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Sara Netanyahu expected to be indicted for misuse of funds at PM's residence

ANALYSIS: Recall that in the time before Joe and Helene filed the fraudulent affidavit which led to my temporary (and possibly ongoing) enslavement, I was arguing with Helene about how little money she was giving me. It was exactly enough to pay my bills, and almost enough to eat too with my food stamps if I supplemented the budget with shoplifting. I wanted enough money to be able to have a life too, like dating. During this time, there was a concurrent strike of the Israeli diplomatic corps over low wages (linked below.) Their grievance was somehow resolved but mine never was. Lack of sufficient money is why I was homeless for the last year and likely will be again in a few weeks unless something surprising happens.

The prime minister's wife is suspected of fraudulently receiving catered meals worth $100,000 while concealing that the residence employed a cook

ANALYSIS: I think the meme meaning here is that the cook was the nice prostitutes that were available, and yet they chose to send me disgusting cows such as Sara Netanyahu herself, and people such as Emily with her nasty saggy titties and rotten teeth.

MORE ANALYSIS: It is my intention to completely annihilate everyone who has displeased me in this regard, and also all the people whom they thought to benefit through their actions, tortuously and with viciousness, giving their people, one and all, into the hands of their enemies.

MARCH 2014:Israel closes embassies around the world as diplomats strike

ANALYSIS: This was a week or two before Helene and Joe filed that affidavit against me which was totally fraudulent and the events described therein were entirely fictitious. I had told Helene that if some certain eventuality came to pass, then I might go break a public facing window on a state building downtown. Helene and Joe signed an affidavit that said I was going to, not that I might, attempt to dash past the armed guard at the Governor's private residence to vandalize his home.

MORE ANALYSIS: A day or two before Helene stormed into my apartment with half a dozen cops that hauled me to the mental hospital in Hannibal Lecter restraints, Joe and Helene ambushed me in my apartment. We were talking about how much money Helene was going to give me, and in my head, only to myself and only for the purposes of self-amusement through my own completely private internal dialog, I said to myself like they say on that show, "Let's make a deal!," in anticipation of Helene caving to my very, very meager demands. Then, to my surprise, nothing was agreed to. I told them I wasn't going to do what they wanted me to do, and Helene did not agree to my demands for money with which to do stuff besides being broke all the time. Then when I went to jiu jitsu that evening, Jacaré, or whoever, seemed clearly upset and I couldn't understand what his issue was because I had been firm in my position during Helene and Joe's impromptu, unannounced ambush at my apartment. Then when I was in the hospital, one of the hospital staff said, "Let's make a deal," to me in a weird way. Ever since then, I have always wondered if the people monitoring the situation used my unsaid, purely imagined comment, "Let's make a deal," as some statement of my intention to compromise with Helene and Joe's position. The truth is, that never happened. The further truth is, anyone who is tallying my imagination as my actual statements is going to get tortured to death for a good, long time after I get done torturing their friends and family for a nice, decent while.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: After Helene and Joe enslaved me through lies and fraud, and Helene refused to give me the money I was demanding, I stupidly went to work at Elavon. In my first months there, I experienced crippling pains in my leg and hip. The sensation would start seemingly at random, and it was like my flesh was being rent, and those bouts of excruciating pain were among the worst sensations I have felt in my life. It was quite awful, and while at Elavon, much later, I first came across that picture of the man sitting on a box in the white cat costume, whose hand I thought I recognized, even with the gray fingertips. Therefore, I think it is likely that Helene and Joe responded to my demands for more than the pittance Helene was giving me by not only enslaving me, but also, likely, kidnapping and torturing my friend, and thereby they resolved the grievances of the Israeli embassy staff.

PROMISE: I will repay.

IG refers five FBI employees for investigation, as more anti-Trump messages revealed

It is unclear which five FBI employees have been referred for investigation.

ANALYSIS: It's also unclear whom Comey was "insubordinate" with respect to, and in what fashion.

Mueller Appears to Have Screwed Up by ‘Accidentally’ Exposing Names in Manafort Case

Konstantin Kilimnik was newly named in the attempted witness tampering indictment

ANALYSIS: K. Kiliminik is another obvious fake name. It says, "Kill him," in reference to me: Tooker, as in K.K.er. That this name is associated with Manafort, whose fake name references the manna fort of my improperly harvested genetic material, and who is probably the person I think of as Neck Vein, or Jesse, means that it is likely that Neck Vein was hoping to kill me after passing my inheritance to some disgusting creature bred in the filth of his lies. As he was acting like a friend to me, to my face, during all of this, that filth is quite filthy. Furthermore, I am compelled to mention the name Deripaska, which means Derpy Pasta, as in a modified creepy pasta, as in the cringe compilation they made during my reaction to their refusal to make the appropriate offerings to The Lord.

The OIG Report Drops Tomorrow On Trump's Birthday; Here's What To Expect

The 400-500 page document, prepared by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, will specifically address the DOJ/FBI's conduct surrounding the Hillary Clinton email investigation. It will not cover any of the FISA abuse / surveillance on the Trump campaign - for which a separate OIG investigation was launched in late March.

“Undisclosed Clinton staff member” instructs Combetta to remove archives of Clinton emails from PRN server but he forgets.

ANALYSIS: Much like I have been pointing out the fake name double meaning thing for individuals, I am also compelled to point out that PRN is a Latin phrase pro re nata which means "as needed," and temporary employees are often referred to as PRN employees. Therefore, regarding Paul Combetta, when there was mention of a PRN employee, that was probably not a Platte River Networks employee, and Combetta is the stooge in the scenario. So, there is certainly a deliberate confusion in the investigation such that all PRN servers are understood to be Platte River Networks servers, and all PRN employees are understood to be Platter River Networks employees, but Platte River Networks was probably given that name PRN specifically to foster this deceit. If the investigators have not gone back and asked everyone what they meant when they said or wrote, "PRN," then those investigators are incompetent and should be killed.

Longtime Trump fixer Michael Cohen has been telling friends he expects to be arrested shortly

Daniels, 39, accepted $130,000 from Cohen in exchange for signing the contract, which bars her from speaking publicly about allegedly having sex with Trump in 2006.

ANALYSIS: I had been thinking that Ivanka was Barron's mother, but now I wonder if it was this other woman whose scandal is related to the year of Barron's birth. If the mother was inseminated with sperm, then this is a mortal sin.

Police question Netanyahu in case involving close associates

ANALYSIS: This, I am quite certain, is related to instances in which Netanyahu's wife, who I almost certainly fucked, impersonated Emily Hancock to create further abominations with my sperm. This is also a mortal sin.

Nunes Slams DOJ For "Obstruction" On FBI Spy Documents Related To Stefan Halper

ANALYSIS: There was an off-site person at Exide, Stefan Valere, who supposedly worked in Paris. His name, for some reason, never populated in Outlook's "check names" feature, though I emailed him regularly and he did have an Exide email address. I think the only Stefan in the list was named Stefan Molyneaux. When I got to Exide, my boss, Rod, kept involving Stefan Valere in everything, and it became obvious to me that Stefan was fucking stuff up on purpose, and Rod was inviting him into my ETL processes explicitly for that purpose. I emailed Stefan Valere a lot pointing out his obvious bullshit, and within a few weeks of me getting to Exide, suddenly he was hardly involved in anything anymore and Rod stopped talking about him despite name dropping five times a day until I sent him those emails documenting his deliberate malpractices. Also, based on the rhetoric of the emails that continued infrequently between Stefan and I, I came to think Stefan Valere was Steve Collins and/or Joey Collins (who was in Paris for the Bataclan attack and also in Acapulco for a café bombing.) The in-office hooker at Exide, or one of them anyhow, Joelle Cochrane has a name like Joey "El Mencho" Collins, whose real name is Jo'el Collins, or more likely Jo'el Cohen (with the implication that his father Steve Collins' real name is Steve Cohen.) Furthermore, the Stefan Molyneaux guy on the interent independently reminded me of Steve Collins when I saw his face, completely unrelated to the familiar feel of the prose and rhetoric in Stefan Valere's emails. Therefore, I think this "Stefan Halper" persona, whose fake name is obviously Steve Helper, is associated with Steve Collins and his false identities within Exide, Stefan Valere and likely Stefan Molyneaux too though I never communicated with or saw the latter person. I only saw the Molyneaux name when I clicked on "check names" in Outlook. Stefan Molyneaux was the only Stefan listed. Steve's false identities at Exide, or Joey's, might even have included the new CTO from Ireland, Sean something. After I got off a conference call with Sean the CTO, who wasn't talking about anything I understood or that seemed even indirectly related to my function at Exide, there immediately appeared a meme on the internet: The Call that Saved Europe.

MORE ANALYSIS: My employment at Exide began immediately after the commencement of what is now described as an FBI counter-intelligence operation in the summer of 2016. Also, Rosenstein has a name like my boss: Rod, who wasn't my real boss at all. My real boss was Sandy Bushey, whose initials are those of the many SB intelligence services (Russia, Poland, Israel, etc.), and whose professional function was to throw the metaphorical sand into the data system at Exide, and who is certainly the toy-box killer himself as a tranny, or else the toy-box killer's close relative. I had already come to suspect that Exide was a front for a human trafficking cartel, and then later when I saw a picture of the "slave-maker" toy-box killer, I noticed how he looked exactly like my real boss at Exide: one miserable bitch that I hate, Sandy Bushey.

DOJ Reneges On Commitment To Provide Trump Russia Docs To Congress

They were supposed to deliver the documents to Congress Thursday and then at the last second did what they always do: fail to keep their commitment.

DOJ To Release Report On Clinton Email Probe On June 14 With Explosive Hearing To Follow

Ex-FBI #2 McCabe asks for immunity before talking to Senate about Clinton emails

Grassley has scheduled hearings for next week, reportedly inviting McCabe, former FBI Director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to testify about the Obama administration’s probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was serving as secretary of state.

ANALYSIS: The thing about this recent news about an FBI investigation starting in 2016 is that McCabe was impersonating my coworker at Elavon in 2014, and the reason he was there, and not some low-ranking person, is the because he was seeking to deal with the very many, serious wrongs that the FBI had already done me over the preceding few to several years, starting at least in 2009, if not sooner.

FBI Agent In Charge Of "Russiagate" Operation And Clinton Email "Matter" To Testify Tuesday

ANALYSIS: Odd timing that I will be in court tomorrow as well, for some kabuki bullshit headache that I don't need or want.

Manafort Tried To Tamper With Witnesses After Indictment, May Have To Return To Jail

DOJ: Former Intelligence Officer Arrested On Attempted Espionage, Taken Into Custody While Flying To China

'We found Russian hit-list of 47 people', Ukraine tells allies

Spain’s PM Rajoy ousted in no-confidence vote over corruption scandal

Socialist Leader Sanchez Set To Become New Spanish PM As Rajoy Defeat Inevitable

177 votes against Rajoy

Brazil Commodities Slammed As Nationwide Strike Intensifies, GDP Estimate Down 38%

Fusion GPS Testimony "Extremely Misleading, If Not An Outright Lie"

“So, despite the fact Mr. Simpson said he had no client after the election, he in fact did, and that client revealed himself to the FBI,” Grassley said.

Brazil Trucker Strike Worsens As Petrobras Workers Plan Walkout

Brazil's crippling trucker strike entered its eight day on Monday

Ex-IMF head made Italy's interim PM amid rage over ‘unconstitutional’ blocking of Euroskeptic govt

Italy now faces a “very serious crisis because the president is apparently violating the constitution that he is supposed to respect fully.”

“What’s being said is that there are some mysterious powers behind the scene that are taking over,”

Italy’s media were “totally against the [new] government. Totally."

"A Toxic Coup Narrative": Why Italy's Political Crisis May Be About To Explode

‘President undermines election results, pushes for his own govt.’ – MP from Italy's M5S

Mattarella has broken all the rules of an established European democracy, Stefano described his conduct as “something without any historic record until today.”

MS5 leader Luigi Di Maio, who called the president’s decision “incomprehensible” and called for his impeachment.

Italy In Chaos: Country To Vote Again After President Blocks Government; "Unclear What Happens Next"

In what may have been the worst possible outcome of this weekend's events in Italy, Rome finds itself on the verge of a Europe-sponsored constitutional crisis.

Clapper: The FBI Wasn't Spying On Trump, It Was "Benign Information Gathering"

ANALYSIS: If their information collection was benign, then who the fuck was it that was heckling me with my brain scan data in real-time for the last year? That wasn't benign, it was war-like. And it wasn't Satan-like, it was purely satanic. Remember when Morell said, "We went to war against Trump?" Not much came of that, but someone was making pansy-ass war on me with their heckling, and I intend to respond with manly war... for my own problems, and the problems of others. .

Julian Assange Situation "Unusually Bad," Ecuador May Evict From Embassy "Any Day Now"

Judge declines to throw out Manafort charges

"The White House Is Running This": Grassley Demands DOJ Unredact Mystery Strzok-Page Texts

DOJ Briefs Congress On FBI Informant

ANALYSIS: I wonder if the FBI is still trying to tell them that I was their informant, rather than that they tried to set me up and it backfired on them.

Manafort to ask federal judge to exclude evidence from FBI raids

Paul Manafort will ask a judge on Wednesday to suppress evidence gathered by FBI agents

Specifically documents from his consulting business stored in a locker that was unlocked by a lower-level staffer during the raid.

ANALYSIS: Was that locker, perhaps, refrigerated? If so, was it refrigerated with liquid nitrogen? If so, was that to store my sperm in cryogenic stasis?

Trump lawyer 'paid by Ukraine' to arrange White House talks

In August 2016, the New York Times published a document that appeared to show Mr Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort, getting millions of dollars from pro-Russian interests in Ukraine.

ANALYSIS: "Manna fort" seems to be a primary sperm agent in my estimation. I think when Trump says his business with Manafort was "years ago," he's referring to the creation of Barron in 2005 with my sperm. Furthermore, I think the real thing in Ukraine over the last several years is that they were trying to breed an entire new race with my sperm and the Ukrainian women. If so, know this: Manafort's favor was a curse from me, you shall profit nothing, and you shall lose everythng.

Michael Cohen's business partner, Evgeny Freidman, agrees to cooperate as part of plea deal

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has said the money was in exchange for her agreeing not to speak to reporters about an affair she claims to have had with Trump in 2006.

ANALYSIS: I see Barron was born in March 2006, so I expect there is also something from 2005 he wants to keep quiet.

Russian diplomats must be allowed access to Yulia Skripal to know she’s not held forcibly

ANALYSIS: I wish this story had some more context. What would she be held for? By whom? Wasn't she already living there freely? This story is quite odd.

DOJ to launch probe into Trump campaign ‘infiltration’ by FBI

"The Stakes Here Go Beyond Trump's Future" WSJ Editors Demand Truth About FBI Spying

ANALYSIS: Instead of thereby demanding that they look for evidence, why doesn't he thereby demand someone prosecute Hillary based on the evidence the FBI already has?

Brennan has disgraced himself, he’s worried about staying out of Jail.

ANALYSIS: If I was whomever the culprit is, I'd be worried about whether or not my friends and loved ones are going to get a merciful death or an unmerciful one.

GOP lawmaker, intel officials will meet, discuss FBI source

Some in federal law enforcement also feared that the president might intervene in the dispute between the Justice Department and GOP lawmakers over documents about the source in a way that could cause significant backlash.

“Rod Rosenstein knows exactly what happened and what is in the documents requested by Congress. Either the matter warranted investigation long ago and he did nothing, or he’s seen the facts and believes nothing is wrong. His belated referral to the IG is not news... it is a ruse.”

Another 'informant' attempted to infiltrate Trump campaign under Obama, campaign aide says
"When we finally find out the truth about this, Director Clapper and the rest of them will be wearing some orange suits,"

ANALYSIS: I have no intention to send anyone to jail, for anything.

"Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted"

"It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a 'hot' Fake News story. If true - all time biggest political scandal!"

ANALYSIS: If Trump was already consecrating the abomination back in 2006 then, indeed, it was "long before"

All 34 Bishops In Chile Suddenly Resign Over "Absolutely Deplorable" Pedophile Priest Scandal

"Many had their cases "minimized of the absolute gravity of their criminal acts, attributing them to mere weakness or moral lapses," wrote Francis.

Francis further enraged Chileans and drew sharp rebuke from his top abuse adviser when, during a January trip to Chile, he said the accusations against Barros were 'calumny' and said he was 'certain' he was innocent.

Brennan "Needs Very Good Lawyer" Says DiGenova; "He's Going To Be In Front Of A Grand Jury Shortly"

ANALYSIS: I hope the grand jury asks Brennan if, when I saw him at Lexis Nexis in 2016, he knew they were running their data center on the fusion reactor derived from my theory.

FBI "purposely sent people into the Trump campaign to plant false information, then forced that information to be forwarded back to CIA and then funneled to the FBI, to be used as false information in FISA applications."

Jim Kunstler Laments America's "Mushrooming Matrix Of Scandals"

One gets the feeling more and more that Mr. Brennan is at the center of this ever-mushrooming matrix of scandals around the 2016 election.

ANALYSIS: Not only was Emily Hancock always talking about "Brennan," she was also always talking about how her uncle Lex was such a big shot, and I'd guess that Lexis Nexis got its name from a historical Lex' Nexus.

Rumors are flying that the long-awaited (so long it is nearly forgotten) Department of Justice Inspector General’s report contains a rather severe interpretation of what actually has been going on for the last couple of years

The latest twist is news — actually reported by the Times Thursday — that the FBI placed a “mole” inside the Trump campaign.

ANALYSIS: With all this news about "wiretapping" and "moles" being placed "deep inside," one wonders if they are really talking about anal implants and other "wire" implants.

MORE ANALYSIS: The penalty for putting implants in my body is death. The penalty for kidnapping and torturing my friend or friends is absolute, complete extermination.

Ecuador orders withdrawal of extra Assange security from embassy in London

Moreno has described Assange’s situation as “a stone in his shoe.”

ANALYSIS: Not only do I suspect an anal implant in my own body, I suspect foot implants as well, and possibly one in my back. Around the time a meme appeared on 4chan "Elizabeth R signs off on Operation Heel Stone" I started having severe, bordering on excruciating pain in my right heel. The pain still lingers, but it is not so bad as it was. On my left foot, I noticed a bloody spot under a slice in the callus on my big toe, and then I started getting electrical zaps at four locations on my left foot. Three of them have stopped, but one of them is still zapping me several times a day. When I posted about it on 4chan, they said NXIVM did it. I believe it.

MORE ANALYSIS: As NXIVM members probably know more about the fate that awaits them than the average evil doer, I encourage them to drown their children and kill themselves for the purposes of prudence.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: Here is a 4chan post where another person has the exact same crescent moon slice, in the exact same place on his toe, that I had at the time that the electrical sensation started in my left foot. This is what I would attribute to a "wire" implant.

IG Horowitz Finds FBI, DOJ Broke Law In Clinton Probe, Refers To Prosecutor For Criminal Charges

"IG Horowitz has found "reasonable grounds" for believing there has been a violation of federal criminal law in the FBI/DOJ's handling of the Clinton investigation/s and has referred his findings of potential criminal misconduct to Huber for possible criminal prosecution."

Brennan Was Feeding Obama Unverified Info From Steele Dossier, Contradicting 2017 Testimony

Brennan was feeding some of the dossier material to President Obama and passing it off as credible

Rogers said during testimony that while he was convinced that Russia wanted to harm Clinton politically, he wasn't of the opinion that they wanted to help Trump, as his CIA and FBI counterparts claimed

“Brennan’s claims are impossible to believe,”

"Brennan was pushing the Trump collusion line in mid-2016 and claimed to start the FBI collusion investigation in August 2016,”

ANALYSIS: Mid-2016 is when I thought I saw Brennan at Lexis Nexis, and I think August is when I started at Exide, or maybe when I started the interview process.


Why is Israel banning this U.S. Jewish super sperm donor?

ANALYSIS: Odd that the US mathematician sperm donor is getting banned right at the culmination of that case which I believe relates to the Israelis, Sara Netanyahu in particular, improperly harvesting my superior sperm to impregante the women whose entire family trees will be stricken from the book of life.

MORE ANALYSIS: Note well, the Israelis didn't want to use their own inferior Israeli sperm for these purposes.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: It is my intention to completely annihilate everyone who has displeased me in this regard, and also all the people whom they thought to benefit through their actions, tortuously and with viciousness, giving their people, one and all, into the hands of their enemies.

Lawyer Could Seize Daniels' $600,000 Crowdfunding Stash In Dispute With Avenatti

ANALYSIS: Before recently wondering if Daniels consecrated the abomination, I had noticed that she looks somewhat like Joe's wife Karen Franks. Now I see the lawyer in this story has the same last name Frank, as one of the women who consecrated the abomination via Emily Hancock, one Kelly Frank, former producer of the Ali Velshi Show and lesbian lover of former CNN International general manager Cathy Green.

The forgotten stepchild case – Netanyahu ‘Submarines Affair’ resurfaces

Ganor stated that Shimron said Netanyahu would help with the scheme.

It does not mean that Netanyahu is out of the woods regarding Case 3000 – and the case may still bring down some hugely powerful officials.

Netanyahu embroiled in three corruption scandals

Mueller Scrambles To Limit Evidence After Indicted Russians Actually Show Up In Court

Mexican candidate shot while posing for selfie in latest murder of politician

Fernando Purón said to be 112th politician killed since September

Sara Netanyahu indictment to be decided on within days

Special counsel Robert Mueller files new indictment against Paul Manafort

Top Senate Intel Staffer Arrested In Leak Probe; NYT Journo's Records Seized

‘No money for F-35,’ government auditors tell Congress

The F-35 has been in development at Lockheed Martin since 2001

This week, Mattis vowed to “clean up every problem” that an upcoming audit finds.

ANALYSIS: My opinion is that the F-35 is a complete sham program. Why have fighter jets with pilots when you can make a remote control plane? Are they anticipating a lot of areal dogfighting on the battlefield of the future? I don't see it. I think this program was never designed to work, and that is why it doesn't. Today, when I saw that started in 2001, I got the gist that it is probably a front for the 9/11 inside job. Furthermore, when I first glanced at the title of this article, the meme said to me "F-53," as in, "Fuck me," with myself being the person most directly associated with the ubiquitous number 53. Also, this name convention together with the 9/11 timing is in good agreement with my suspicions that a lot of the people who died on 9/11 knew that I am the King of Babylon.

Nearly 50 rape, sex assault cases halted after mass disclosure failings discovered by police

The problem was systemic and due to “cultural failings.”

Inside the Mysterious Intelligence Firm Now in Mueller’s Sights

“Around the beginning of 2017, the three people I knew there left very abruptly… The last study on the website was January 2017 (they used to do a lot). They seemed to have ceased operations,” Kadtke said. “It was very strange to me that they just sort of collapsed. It was probably a three-month period after which everyone I knew there left.”

ANALYSIS: Weird how the timing lines up with me quitting Exide in January of 2017, then choosing to make my home in Jerusalem, then being rejected by the Israelis three times, and then finally becoming homeless in April (the third month after January) when my money ran out.

Costs of Snowden leak still mounting 5 years later

The top U.S. counterintelligence official said journalists have released only about 1 percent taken by the 34-year-old American, now living in exile in Russia, “so we don’t see this issue ending anytime soon.”

Ex-spy chief said 'fun part' about Mossad is that it's a crime organization. Netanyahu is not amused

ANALYSIS: If I am the head of that organization, which I certainly am, then I will be very, very angry to learn that they have acted in a fashion which was displeasing to me.

Ecuador's president says Julian Assange can stay in embassy 'with conditions'

Moreno has previously described Assange’s situation as “a stone in his shoe”

Petrobras CEO Unexpectedly Resigns Amid Crippling Nationwide Strike, Sending Stock, Real Tumbling

ANALYSIS: I notice a confluence of pairs of Ps today as this PP Petrobras person departs on the same day that the PP party prime minister of Spain departs.

New results confirm old anomaly in neutrino data

White House silence on Melania stokes conspiracy theories

Speculation has painted Melania Trump as an unhappy member of the Trump clan, eager to flip on her husband, or at least escape.

ANALYSIS: Maybe she was in the hospital for five days getting her psychotronic (or other) implants removed.

Harvey Weinstein Indicted On Rape, Criminal Sexual Act Charges

ANALYSIS: This week I'm wondering if it was Harvey impersonating Joe around Christmas 2016 when I went to Middle Georgia.

Spain Prime Minister Rajoy to face confidence vote

Tommy Robinson jailed for 13 months after filming outside child sex grooming trial

Tommy Robinson’s First Message From Prison As England Awakens

Unprecedented gag order UK officials placed on media to vainly keep the disappearance of Tommy Robinson hidden from the public.

UK police arrested Robinson, the court ordered the press to not talk about it, and it’s quite likely that Robinson will die in prison

‘Heretic’ in the Vatican

Francis set a new tone by setting up his headquarters in a humble guesthouse for priests rather than the grand apostolic palace

ANALYSIS: Who lives in the apostolic palace instead? Is it Francis' superior inside the Jesuits? Perhaps one who was telling Francis to ignore the child molesters in Chile and also to appoint the Australian child molester to oversee the Vatican banking scandal?

Assange willing to testify on alleged Russian hacking

Leaked Pentagon report reveals startling new details about the 'supersonic Tic Tac' UFO

Two men blow up IED inside Indian restaurant in Canada, multiple injuries

ANALYSIS: I ordered takeout last night for the first time in over a year. Delivery took about 40 minutes, and the bomb exploded about 20 minutes before my food got here. I looked for Indian delivery but couldn't find one, so I ordered Chinese.

One Billion Chickens May Die As Trucker Strike Paralyzes Brazil

The president has abandoned plans to run for re-election in October

ANALYSIS: The name Temer is kind of like Tooker except with an M instead of a K.

City of Sao Paulo declares state of emergency due to trucker protest

Harvey Weinstein arrested on rape, criminal sex act charges

ANALYSIS: I do think this guy is probably a rapist and a child molester. I think his relative Eric Weinstein tried to steal my theory. However, since the article is pointing to things besides rape and child molestation, I am going to criticize them

"This defendant used his position, money and power to lure young women into situations where he was able to violate them sexually,"

ANALYSIS: Position, money, and power are about the three things women like most, and every man who has them, when not betraying the trust of another, is correct to attempt to use them to achieve sex.

New York City police also have been investigating allegations by "Boardwalk Empire" actress Paz de la Huerta, who told police last fall that Weinstein raped her twice in 2010 when she was drinking and not in a condition to give consent.

ANALYSIS: I think one of the primary reasons why all women always turn me down is because I speak to them when they are not drinking. Often times I feel like a woman who will say yes to any disgusting loser at night, after having a few drinks, would say no even to Superman during the day because she is unable to handle sexuality without first getting into "stupid drunk bitch" mode. It's easy for them to respond to stupid-drunk-asshole-guy with I-want-to-have-sex memes, but they are mostly unable to respond to direct-polite-non-alcoholic guy with I-want-to-have-sex memes because of the doublethink that corrupts the ability of so very many women to reason.

MORE ANALYSIS: The idea that women can't give consent when they are drinking ludicrous. The truth is that 90+% of them are, pertaining to sexuality, childlike infants, totally unable to deal with sexual reality away from alcohol and an alcohol-friendly environment. (Obviously I am excluding sex with previous sexual partners, I am referring to new partners only.) Indeed, simply the act of going to be alone with a man is arguably consent, though I will not argue that plainly because there is some nuance. However, it must be acknowledged that very, very many women drink precisely because they want to get fucked, and they know that when they are not drinking they will always say no, and that's not what they want. Drinking to the point of incapication is, very often, a woman's stupid, stupid, terribly stupid way of saying, "Please somebody fuck me tonight." Therefore, everyone who says drunk women can't give consent should be killed. They get drunk because they are, mostly, unable to give consent when they are sober.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: Here is my question for Paz: How the fuck do you get raped two times? Whatever it was the first time, you definitely knew what you were getting into the second time, and unless he kidnapped you, you went into it consensually. Women making a show of chugging alcohol as an invitation to men is a well-known social device. It says, "Look, come take advantage of me because I'm drunk, because there's no fucking way I could justify attributing that kind of behavior to 'me' instead of the ever-mysterious, elusive, and yet still somehow ubiquitous 'drunk me.'" FYI: Drunk you is still the same person. It's just women's infantilism that makes them need to deal with, through a fictitious identity conjured through intoxication, their uncomfortable cognitive dissonance between their real desires and the fake roles they feel compelled to enact.

EVEN MORE ANALYSIS: This irritates me because after "drunk me" fucks some random dude, who likely sucks compared to me in literally single way, then under the guise of "regular me" they will say, "No, I have a boyfriend," when I ask them out during the day, even though, often times, the only thing that guy has going for him is that she already fucked him when she was drunk.

EVEN MORE FURTHER ANALYSIS: What is this doublethink to which I refer? One example I could cite, using women that have turned me down, would begin by asking them what they find attractive in a man. Then after that, we could put the three guys they fucked before they turned me down on my left, and the three guys they fucked after they turned me down on my right. Then, I think, in very many cases, the lineup would plainly demonstrate the woman's doublethink.

Ireland abortion vote: Catholic country has abortion day of reckoning

ANALYSIS: My abortion position is that reproductive services should be offered to women, for free, during the first six weeks of the pregnancy. This allows them to miss two cycles, and affords them ample time to decide what they want to do. If they decide to move forward with the pregnancy beyond six weeks, then there are no abortive services offered thereafter. You have to decide if you want to risk it at the beginning.

Brazilian Truckers’ Strike May Shape Presidential Election

Are reports of Mohammed bin Salman’s death greatly exaggerated?

The State Department did not confirm that a scheduled working dinner with Secretary Pompeo and MBS had in fact taken place, or that the two men had seen each other in Riyadh.

US-led strike hits government targets in Syria

US-led coalition warplanes have bombed several Syrian army positions in the eastern Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor

ANALYSIS: Is there a full scale mock up of Atlanta in Syria around the region of Deir ez-Zor and Al-Bukamal? When they say people go there to join ISIS, are those people going to the fake city to make it seem like a real city with their abetting actions? I know they say a lot of Iraq is swamp land, did they do this Iraq too?

Manhattan Grand Jury Convened in Harvey Weinstein Case: Sources

The Next Recession Will Be Devastatingly Non-Linear

Deutsche Bank To Fire 10,000 Employees: 1 In Every 10

Iranians should deliver 'strong punch to mouth' of Pompeo

Withdrawing Iranian troops from Syria – despite the fact that those troops were invited by the legitimate government, unlike US soldiers whose presence in the country is not backed by a similar invitation or a UNSC mandate.

Although the US is pushing for a new nuclear deal to replace the old one which was deemed a "loser" by Pompeo, it has failed to acknowledge that the other signatories of the agreement have every desire to continue with the accord

At the end of the day, Iran "will not agree to any of Washington's demands,"

"It is Iran that should be asking the US why it has not fulfilled its side of the agreement"

Putin's 'unlimited range' nuclear missile crashed after 22 miles, US intelligence sources claim

The longest flight lasted two minutes and covered 22 miles, while shortest ended only four seconds and five miles after launch, they said.

ANALYSIS: If they have something that can go five miles in four seconds, starting from stillness, I would be surprised.

Supreme Court Crushes Unions By Limiting Collective Action Bargaining2

Credit Card Delinquencies Spike Past Financial-Crisis Peak

Subprime Auto Loan Default Rates Are Now Higher Than During The Financial Crisis

Up to 10 fatalities confirmed in Texas school shooting — RT US News

Boeing 737 with more than 100 passengers crashes in Cuba

Scaffold collapse leads to explosion outside Midtown Atlanta building

Looked like someone fired an rpg from the ground at the guy on the platform

Trump Resort Shooting Suspect Jonathan Oddi Liked Pro-Trump Tweets

ANALYSIS: Name sounds suspiciously like Jonathan ODNI

Two Buses Collide At Lincoln Tunnel Entrance, 34 Injured

Italy CDS Blows Out As Anti-Establishment Parties Reach Government Deal

Universal basic income of €780 per person per month

The “contract” has still to be approved by their memberships, in votes to be concluded by Sunday.

Senate confirms Gina Haspel as CIA chief despite her torture past

Wells Fargo Caught Altering Information on Business Customers Documents

Two prominent and very well-regarded mathematicians [claim to] have isolated a specific and serious error in Mochizuki’s proof of the abc conjecture.

Inside Ecuador's Multi-Million Dollar Operation To Spy On Julian Assange

Moreno dissolved Ecuador's clandestine agency