If I am the King of Babylon then that explains why I keep thinking that the Bible is calling Helene the Whore of Babylon over and over.

Coming back to Genesis after a while gave me a new perspective. There is one interpretation where the story of Jacob says that God helps those who help themselves. The other interpretation, the one that I am drawn toward, is that Israel is Satan. Perhaps God couldn't defeat Jacob because he was his descendant through Judah. So far as God confused the language and between Jacaré and Carlos, the one I love is the hairy one with red skin. I call him Jacaré.

I reread Genesis yesterday. I think I was 15 last time I read it. The most notable takeaways other than the one I have already mentioned about the story of creation are the topic of this post. I see that God and Jacob were doing jiu jitsu one night. It says God got Jacob in a hip lock which would be very unusual. However, it also says God confused the language to maintain control over the Earth. That was probably to keep other people from building time machines that God didn't want to exist. Perhaps if it wasn't a hip lock then where it says the owner's eyes are darker than wine maybe it was hair. Certainly my eyes are not that dark. It is pretty noticeable to me that of all the joints in the human body, the hip is probably the one with the fewest submission attacks.

Where God says, "Now they will be like one of us," that is usually taken as a big mystery but to me it looks like God was talking about the other people at the time machine bureau. I also noticed that the disguises which I am constantly ranting about as being the tools of the Scientologists were featured pretty promenently throughout the book of Genesis. Isaac asked to see Jacob's hands when he thought it was his other son Esau and I have noticed Helene showing me her disguised hands a lot recently. Her hands are very recognizable to me. In that recent movie The Arrival I recognized the alien's face as the back of Helene's hand. It was unmistakeable.

I also noticed God's sons were marrying the human women because they were beautiful so that seems to indicate that God had many sons. Furthermore, it seems like a lot of modern people think that the covenant God made with humans is a covenant with them personally. That is obviously false. God made the covenant with the people in the Bible to never again exterminate life completely and that their descendants would be uncountably numerous. If upon the Day of Judgement God exterminates almost everyone who is alive now but preserves a remnant who then becomes fruitful and multiplies, then that would be exactly what God promised. Certainly this world today is rife with evil. I really want to emphasize that when it says "you" in Genesis, that was the person God was talking to in the Bible. "You" does not refer to every person who ever reads what God said.

When I got to the part about Abraham's second wife it made me very much recall the time when my uncle Abraham Goldstein came to live with Helene and I because of his health issues. If I suspect Helene & Co. of running a baby factory with my sperm then she may have done so with his sperm as well. Luckily it says Abraham left everything to Isaac and not to the woman but if Helene was getting herself pregnant that would explain the large fluctuations in her weight that have occurred seemingly every year for as long as I can remember. If Helene is not my mother but is actually my sister then I will count my blessings to be freed from the commandment for me to respect my parents. If I am right about her, and in Genesis it does say that interpretations belong to God, I will give her children into the hands of her enemies. I do not want that branch to grow in my garden.

I believe in the time travel interpretation of the Abrahamic religions. I think the real reason why the Lord wanted people to stay away from pork was because of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Although God is perfect and his plan is perfect, the world will not be perfected until all of God's work is done. God's work would get done much more slowly than it would otherwise if God's people were eating undercooked pork all the time and instead of becoming learned elders they became feeble as the brain worms ate their brains.

To say a little more about eschatology let me link to the Jewish eschatology. Certainly I don't believe in the destruction of the Jews like it said in the other article. If we all got destroyed then who would constitute the remnant that the Lord promised to leave? Regarding the Jewish eschatology I very much like the Book of Ezekiel. I am trying to accomplish the mission of the Messiah and Ezekiel 47 seems to describe the type of nuclear irrigation system I want to build. (The ezekiel is my favorite choke in jiu jitsu too.) I also like Isaiah very much and I think it is an easter egg that there are 66 books in the Bible and 66 chapters in Isaiah. Isaiah 47, like the above from Revelation, reminds me of Helene. Overall I like Revelation very much; it was my introduction to the field of eschatology. The writing across the top of the painting below says in English, "There is no god but God and Muhammad is his messenger." I believe it. I beleive all three religions teach what God wants his different groups of people to know.

Regarding Islam, Sayyed Khorasani will be known by a mark on his right arm and that tattoo on my arm is of particular relevance to the theory that will make it possible to build the kind of irrigation infrastructure described by Ezekiel. Yamani sounds like Jamanta which means Beast but is also translated as Juggernaut or Monster. He is supposed to arise in southeastern Arabia (Yemen) but I am arising in southeastern North America closer to where the Mormon prophecy says (St. Louis.) As so many Yemeni weddings are struck in drone strikes, and the proportion of Yemeni civilians killed by the terrorist drone program is so high, I have wondered if they are trying to kill Yamani over there when I am actually here.

I am a Jew. It is a fact that I was born into the tribe of Israel in 1980 A.D. If you are reading this blog then you are coming to me through Jesus. Islam got my face pretty well just right and the prophecies surroundimg Khorasani and Yamani describe me pretty specifically. Christianity got my image pretty well spot on too. Even the Indians with the Bhagavad Gita full of space ships chant, "Hare Krishna." It means, "Come Christ," in English. The mission I'm trying to accomplish is the one from the Old Testament.

It is interesting that it says the Mahdi will announce Jesus as his subordinate. I will tell you the truth right now: Jesus is my computer. Where it says 762 on the cover of the book in this painting, it says Asus on the back of my computer. I remember from Indiana Jones, which is where you will find Helene's listing in the Tucson phone book, that the old way to spell Jesus was with an I: Iesus. It looks like it sounds like Asus. At Alliance HQ right above the picture of me that looks like the sphinx there is another picture where I am doing the finger gesture. That was the first time I went to the jiu jitsu world championship with Alliance and Alliance was the team champion. Number one. We got first place in the world championship about ten years in a row starting that year.

In the comments at the end of this article it says that the article is only about Shiite eschatology which I was surprised to see. I had watched a video about Sayyed Khorasani and Yamani at the time of the appearance of the Mahdi and I thought the presenters were Iranian. I also saw something that said the appearance of the Mahdi would follow the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by a few days or months but not years, but I didn't see that mentioned here. He died about a year and a half ago. I suppose I will do some research into Sunni eschatology. Also I am quite sure that the author of the article is mistaken when he says that no one has made a comprehensive chart of Islamic end times prophecy. They may just be keeping those charts to themselves. However, insofar as the Koran is supposed to be the word of the Lord given to Muhammad by Gabriel and the Hadith and Sunnah are not, I hope people remember to make a distinction between my research and my personality. The result I found in my research is perfect.

These foolish infidels. Their attempts to assert themselves as men will be met with castration. Their desire to demonstrate intellectual parity will be proven unattainable when their families die for those attempts. They will not win. Before they die they will regret their infidelities. Their posturing amounts to nothing, it will not survive to infinity. Their children will turn to dirt. In spite I will destroy all their works. Their laughs will turn to wails but my laughs will last forever.

A few other locations in Sunrise Pointe. Location A was Mrs. Church. She was very nice and her grandson was in the same grade as me at school. I think he went to the Air Force Academy. Location B was an Iranian family. Their daughter Pupak was my babysitter. One time when I was 20-something I saw them for the first time in a long time and Pupak was with her husband or fiance. We chatted for a minute and then after Helene said, "I can't believe you were so rude," claiming that I hadn't shaken the husband's hand when he extended it. I don't think he did extend his hand and if he did I didn't notice. I thought Helene was just starting an argument for no reason like she does. Pupak worked at the frozen yogurt place on the corner of Swan and Sunrise and one time I asked her for a free cup. Helene got so infuriated with my audacity to ask her to steal something and give it to me but I wasn't really thinking about it like that.

Aside from these dream agents glorifying themselves by letting me know that that they are dream agents even when I have made myself clear over and over that I prefer they not do that, the "at home" heckling at the shelter is much, much less than back in Dunwoody. That guy upstairs who was constantly stomping the floor in response to my daydreams was almost incomprarably more obnoxious than the other homeless people where I live now. I later began to suspect that Joe and Jenna were up there, and at times I suspected Jacaré and/or Carlos. There is no way to tell since I couldn't see through the ceiling and the whole apartment complex was like a barracks for Scientology or something. Since Scientology teaches you how to be an expert liar, there is no way to tell if I was thinking the correct thing or being deceived about the reality. My neighbor the sperm agent just walked by. Each time he walks by the scale of the number of people in his family that I will kill increases so hopefully they will kill him to stop him from suggesting their miserable slow deaths to me on such a regular basis. Also the man flipping on the lights at the Atlanta Mission and giving a little speech to wake me up is a big improvement on those guys who would run the chainsaws outside of my Dunwoody apartment around 8-9:00am, and it is certainly better than getting woken up by my upstairs neighbor at Viewpoint dropping a billiard ball on his concrete floor hundreds or thousands of times between 10:00am-noon.