapons, I think it is likely that another woman that works here, Helene in disguise, forcibly sodomized me with a thermometer. Why are these people around me? Helene is evil. She is running a cult of evil women. She should be killed right away.

I recently watched The Disaster Artist. It was a movie about the making of an older, notoriously bad movie called The Room. Mostly the movie was about how weird the director was, but there was one element of the The Room's original story that was singled out as exquisitely bad. It was a scene were the mother said, "I have breast cancer," but then the breast cancer never plays any part in the movie. Out of all of the story elements in The Room, this was the only thing that got specifically mocked in The Disaster Artist.

Why do I bring it up? That scene at the beginning of Black Panther where the guy freezes never comes back to play any part in the movie. Just like the breast cancer, it is just in there for some reason. The character has no further issue with "freezing" and it was just in there for Marvel to make their men-are-weak-women-are-strong meme that they put in every single movie. It's ridiculous.

I was getting some food just now. The cunts in line ahead of me were heckling me. Then the cuntiest looking one kind hid behind one of the other ones so that I could just barely see her flash her eye electronics at me. I will cut her eyes out with my own hands after I kill everyone in her family. Pic related, we're not doing that. After I sat down, some guy may have started flashing his camera in my peripheral vision. I will check if he was doing that or if it was just the light reflecting on it. If he was doing it on purpose, I will grind away his body with a chainsaw. Then they will know that my name is The Lord. Some other group came and sat next to me. If they saw me and deliberately approached me then I will burn them alive and they will know that my name is The Lord. Shut the fuck up when you see me and stay away from me. Those are my instructions.

I watched Black Panther today. I've said many times that I don't really care for Marvel movies but I thought I'd give it a try. I said, "Maybe they won't have the weak male character demonstrate incompetence and then have to be saved by the infallibly strong and intelligent female character." It was literally the opening scene of the movie. Why does Marvel do this? Why is the female character never the weak incompetent one? Even when she is strong and intelligent why is she never a catty, irrational, insane bitch because she's getting her period? Come on Marvel, suspension of disbelief is one thing but why do they put that same meme in every movie?

A "failure of protocol." The White House is probably regretting its decision not to show FBI Director Christopher Wray the door.

This article reminds me that that desk at the library where the fat bitch that poisoned me sits is the same one where I recently overheard a conversation about "Ms. Strzok." That was right around the time some more Strzok texts were getting released and I made a post about it at that time. Was that attack on me carried out by the FBI with FBI issued chemical/biological weaponry?

Al-nurses encroaching on my position.

With the rise of mental health issues as a way to disparage a person, even when throughout history these mental illnesses did not exist, what has become of hysteria? Are women no longer plagued with this debilitating mental illness? I think very many of them are. I think a lot of hysterical women today are there ones pointing their fingers and yelling, "Mental illness!," and then their cuck husbands do the same. I think most mental illnesses, in the modern sense of the term, things far detached from what would be called raving madness, are total BS. For instance, moodiness is now generally described as bipolar disorder. Persons averse to the prevailing groupthink are labeled psychotic or schizophrenic (even though those are completely different things.) When someone dissents there is always an accusation of non-specific "mental illness." Another example is found in the DSM 5. It says that if you are sad over the death of a loved one for more than two weeks then you are clinically depressed and should prescribed meds for your disease. While that is patently stupid, it is also patently stupid when all these raving hysterical women are no longer diagnosed with clinical hysteria. Hysteria is real.

Remember that time the staff at 275 Pryor Street, Atlanta, GA, The Gateway Center, conspired to deny me access to the shower via their lies, and after the security guard gloated about it then the Las Vegas Shooting happened? Their employee Sandra, a.k.a Sandy, was highly complicit in those actions and I will punish her directly in due time. Pic related looks exactly like another employee at Gateway, one that hasn't given me any problems (to my face at least.) Let's consider a recent chronology.

Last week I made that post about how Russia would feel no pain by killing their oligarchs that are trying to breed cancer into the true vine of life, and then my tent, blankets, clothes, etc were confiscated, and then between 5-100 Russians were killed in Deir ez-Zor. Even though Deir ez-Zor battles usually get into the news same day, we didn't hear about it for about a week and Putin denied it. (Are the 210 names on the State Department's Russian list, the 211 names including Putin, the 211 cancer cells growing in Russia even as I type this now?)

This week I mentioned that I thought the fat bitch at the library attacked me with chemical or biological weapons and then there was the FL shooting. I am glad to see the reciprocity but I am, in general, against reciprocity as a response. I want to see total annihilation. The Las Vegas shooting didn't didn't teach them the lesson that they didn't learn after the Orlando shooting, so who thinks that the Florida shooting (and 10,000 other things I don't know about) will teach it to them? It feels like they are saying, "Even if we stand next to you, we will not be in a position of overwhelming strength." I disagree. Standing next to me is a position of overwhelming strength. Believe me. The things that happened to those who stood there before you happened while you were standing next to my enemy. Stand next to me.

I can't remember exactly what the argument was but last year I read an article that made a pretty convincing case that the inevitable XIV termination event was going to be a big problem in the nether realms of modern financial instruments. I hope it really messes things up. I think the termination date is on Wednesday.

Does Donald Trump employ this person, Lewis Amselem?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how in cahoots were Eric Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein, likely both close relatives of my uncle Richie Weinstein, when Eric Weinstein tried to steal my theory in 2013? I've dwelt on Snowden some more, and I now I (once again) have vacillated to the place where I believe the Snowden leak was executed to derail their attempts at thievery.

Now here is another question: How in cahoots were Harvey Weinstein and Emily Hancock about making videos designed to disrespect me? I don't know if those videos even exists, their existence has only been memed to me by people who will not go on record with clear statements (Take note Christians, not going on record with clear statements is 100% un-Christlike.) However, if they do exist, and you watched one for the the purposes of entertainment, then you are definitely inside the kill radius. There will be no escape.

And Greg Eisenberg, a.k.a Heisenberg, if you were making videos in kind then you should start drowning the children in your family to keep them from falling into my hands. I won't be responding in kind, I will go far, far, far over the top... as is my prerogative... as you well know. I won't go as far Helene might go, but I will go far enough that you will wish you'd drowned them.

I think the USA government should put everything related to foreign enemies on the back burner and unfuck its domestic enemy situation. I bet that would automatically solve 90% of what are now called foreign enemy situations.

My speculations about robots and disguises aside, it is mysterious to me why the black people around here are the main ones making an extra effort to do everything I say that I hate when people do to me. Why do they do that? I suppose that after the racist element of the government derailed the civil rights movement they noticed that they could re-enslave a pretty good sized portion of the black population by throwing quarters and one dollar bills at them, and that my enemy wants me to kill as many black families as possible when I come through with my vengeance. That makes sense from their perspective; I will give them exactly what they are asking for. What does not make sense to me is why the black people are helping their enemy with regards to the social justice concern (and with whom they may feel some other ideological affiliation of which I am unaware.) How did I become the object of their scorn by irritating their racist masters with my own non-interest in race, whether or not race exists, whether IQ differences are correlated with genetics, etc... On that last one, I was recently reminded that childhood poverty is strongly correlated with low IQ among all races. These people who are irritating me minute to minute in my daily life certainly appear to have very low IQs.

I went to the office where they give the hobos new ID cards. While I was there some lady started calling her son "Nono" and then said, "Oh he like it when we play wit him." Then I looked up because it sounded like she was saying Nunu and the other guy standing next to her was looking straight at me and he pointed at me to make sure I knew they were heckling me. It reminded me of something I was going to post but never did. When it comes to "joking around" or "playing" with someone I do agree that it is often acceptable for an inferior party to play or joke around with a superior party. However, whenever there is any confusion about what is a funny and what is disrespectful, the opinion of the inferior party doesn't mean anything. The superior party decides if was ok or not ok, not the inferior party. If the inferior party says, "I was just kidding," and the superior party says, ``That was disrespectful," then there is no confusion about what happened. The truth, in that case, is that the inferior party was disrespectful and should be disciplined.

Let's rehash my expulsion from college. I asked Claire to go out with me. She said yes. I asked her to go home with me. She said yes. In my apartment I tried to kiss her and she pulled away but smiled and did not ask me to stop. After a while she asked me to take her back to the lab. I took her back. In the car I put my hand on her leg. She removed it but smiled and did not ask me to stop. As we walked back our building I demonstrated affection one more time by playfully grabbing her ass and she laughed. I wanted to demonstrate that my interest in her was only sexual, and that I was not interested in just hanging out like we did that day because it seemed like maybe she had something else in mind. Then she did not return one or two phone calls from me and I never spoke to her again. About a year before that Jennifer invited me to go home with her. She led me directly into her bedroom and then I took her by the wrist to pull her close to me. She recoiled and told me to stop. I did stop. She told me to leave and I did leave. Then, under the rules of Georgia Tech, I was expelled because I made them feel unsafe.

So here is the point, how I am supposed to feel when the library employee is attacking me with chemical or biological weapons? Where is her expulsion? Where is the parity in judgment... not that parity is even appropriate because I am the King of Babylon and doing wrong to me is worse than doing wrong in general. Where is her punishment? How long until she does it again? If her reprimand was that they told her not to do it again, then why didn't Georgia Tech tell me not repeat what I did... which was respectfully approaching two women and then respectfully leaving them alone after (a) Claire didn't answer my calls, and (b) Jennifer asked me to stop? Where is justice? I'm just supposed to live in constant anxiety over another chemical weapons attack when they don't expel my attacker from the library system? My crime was to immediately stop when consent was withdrawn, this fat slut's crime was to attack me with a chemical or biological weapon.

It bothered me this week when I read that Trump was having a hard time filling positions because he only wanted people with loyalty. What he means is loyalty to his ego, if he cared about real loyalty then Barron wouldn't exist.

There was some ugly fat bitch I have felt might be alternately Laura Uria or Joey Collins in disguise at times. She works at the Auburn Avenue Research Library. She was telling me that I could not bring a closed plastic water bottle in with me and I told her to call her boss who told her she was wrong. Then I was making a point to follow the rules by carrying my bottle past her desk to where her boss told me I could open it and drink from it. Since it is not against the rules to look at her and gently slosh the water in the bottle as I walk past her I did enjoy that very thing. Then she walked behind me and I was overcome with a strong allergic sensation. Clear fluid immediately started streaming from my nose. She didn't attack me because I broke a library rule, she attacked me because she didn't like that what I was doing did conform to the library code of conduct of which she had previously demonstrated her total ignorance when she humiliated herself. I turned around and she gave me some smug #1 hand sign. The women that used to encircle and harass me at the central library branch used to do that same thing with their single extended index fingers. I will torture them to death, one and all, unless their families wisely kill them first.

Yesterday as I was leaving the library I mentioned that I thought the disgusting fat woman had attacked me and then this story appeared. She should be killed, and if the long, slow torture that leads to her death doesn't begin today then she should be fired at least so that she is unable to attack me again when I use the library facility. I hate her. I want her to suffer. I want other people to learn from her example what is and is not right, and what the downside of doing wrong is. Right now it seems like everyone around me is convinced that there is no downside for doing wrong, and it is a top priority for me to correct that serious misconception.

Add to the list the two people who approached me while I was typing this post, apparently one faggot and one woman. I felt the malice under my left eye. Know this you heathens: even if you know you are someone I will kill, if you stay away from me and shut the fuck up when I am within earshot then I might be inclined to give you a merciful, quick death. I am merciful.

This morning I was getting off the elevator and some woman squealed, "Oh I like plan B," which is the one where I die without accomplishing my mission. This post will remind me to interrogate her. When I was walking down the hall some other woman said, "Emily is his girlfriend." This post will remind me to interrogate her. I won't ask how they came to know what I said but not know that I am a great man and in fact God himself, instead the interrogation will ask why they thought it was a good idea to go out of their way to disrespect me.

What is the point of being 47 if 1 through 46 don't tell their women to shut the fuck up with their incessant ridicule? What is the point of being 47 if 1 through 46 do not correct the disrespectful actions of the men and women who are not their men and women? I know it is ordinary for them to kill over disrespectful acts, why do they do it for 46 but not for 47? How can they send the police to threaten me to my face with arrest, via the proper mode of respectful conversation, when everyone else disrespects me with their sideways, non-committal way of speaking that I hate and will always punish with death? Why do they pursue a peaceful solution when I demand war, death, and great suffering of physical misery? It was Helene's meme that you can't "hit" women. She's not shit and I am totally fine with it.

The police threatened to arrest me again tonight. I was sitting in an empty room with about 200 empty seat and I was muttering quietly to myself. It was the cafeteria at Grady hospital. After that I showered and got on the train. While I was waiting for the train some guy spoke to me and said, "Oh he look familiar to me," and indeed he did look familiar to me but I don't know why he said that about himself in third person. I assume the guy was probably a high ranking person in what I will now always call the Company of Mockers so I will have two topics on this post. I saw a meme recently that said, "I tried to save Christianity and ended up destroying it." That could never happen because Christians' instructions are to patiently wait for God, not to assume God's duties and try to handle it themselves. That course of action is exactly what describes the Man of Lawlessness at the time of the return of Jesus Christ. Satan cares about sucking dick and making money, he does not care about Christianity. He has no faith and is not a true believer. He is purely evil and everyone will hate him forever.

I know it's certain sects of Christianity that teach that God reneged on all of his promises and decided to send Hippie Jesus instead. Which religion teaches that on Judgment Day God is going to be something other than dreadful? Which religion teaches that God will judge according to what is right in his eyes but also make sure not to hurt the egos of anyone who was doing evil and claiming to do it in God's name? That's you America. You, more than anyone, are the ones who were claiming to do it in my name.

From my perspective, the interest of justice entails, at minimum, the destruction of the United States of America. Just like in the John Titor story. And that's only the part of it that I would consider getting my own house in order.

That's not suspicious at all that Netanyahu gets charges recommended like two hours after Assange loses his court case. And what's Kim Dotcom doing? And do the people who watched the videos they made about me to try to lessen my influence in the world think they can have seen those videos and live to tell about it? Haha, I don't think they can. I think history will show that those videos dramatically increased my influence in the world.

In the Book of Joshua God told Joshua to kill everyone in the land or else God would do to the Israelites what he was planning to do to the people he told Joshua to kill. Then Joshua didn't kill all of them. Therefore, when I say, "Kill the families into which the abominations were born," don't get confused about what my instructions are. Kill the family means to kill the child, the mother, the mother's husband, and all of their other children. If you don't do that then I might want to kill the extended family. If you do kill the family then I will be happy with you and I will reward you.

And who is Caca na Cara? The person I called Jacaré told me Shitface was the other guy. Shitface is not my friend, even if he wormed his way into my good graces with his lies.

In Islam sometimes there is a debate about why they say you should kill anyone who draws a picture of Muhammad since it does not say to do that in the Koran. I think where this comes from is the retroactive memory of when I massacred all of the infidels who pointed their cameras at me. I will almost certainly kill everyone who does it. If you see me, make sure that your phone doesn't accidentally point at me because if it does, and you know who I am, then the penalty is death up to my judgment.

If I didn't eventually kill of those infidels who have no respect for me and point their phones at me because they know I hate it, or simply fail to demonstrate deference by putting it away, then where does that retroactive memory come from in the minds of millions and millions of people who are alive and on Earth today, and most of whom were blessed to be in the good position where this could never be an issue for them. I don't care if it was an accident. If you did it then you did not take proper precautions not to offend me. I will teach the lesson that demonstrates how unwise that was. If you see me, don't hold it in your hand. Put it away. Or it might kill you, and in my anger I might not give you a merciful death.

After I left the library because Satan's loyal servant was harassing me I went to Kroger. Then the fire truck pulled up in front of the window where I was sitting and they did whatever it is that makes my FTP client say, "Connection aborted." The guy in the fire truck made a big show of peaking at me around his window frame with only one eye, and also of pointing his camera at me through the window. Then some other cunt came and pulled his car behind the fire truck. He polluted my field of vision by standing directly in front of me, he antagonized me greatly. I called him a faggot and he spat as if my opinion of him was not good enough for him. Then he came and sat next to me inside Kroger. He did not leave so I left. Psalm 1:1 says "Blessed is he who does not sit in the company of mockers," and the guy today made me think that the group that calls themselves "The Company of Jesus" is exactly that.

After that, I went to take a shower. Despite there being like 6 empty showers (I have to take unpartitioned prison showers with other nasty hobos if I want to wash my body, apparently solving a dozen of the most important problems in the world isn't enough to earn a private bathroom and CERTAINLY THAT $1500/MONTH RENT I WAS PAYING WHEN I HAD A JOB WASN'T ENOUGH TO AFFORD A PRIVATE BATHROOM EITHER) he got in the one right next to me. I moved and the other guy asked why I moved. I said it was creepy for the guy to come stand naked right next to me when there were so many other open showers and then the creepy one smiled at me and nodded.

It seemed like an increase in the agents on the ground seeking me out to antagonize me with their bullshit today. After the shower I went to get dinner. The disgusting ugly woman in line ahead of me said, "Oh he was in psych today?"

I said, "No it was just my enemy luxuriating in his open rebellion when there is absolutely nothing proper about it." She was trying to say that the harassment was part of some legitimate psychological program. I'm the head of this thing. You don't put me in programs, I put you in programs. If you think you did put me in one then you should think again because I am not in a program so it would impossible for you to have put me in one. What you may have done is tell a lie to convince people that I am in one, but that is an altogether different situation and I wouldn't dispute it if you said it was true.

Someone else earlier this morning told me I was in the Intensive Care Unit and I told them the same thing that it was just a lie they've been told which helps my enemy maintain an appearance of propriety when there is none.

The nasty bitch who mentioned the psych program said, "Wut he call us?!?!?"

I said, "I said, 'You are my enemy,'" and she looked away.

Then the other wretched hag in the line tried to stare me down over the bridge of her nose. She was doing Satan's technique where one appears to be looking in another direction but one actually looks directly over the bridge of the nose. FYI, if you are someone who does that you should kill yourself because I plan to and I might not do it mercifully. Staring over the bridge, or staring by just peaking around something that hides one of your eyes, if you think any of that is cool or neat or gangsta, or anything positive, then I will almost certainly kill you to keep your cancer from growing.

After I got my food the food employee said, "Why don't they just give him more money instead of letting him steal all the time?" She made my night. It was probably the smartest thing anyone has said in this entire year of homeless indignation. Sometimes I feel like the matrix of social control has forbidden the people around me from ever saying anything reasonable because it is rare that I hear someone say something that is not completely retarded. Even if that woman that pleased me works for my enemy, I will probably forgive her. She has pleased me greatly and I want good things to happen to her. Is no one else asking that question? The answer is that whomever has people convinced that I am in "psych" or the "ICU," or that I am in anything other than the most epically evil mutiny of all time, likes to think about my indignation when they masturbate.

Some faggot came and sat down next to me at the library today. I suppose he thinks it is ok to inflict an uncomfortable sensation on me because he doesn't touch me when does it. However, the remnant that survives will know that Satan lied when he taught that group that such actions are acceptable. It is not ok. I don't care what the law of the land says, under the Law of The Lord that is not allowed and, unlike doing it with physical contact, it will always earn the death penalty because it is based on what are called "the deep secrets of Satan" in the Book of Revelation. I don't know if that man had already earned the death penalty for him and his family, but whatever I would have given them, it will be much worse because he attacked me today. The remnant will know the truth.

What's going on today??? Today the powers that be decided that if it's between hurting my ego and hurting the other guy's ego, then it's my ego that there's not enough room for. Sorry Mr. 47, no dignity for you today, we'd have to hurt the other guy's ego to do that. His ego is too important, sorry.

This is what Almighty God says. Do you know him?

The most relevant truth for me when I read this today was that the Book of Lamentation is in the Bible.

When I was on the train a while ago the guy was listing to his phone and it sounded like the news saying, "Trump impeachment articles filed for obstruction of justice etc..." What a disappointment. Fuck you Donald, you shouldn't have gone against me.

Right after they did the thing that made think they were filing impeachment against Trump a guy came on the train and stood in front of me wearing a black ring. Let me clear to the whole black ring community: Donald Trump is my enemy. If his son Barron is grown from my DNA and named after me, The Baron of the Tower, then Donald Trump is my mortal enemy.

(A) My Hebrew name. The letters say Gedalia Gershon bar Chaya Leah but the full legal name (I think) is Gedalia Gershon bar Chaya Leah bat Chana.

(B) If you flip the name and reverse it then it kind of contains a poem written in English (and Spanish):
Aryan Roman Catholic Oil, the King Jew

(C) If you just take the part where it says "Gershon of," which means "of Exile," then it says "el Arcón."

I sarcastically predict that investors will look at +1,000 point gain going into the close yesterday as an opportunity to ride the upward momentum on Monday morning.

Let me make a post about this picture lest there be some confusion. I was not intending to make a meme photo at all.

Everyone knows that red is too flashy of a color for me and my meekness, but when I got to Lexis Nexis the guy was like, "We wear red shirts on Friday for 'Remember Everyone Deployed,'" so I started doing it because I have nothing against that color and I thought it would be good for my money to wear the outift they like. Then around the time I was trying to get a good looking prostitute, probably before actually, I made a Tinder. Since they never sent me what I was looking for on OkStupid I decided to try another platform. I swiped right on everyone within about 10,000 miles of my position and I got about three matches with nasty obese grandmothers like the ones they would later sell me as $200 prostitutes. I thought maybe I should take a better picture so I went outside and took pic related. It was blue moon that day, hence the red shirt and the saying "once in a blue moon." The white Jesus toga part is where I had a piece of paper taped over the camera on my phone. I folded it back to take the selfie but it kind of still got in there, and then somehow that made it into a bunch of historical paintings.

Here's a nice anecdote about "getting a job" that is particularly ironic given the present reality. After I got fired from Lexis Nexis I asked for a job from Northside Hospital to work as a SQL guy where my role would be to execute at most an elementary application of linear algebra. The complexity of the tasks assigned to me would never have risen even to level of intermediate linear algebra. I went through three absolutely degrading interviews with Northside Hospital. Despite my myriad magnificent accomplishments, I was deemed at the time to be qualified for pay on the order of 10^1 dollars per hour.

The boss over there looks like Joe and his henchwoman looks like Karen (that's Joes' wife, likely namesake of the Kerethites.) In the first in-person interview I met with both of them and I shucked and jived for them real well. When they asked me if I could sweep up around the house I said, "Oh yessum Massa! I'z kin sweep up aroundz da house fo ya real good. Yessah!" In the phone interview before the in-person interview the Joe lookalike told me, "We're not a shadow organization," and that was very appealing to me coming out of Lexis Nexis which was chock full of shadow satanists masquerading as office schmucks. They had the same "shadow" thing at Elavon to a lesser degree so I was very glad to hear that he was telling me that they were not that. After he told me that on the phone I was very surprised when they put strong psychic attacks on me in the woman's office during the interview for what was supposed to be a fucking computer guy job doing computers. The boss had flat out lied to me about the shadowiness. When I felt their satanism that day I did not engage with them at all. When I felt their pressure I turned the proverbial other cheek every time. They were very malicious with their attacks in the woman's office that day and I passively accepted their evil as they insulted my intelligence with their verbal questions.

In the third interview I met the whole team. One of them asked if I was the Jon Tooker who posted about physics on the internet and I said I was. They all had a vibe like it was something wrong I did to clearly document how I had a magnificent discovery and then email my papers to professionals in the field after being banned from the normal channels of research dissemination. They asked me a bunch of questions and told me about the job pretending as if it would involve something more than an absolutely rudimentary application of linear algebra. One of them, possibly a fat woman, said, "You know LOYALTY is very important to us." I couldn't be sure if she was name dropping N'drangheta or the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and in fact I don't know if those are separate organizations. I said, "Oh yezz Ma'am! Loyalty's real important, kenz I shinez yo shoes fo ya too after I'z get dun sweepin up round da house?" Then they didn't hire me. Loyalty was so important to them that they didn't hire the guy we sent to them.

My recruiter on the Northside job was a real little bitch. Before the first interview he walked into the building with me and it was extremely degrading to have to shuck and jive for that little boy. In the lobby he pointed to my left eye and then I felt the same pressure there that I used to feel around Rhonda. I ignored his satanism and he made a self-important face like, "You don't even know about that?" I know how to turn the other cheek when that is the best thing to do, faggot, and I know how to wipe out entire civilizations when that is best thing to do too. I will follow up with him ASAP. When he was telling me later on the phone that I didn't get the job he said they were looking for someone "more senior," as if (1) I wasn't good enough for them turning the other cheek to their bullshit or (2) they didn't think my little unsenior brain could handle tasks in rudimentary linear algebra.

Before I interviewed at Exide but after Northside some other recruiter asked me to come to his office. I thought he was going to offer me a job but he didn't, he called me there to gloat over me not getting the job at Northside. He told me that he filled the position with his guy. During our meeting he attacked me viciously with his satanism and I consistently turned the other cheek to it. Throughout our meeting he consistently dropped words like "myopia" and "blindness" that dripped with his self-exultant smugness as he told himself, and tried to tell me apparently, that I didn't understand what he was doing rather than that I was ignoring it. I don't know what those people were expecting to see as a response to their satanism but when I teach my techniques, they will all boil down to stopping the heartbeat of the attacker. That gets rid of the pressure right away but that response would not have furthered my intention at that time to get a job (at all.) For instance, as a response to overt malicious satanism one could stab them in the heart, or shoot them in the head, or burn them to death, etc... All of those get rid of the pressure and prevent it from ever recurring. When one answers satanism in kind, presumably with the tit-for-tat faggotry that they would call "seniority," you only relieve the pressure for a moment until they decide to do it again.

So there. Go fuck yourself with your "go get a job," and your "loyalty," and your "seniority," and especially your satanism.

I watched Sherlock S04E01 tonight. Sherlock misused the word "attenuate." He should have said "attune."

I went to the MARTA station again. I saw JW written in white paint right where it should be. I also another JW written right next to it, 30ft up in the wall, about 5x bigger than the first one, that I had never noticed before when I looked at the first one 500 times. Also, in "the longest escalator in the south east" I recently noticed that one of the speaker covers was ripped off but they are all there now and none of them look new.

My prediction is that this will hit $50, at least.

When I first started training and Jacaré would be giving the speech to the class sometimes he would say, "I can make you a champion," and he would look at me in specific. I love that one. He did it. Thank you. I love you.

There is an idea in Christian theology that God reneged on all of his promises when "the old covenant was nailed to the cross" but I think 2 Thes. 2:2-3 says specifically you should not believe it. It even cites the church itself as a likely source of that disinformation.

Just on the off-hand chance that the real story behind DACA and illegal immigrants is the people who are illegally living in my home, you all have to get the fuck out. I don't care what the Congress says, it's mine. Get the fuck out. If I own the country, then I will not kick you out of the country in an absolute and hasty fashion but if there is a "fake Atlanta" that I own, or any city or locale, or any site dedicated solely the facilitation of lies and deceit, then you have to get the fuck out right away. Do it now.

My technical analysis of today's market activity leads me to believe that the market finished not off the lows.

I just got off the train at Peachtree Center MARTA station. I know there has been a graffito in there for the whole time I've lived in Atlanta and probably since the tunnel was constructed. The one I have in mind says "JW" which I always remembered because those are my initials. It was written in white paint high on the wall and I just walked up and down the station a few times looking for it. Perhaps I missed it, very unlikely, or perhaps they just recently removed it after decades, unlikely, or else I am not at the place where I saw it. If I am now in the alternate location of which I am the owner, a.k.a the landlord, a.k.a. El Arcón, a.k.a. The Lord, a.k.a Almighty God, then I would like to know why I am treated like a total asshole here, why the women in my own house are sucking the dicks of the guys who are unwelcome in my house, why the police here have threatened me with criminal trespass multiple times on my own land, and foremost: why are there other people here? I like to live alone. You guys have to get the fuck out. If you tell me you don't have anywhere to go I'll be happy to give you some tips regarding being homeless. It sucks but it won't kill you. However, I will probably kill you if I find out that the situation I suspect is indeed the real situation. Get the fuck out, you aren't welcome here.

...like fucking Wikileaks is a better website than my website. Buddy please!

They never mention that after you collect unemployment insurance for a few years you automatically get removed from the data that gets tallied as "the unemployed."

This article
talks about Robin Williams' suicide and the picture above is Robin Williams. His suicide had a big meme on it for me coming as it did right after I leaked the "Citibank data." (My boss at Elavon, a credit card processing division of US Bancorp, seemed very satisfied on the day that American Express executive mysteriously died on a plane returning from Japan. One of the other things I did at Elavon was report a fraud scheme in which a particular international currency conversion was such that 100USD=1JPY instead of the real conversion 100JPY=1USD. I imagine I made an enemy of whoever was getting that free money.) My wild unsubstantiated speculation was that Williams killed himself because he knew that the data showed what he been looking at and doing, but he didn't wait long enough to learn that the government was going to ignore the data. I think the fictitious characters "Rod Williams" and "Rob Webb" that I encountered at Exide were there to obfuscate the real identity "Robin Williams" with the personae "Rod Williams" and "Rob Webb." As a reminder, whenever data from the [evolution] schema in Exide's data system was moved into obfuscater tables in another system schema, the unique row IDs in the obfuscater table were DRRT and DRSY which meant "DIRT!!!" and "Scientology Dirt." I think it is likely that when the Scientologists were establishing the Vagus Conjecture they filmed it and perverts liked to jerk off to it, and so they made more videos like that because they were very lucrative. The data I leaked, the data that the government chose to ignore, probably showed who was buying what. It probably showed that a lot of top deep state people are disgusting people who should be killed, at minimum.

RT's article says, "Suicides in the US increased by 10 percent in the months following the death of actor Robin Williams in 2014, according to a new study, with the biggest impact among men aged between 30 and 44." How many of those were suicides and how many of them were murders designed to insulate the worst people in the deep state from the testimony of the only terrible people indicted by the "Citibank data?"

PS: Actually if the date of Williams' death was in 2014 then it preceded the leak of the data and I have misremembered that I associated it at the time with the leak which I executed in spring of 2015. I must have associated, via the memes, Williams' death with the project. The timing was very memey to me. In that case the "suicides" would be in anticipation of the completion of the project, which would have revealed a subset of the data, but then I revealed all of the data. Haha, fuck you.

I see Bible Gateway has a little message for me on the verse of the day. Let me say that that particular scripture does not appear in the book of my people and certainly I would never say what it says in Matthew 5:31-32. Jesus used the old testament as the source material for his teachings.

BREAKING: The President wanted to know what was happening!!! WOW. This is almost as newsworthy as the rich and powerful men who like to use their position to get laid and also nearly as newsworthy as the women who only complain about for attention.

The painting of Geronimo in the Buckhead library that I said I thought looked like the brother who told me he was oldest actually looks exactly like this photo. Also, the street I lived on when I was a baby was called Geronimo. At first I wondered if the timing of the Snowden story disrupted Weinstein's attempt to steal my theory but then later I decided against that theory because even in Russia Snowden refuses to praise me by name in public. Now I am wondering again. That one sad eye looks very earnest to me.

And in other news, between Benghazi and now, the government hasn't found anyone that committed a crime who didn't deserve a deal for it. Not one person in any of it. It's because the people who defeated America on 9/11 have been running it ever since and they aren't going to arrest themselves. Also, it relies on a lot of people not believing that America was handily defeated on 9/11.

Remember back in the day when I didn't intend to kill everyone for every little slight against me? That was before I noticed that I myself am the Lord God Almighty and the instructions I have say that fear of The Lord is pretty much the most important thing. Interestingly, all the people who betrayed me with the worst betrayal did know that I was Him, even back then.

I was reading pic related from John. With regards to the parenthetical part I thought you could probably pull from the original Greek something like, "This was the one who leaned back against Jesus at the supper and said, 'Lord, he is going to betray you,'" or, "This was the one who leaned back against Jesus at the supper and said who is going to betray you, Lord," as if the disciple Jesus loved knew the mind of his own brother. And in my life, not in the Bible version, the brother didn't like that the one I loved said that.

Add to the log of suspicious persons one wimpy looking man who went far out of his way to pass me on on my right side as I walked through the hallway at St. Joseph's this morning. 20180207. I will make sure he realizes it wasn't worth before he dies. Even if he kills himself, I suppose that implies he figured it out on his own. Even if he is a robot, someone programmed that behavior.

I see google finance removed their technical indicators. I hope one of my readers makes a post today about how the recent activity is quantified in terms of standard deviations in the Bollinger bands.

It is very rainy today. As I recall heavy rains were quite common in Atlanta, but I feel like during the last year I have rarely seen more than a fleeting drizzle. As I recall, the summers in Atlanta were very hot and humid but last summer had hardly a hot day and I didn't feel the oppressive stickiness of 100% humidity at all. In fact, I spent the whole summer outside and hardly got a tan on may arms while I recall that 30 minutes a day in the Atlanta summer sun was usually enough to make them look like burnt brass.

After I made this post about how Assange lives inside with air conditioning, running water, a shower, laundry, electricity, a kitchen, complete meal service, a private room, and a super model to suck his dick some miserable bitch I walked by said, "Do you want someone to eat?" The reason I always do a good job licking a woman's pussy is because I hope they will reciprocate with passion and effort. I do not do it to obtain sexual pleasure. I do it treat others the way I would like to be treated. It's just a nice thing to do. If I never licked another pussy in my life it would not bother me in the slightest. It would, however, bother me a lot if I never had sex again and never got another BJ.


Just like Snowden popped up right after Geometric Unity, Assange went into the embassy around the time it started to seem really weird how they were mentioning every Occupy ProtestTM in the country but never Atlanta.

I'm rooting for Assange to lose his court battle. If he was separate from my enemies then he wouldn't, and Snowden wouldn't either for that matter, abet my enemies in ignoring me such that the situation becomes the one where I live on the ground and he lives inside where Pam Anderson "unromantically" sucks his dick. Don't forget that "Geometric Unity" was the in news for a full week until suddenly Snowden did his thing and now Putin lets him live inside in Russia.

The Department of Transportation, allegedly, "the government," bulldozed my hovel today. I suffered 80-90% equipment losses including my ID and scientific papers. They must not have liked how cogent and convincing my argument about the list was. I'd be on the lookout for another mass shooting soon, or maybe a bombing, or perhaps some more market collapse will be sufficient as we near the day when I get to be the shooter.

Let me say a little more about my argument for sacrificing the families into which Satan's abominations were born (not just in Russia.) After they are sacrificed, I will promote from within to replace those who died. Then I will promote from within to fill the slots opened up by the above mentioned promotions. Then I will promote from within to fill the slots opened by the second round of promotions, etc.

I was trying to make this comment on RT's article but "surprisingly" it wouldn't let me post this comment. Also, while I was trying to type it I was sitting next to a woman who reminds of one of the most wretched disgusting women I have met, Aris. She is up there with Amy Huang for how much she disgusts me. If she does not kill herself before I come into power, and her family does not kill her to try to carry favor with me, then I give her to the torturers. Barbaric ones that don't speak English (not that foreign language implies barbarism.) I hate her.

Here is the comment RT did not allow me to post: "The title of this article memes to me a list of the abomination children that were grown from the exported uranium. Listen to me Russia, it will not hurt you to kill those families. When you do that, then I will promote from within you into the positions of superiority they formerly held over you. I will make new babies with you, children that will be my own, not children that I hate, with the women who were passed over by my enemy when he was deciding who should share in the profits of his rebellion. What will hurt Russia is if you do not offer those families as a sacrifice to me because then I will want to kill all of you for your solidarity with my enemy."

It's Jon actually.

Nice volume.

I have been waiting to see a chart like today's since this other day back in 2010. I was sitting in my office with two other guys who I didn't really like then but in hindsight were actually pretty cool on the relative scale of all guys. I was so happy that day, but then it went back up.

I see another few CEOs have resigned. I disagree that the only honorable course in professional success is to seek to collect the notes of the Federal Reserve Bank. For me, success can't be measured in dollars or titles. For me, approximately, success can only be measured in hot young pussy and the spilled blood of my enemies.

Deliberate selling to create a false bottom. Like when firefighters burn land on purpose.

Bulldoze the stops.

I wonder what is in the Schiff memo. I bet it says, "He never pays to look at the beautiful women, only to touch them. We changed the title of every single video on the free websites he went to so that it read, 'Boy fucks mother,' or something and then we reported that he only clicks on incest porn. We know he likes to see the woman get pounded so we never put the good pounding in the videos with the girl, but we trained him that there is always the kind of pounding he likes to see in the free tranny videos (which we select and place like the titles of the other videos.) After we established that then we reported that he is gay because sometimes he finishes to the tranny video when we deliberately withhold anything that conforms to his intentions and desires. Our data shows that he likes the dick not the pounding, and our data does not show that he mostly ignored the dicks like he mostly ignored the raggedy nasty pussies in the videos we fed to him since he never paid for the premium content (which we also would have fucked up and then also reported that he supports pornographers.) Also, after we mutilated some men and disguised them as women we sent them to have sex with him instead of the beautiful women we knew he was dreaming about and then we also used that to report his gayness."

It was weird how after a very long time, the titles of the videos went back to normal on the day after the 2016 election after being 100% incest related for a very long time. Overnight, from one day to the next, the genre distribution of the titles (which had nothing to do with the videos anyway) went back to "normal."

Someone I walked by this morning, someone I will interrogate later under threat of torture or during torture, told me that I saw my father in law over the weekend. Has Mr. Cavalcanti committed fraud to say that I am married to his daughter? I did ask for her for phone number one time but she did not give it to me and that was the end of it. After that happened Elaine laughed me and said, "Oh you ask too fast," like the ten years I'd already known her weren't long enough. I would be very surprised to learn that Mr. Cavalcanti dragged his own daughter into this mess. However, if indeed he is Satan, a.k.a. Jaca B, a.k.a. not Jaca A who I formed a bond with when I started training, a bond that NEVER would have formed between Jaca B and I, a bond which Jaca B then, perhaps, tried to steal with a fraudulent presentation of a bond between he and I, as did Jacob to Isaac in Genesis, and fully reliant on my own ignorance (and complete, utter stupidity) of his not being the person who helped me, then such would not surprise me at all. If that was the case, I expect that gay sex and money are the only things he cares about and his daughter is only there for his financial interests.

Perhaps on my second trip to try to get to Jerusalem when I was in primary detention I thought I saw Mr. Cavalcanti disguised as a Palestinian and his daughter disguised as a fat woman. Shortly before they brought me to secondary detention, she was escorted out of the detention area and then the person I thought was Mr. Cavalcanti in disguise started weeping. I had no sympathy for him. Why had he followed me there? Why was he in disguise?

When it says "Have no other gods before God," that doesn't mean, "Put the interests of your little cult/lodge/whatever in front of God and then just hope somehow God fares well on his own without the loyalty of his people." That is how you build the extinction timeline that God has to correct later. The timeline that doesn't have to be corrected later is the one that survives to infinity. That timeline leads to eternal life.

Regarding Devin Nunes' family name which is not at all unlike Helene's pet name for me as a child: Nunu.

While I was staying, like an idiot, at the Atlanta Mission over the summer, where I will soon revisit with my anger and where I believe many of my former coworkers from Exide came and posed as homeless people, I made a post about how I thought it was likely that Helene's huge weight fluctuations were her secret pregnancies. In the post I stated my desire to destroy the fruit she has born and then I think it was the very next day that I saw an article about Rocio Cortez Nunez being cut in half in Spain. Her appearance reminded me very much of Helene, and her age was such that Helene could have borne her immediately after I went to go live with Joe. Then some months later I saw another news story about a "war" in a slum in Rio de Janeiro: Rocinha. Rocinha means, roughly, "little Rocio." Because the Spaniards around her have pleased me with their wisdom, her child does not offend me... unless it is also the fruit of Satan's rebellion in which case there will be no hope.

About a year after I went to live with Joe we moved to Warner Robins and I saw today in this article that Robbins is the name of one of the masonic lodges in the UK parliament. (We have Robins and Dobbins AFBs in Georgia.) Also, Warner Robins is between Perry and Macon, and that always reminded me of that old show Perry Mason. In a recent Georgia election, likely for a seat in the US House or Senate, I was unsurprised to learn that both the Republican and Democratic candidates were from Perry. Former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue was also from that area, I think I went to high school with his son Dan. Another girl in my smallish graduating class, Jennifer, had a grandfather that been a US Senator. All that down there in rinky dink Middle Georgia.

When I read the memo, it was completely obvious to me that the main derogatory item was the the failure of the FBI to provide the FISC with the exculpatory evidence in their possession as is required by the FISA. This is plain malfeasance. When they affirmatively do present unverified information there is some wiggle room for them to say, "Oh oops. We thought at the time..." This is what is getting all the attention but the attention should be on the evidence that they did not provide to the FISC in direct violation of the law enacted with the passage of the FISA. Withholding the exculpatory evidence is pure malfeasance. There is no wiggle room and there is little to no attention directed toward that aspect of the memo.

The FISA requires by law that the FBI provide the court with exculpatory evidence when it is in their possession and they did not do so. It is inexcusable. Is it not patently criminal to go to the FISC in non-compliance with the FISA? FISA is a law, is it illegal to violate that law? Is it a criminal act to act with malfeasance in the FISC proceedings? Can you prosecute that under the treason statute? Surely the malfeasance is criminal under some statute if not directly under the FISA which probably contains no clause pertaining to penalties for non-compliance on the federal end. If the law says "Provide the exculpatory evidence" then how could not be a crime to withhold the exculpatory evidence? Certainly I see how, the government has no intention to ever let itself be held liable for its own crimes. However, if all that comes of the memo is name calling and finger pointing for bad behavior then we should at least do it for the worst behavior and I'm not seeing that at all. I'm seeing a complete "get out jail free" regarding the worst part of the memey memo.

Add one little girl working at the library's front desk to the list of suspicious persons. 20180204

John Marshall's signature looks almost exactly like the mark I make when I refuse to sign documents, checks, etc...

Also, "John Marshal"

Nunes and Rumpff came to me in my dream theater this morning. Nunes was saying, "Yeah your security clearance... it's just not going through." Did Nunes forget that after USA Corp brutally raped me in the ass every day of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 I then decided to leave the country in January 2017? Does Nunes think the amplified ass rape I experienced in 2017 at the hands of the United States of America Corporation's American government and non-governmental agencies somehow convinced me to stay? If so, he is wrong.

What the fuck do I need a security clearance for? Clearances are for employees, I am the owner. I don't want to work for the fucking government; I want to abolish it. Why do I need a security clearance for them to say, "All of this new stuff is derived from the hard work of one highly motivated genius who is also an American citizen: Jonathan W. Tooker?" I worked for the government for a few years after 1999, but they fired me and I never asked for another job from them, and I don't want one. People with jobs have bosses and I'm not doing that again.

I was telling Nunes about my person and my persona (written in all caps) and I told him they stole it from me. He said, "Oh man that would be fucked up." He reminded me of Corey when he said it, his eyes remind me of Corey but Corey's eyes always reminded me of the other guy's eyes anyway. When he said it was fucked up it was like he was telling me that what he did was fucked up.

The three-quarter looks a lot better on that side of zero. Inflation not quite "solid."

An eye for an eye paraphrases the biblical directive for justice between two parties who are not God, and indeed it could make the whole world blind if the population is exceedingly unwise. However, when one of the parties is God, the paraphrasing should be, "An eye for the branch of the tree of life that supports your place in the universe."

I read the memo. Page's 2016 trip to Moscow reminds me of my own 2009 "trip to Moscow" which was hardly that since it was only a twelve hour layover in the international area at the airport.

I wonder what percentage of the names in the memo refer to fictional personae created by USA Corp for the purposes of playing musical chairs in the blame game with more chairs than players.

It's very Babylonian today.

I wonder how often someone, a well respected person, gets appointed to a position in the US bureaucracy and is then killed and replaced with a disguised Scientologist who is too much of a coward to ever disrupt the status quo and probably has no desire to do so in the first place. Then when the wife says, "You seem different lately," he says, "It's just the stress honey."

Between all the symplectic points and me standing here at the apex point, the crux of the matter is that no one has asked me what the truth is. The same idiots that have misjudged the meaning of my actions and unrelated statements all along surely continue to do so. (This is likely due in part to deliberate misinterpretation that would be impossible in direct communication, and likely due in part to what is called edge sorting where the context of that which is interpreted is hidden from the interpreters.) The fact is that I do want to tell the truth to those who are looking for it but the person who is lying about it tells those people, "No you can't ask him about it, he is too big."

Why do those seeking the truth listen to the little guy who says not to ask me about the truth when I am bigger than him and I say that I do want you to ask me. I have invited you to email me and yet no one does, my inbox is empty. On that glorious and dreadful day when I say, "Why did you listen to him but not me when you know his opinions, desires, and intentions are dogshit compared to my opinions, desires, and intentions?" If you are charged by USA Corp to investigate the truth then I think you should send me an email to request an interview. I desire that you do that, the point of this website is mainly to document the truth. I intend to severely reprimand and mortally reprimand those who obeyed the little guy saying to stay away from me, Mr. Big Guy himself. The reason that the little guys don't want the truthseekers to ever ask me about the truth is because they know I will immediately expose their brazen rebellion against me.

So in closing, the same idiots that have misjudged the meaning of my actions and unrelated statements all along surely continue to do so.