Federal Judge Orders Rhodes, Rice, & Other Obama Officials To Respond Over Clinton Benghazi/Email Scandal

The court rejected the DOJ and State Department’s objections

Clinton email system was “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.

State Department’s efforts to settle this case beginning in late 2014 amounted to bad faith

“In a major victory for accountability, Judge Lamberth today authorized Judicial Watch to take discovery on whether the Clinton email system evaded FOIA and whether the Benghazi scandal was one reason for keeping Mrs. Clinton’s email secret,”

US May Enter Recession As Soon As This Quarter Due To Extended Shutdown

Much of the high frequency data that economists need to estimate GDP is be indefinitely delayed. Several key economic indicators are not being published because government data collectors and number crunchers have been furloughed.

Wall Street Is Convinced A Recession Is Imminent... But Doesn't Want To Admit It

These New Numbers Prove The Global Economic Slowdown Is Far More Advanced Than We Thought

Data from China showed imports fell 7.6 percent year-on-year in December while analysts had predicted a 5-percent rise. Exports dropped 4.4 percent, confounding expectations for a 3-percent gain.

Trump "Couldn't Care Less" If Putin Conversation Becomes Public; Slams "Most Insulting Article" By NYT

"I couldn't care less."

ANALYSIS: I think Trump must have tweeted this because this issue is giving him diarrhea over how fucked he is if the truth comes out.

MORE ANALYSIS: On the day at Exide in December 2016 I attended a weekly meeting. In the meeting I noticed that "Dave Morrison's" eyes looked surprisingly like Trump's or Joe's, with "Dave's" frame and posture being about the same as Trump's or Joe's. Dave seemed different than usual that day likely because it was not Dave but was another man meeting me with the intent to deceive me about his identity. He was likely wearing a disguise in furtherance of some criminal endeavor. In that meeting I also noticed that another Exide employee "Rodney Williams'" chin looked so much like Putin. The details of the conversation between these two individuals, ostensibly Dave and Rod, and myself in that meeting were as follows. The main theme of the meeting was that we were trying to make money by selling electrical batteries and I was the junior-most bitch out of all of them in every regard, and then several "issues" were identified by number and discussed, and the context was that they tell me what to do but they do not have to do what I tell them to, and the dialog unfolded under those conditions. In the weekly meeting, it was normal for us to discuss issues by number, but as a new employee I encountered several new issue numbers with which I was unfamiliar in that normal weekly meeting with Rod and Dave, and also allegedly David Feldkamp, and maybe Tim and/or Sandy. I noticed that unfamiliar numbers came up in the meeting, and they were discussed by number in my presence but the issue themselves were never identified. Therefore, if there were disguised individuals in that meeting, likely Trump and Putin, then they have probably said, "We discussed issues #2005, #9868, and #8960 with him and he said it was ok," when the truth is that they were (1) in disguise so I could not properly identify the meeting's attendees and (2) they were citing issues by number when I had no idea what those numbers referred to as a new employee: the junior-most bitch out of all of them.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: If Trump and Putin did put on costumes to don the appearance of my coworkers with the intention of discussing things in front of me in code then this is all called "edge sorting" and it is just some bullshit that liars do not to get caught at church in their brazenly false witnessing. Therefore, I think I was in a meeting with both Trump and Putin just before the inauguration, and they were both in disguise speaking in code. I think Exide is a front for human trafficking and drug trafficking, and that they call these different fronts "Transportation" (TNA, a/k/a Tits and ass) and "Industrial" (INA, a/k/a Industrial child snuff). Indeed, one of the lurkers in the back of our huge bank of cubicles looked like Lloyd Blankfein, and regarding 1MDB he has been identified as being "in the room." Since he was in the huge room of cubicles at Exide about 50 yards away, via edge sorting he is likely able to report, "Yeah, I was in the room, I didn't hear anything like that," when asked about how I was constantly having to tell Sandy to stop lying, and how Tim was always telling me to ask Sandy whenever he himself told me the wrong thing. All these fraudsters are going to burn in hell; I will make it on Earth to teach the lesson about what happens when you turn to evil.

Manafort developments trigger new ‘collusion’ debate

Trump campaign may have coordinated with Moscow to interfere in the election.

ANALYSIS: If just one month after the election Trump and Putin both already knew to show up at my job where the Goldman CEO had been hanging out, and they had already devised some code through which to discuss issues wherein, even had I heard the number before, my understanding of the issues was limited to that misinformation fed to me by Tim and Sandy, it is likely that there was some pre-existing level of coordination before the election in the previous month of November 2016.

“Should he have done it? No. But there’s nothing criminal about it,” Giuliani said.

ANALYSIS: Even if coming to the meeting in a disguise somehow evades the definition of criminality, I think the false light in which Trump/Joe reported having met with me, without disclosing his disguise and alias, or even his possible inducement of myself into a dreamlike state through hypnosis and/or drugging in a seperate incident in which someone may have snuck into the abandoned house I now squat in. Even while the initial deception might not rise to the level of criminality, their recounting of what happened must certainly entail some criminality else why do it in disguise and under an alias?

Manafort allegedly handed over to his former business associate, Konstantin Kilimnik

ANALYSIS: Just like Manafort is a fake name meaning "Manna fort" in reference to the efforts to make the tree of life in his own image with my improperly harvested semen, Barron Trump apparently being an abomination consecrated in their evil and grown from my own semen, something for which I will take away their shares in the tree of life, I see that the other guy's name is a fake name meaning "Kill Tooker," as in, "We've heisted the tree of life from him so let's kill him now." They failed to heist that from me and they have only fooled themselves into thinking they had heisted it from me. Because they have only fooled themselves into believing their own lies, and they have not actually stolen it from me, all those people in their semen operation are going to get killed and will have no part in the making of the tree of life.

Kilimnik has attracted particular attention

Erdogan To Trump: Leave Syria Now Before We Strike

Erdogan – who has welcomed the pullout plan – accused Bolton of a “grave mistake” by demanding that Ankara provide assurances on the safety of the Kurdish fighters before Washington withdraws its troops.

ANALYSIS: This is like the grave mistake made by those organizing my gangstalking, and those trying to steal the tree of life from me by using my semen to impregnate their daughters without letting me have sex with those daughters first. I am going to kill everyone in all of their families, and with regards to the gangstalking it will be with as much disrespect as I can muster. These people think that when I take over from my enemy I am going to let them all keep their jobs, but I am going to fire them and kill their children, and kill them too. When management changes I will give their old jobs to new people, and I will use the dead bodies of the gangstalkers and their families to remind those new workers about how important it is not to be deliberately extra stupid on purpose, and that even if you are naturally stupid it is unwise to play into it to make yourself appear much stupider than you already are. Indeed, the group of people who will be killed and/or defiled includes all these gangstalkers in my homelessness, but it also includes the other workers at Elavon, Lexis Nexis, and Exide, and likely the other workers in several federal agencies, and who knows how many others out there in the tentacles of the Great Semen Heresy.

"We Don't Take Orders From Bolton": US Withdrawal From Syria Begins

Of course, the above take assumes PG&E will survive a few quarters, which thanks to nearly $1 billion in cash collateral the company must somehow find and post immediately, it won't.

Supreme Court Hands Mueller Win Against Mystery Firm From "Country A"

Without offering any explanation, the court dissolved a temporary stay on the subpoena issued by Chief Justice John Roberts until the Justices could consider the request.

ANALYSIS: I hope these documents are the fraud documents through which Exide likely engaged my person in fraud scheme, and wherein John Roberts himself looks surprisingly like my boss at Exide: one Rodney Williams. I hope the documents are moving in a direction which would please me.

MORE ANALYSIS: Indeed, the unnamed foreign company might be that very third whose identity the agents at Exide refused to reveal upon my inquiry, only confirming unverifiably on his word that all third party agreements were terminated. He would not identify the third party, provide any third party agreement documentation, or or whether or not they had waited more than one year after terminating my employment to also terminate those third party agreements.

Rod Rosenstein Expected To Resign In Coming Weeks

Payday without pay hits federal workers as shutdown drags on

ANALYSIS: While the government is shut down seems like a perfect time to abolish the government.

In Another Dramatic Defeat For May, MPs Back Measure To Block "No Deal" Brexit

That will effectively force the UK government to shut down if Article 50 isn't suspended or Parliament doesn't explicitly vote to approve a 'no deal' exit.

IRS Will Issue Tax Refunds During Shutdown, Easing Pressure To Reach A Deal

Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson noted that if people were unable to get their refunds, there would be "excruciating pressure" on lawmakers to reach an agreement.

ANALYSIS: I think the missed food stamps would be an even bigger problem.

Indiana Grocery Store Can't Process Food Stamp Payments Due To Govt. Shutdown

More than 42 million Americans rely on food stamps.

If people are getting this restless already, what will things look like when tens of millions of Americans are suddenly cut off from their primary source of food money?

Venezuela Supreme Court Judge Flees To US, Spills Secrets Of Maduro's Hold On Power

2015: Venezuela’s Assembly President Is Head of Drug Cartel, Claims Ex-Security Chief

Syria Withdrawal Now Depends On Turkish Guarantee Not To Attack Kurds

ANALYSIS: This has a meme on for me. It inspires fond thoughts of that time when I revisit those who have gang-stalked. The revisiting will be with the intention to repay them many times over for their torments, mockery, and ridicule. The meme in this article says that the gangstalkers are not going to stop doing what they have been doing until I promise not to kill them for doing what they already did. In fact it is the opposite, it is my covenant with all of mankind that I will utterly destroy them, and even that I will make them calamity strikes them and they are overwhelmed by troubles.

President Trump will only withdraw American troops from northern Syria if the Turkish government guarantees it won't attack US-backed Syrian Kurdish forces

"The Criminals Who Run The Deep State Will Be Exposed": Kim Dotcom Teases "Next Round Of Leaks"

Grand Jury Term in Mueller Probe Extended by Up to 6 Months

This grand jury, based in Washington, DC, and apparently dedicated to Mueller’s probe, began meeting in July 2017.

ANALYSIS: That is some state of affairs when we still don't know what the probe is dedicated to and instead make assumptions based on appearances!

Deutsche Bank Employees Knowingly Helped Clients Cheat German Taxpayers

Role in facilitating so-called "cum-ex" trades

ANALYSIS: These "cum-ex" trades seem like they might be related to semen.

Information revealed that several DB employees coldly calculated the risks associated with facilitating their clients' illegal behavior, and decided to continue with the business.

The "Stock Market Crash Of 2018" Is Rapidly Transforming Into "The Financial Crisis Of 2019"

It has become exceedingly clear that the downturn that so many have been anticipating has finally arrived, and the financial crisis of 2019 looks like it is going to be a doozy.

"Growth Has Stopped": Manufacturing ISM Crashes Most Since The Financial Crisis

The entire supply chain is now cho(ke)-full of excess inventory, and margin-crushing liquidation is coming

Labor Market Alert: Construction Industry Layoffs Surge Most On Record

Mueller's Legal Strategy Ridiculed By Courtroom Nemesis; A Veteran Of The "Real Justice Department"

The prosecutor wants to "whisper secrets to the judge," said Dubelier, who added that Mueller is only considering the "short-term political value of a conviction," and not concerned with the case holding up in appeals court years down the road.

"His lieutenant Weissmann is the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct and has no regard for the facts or the law. He will make up whatever he wants to win, and the entire like-minded team views as an accomplishment everyone whose life they destroy in pursuit of their objective."

“The Special Counsel has made up a crime that has never been prosecuted before in the history of the United States, and now seeks to make up secret procedures for communicating ex parte [meaning no defense counsel present] to the court which have never been employed in any reported criminal case not involving classified discovery.”

What if #Q, #QAnon and #TheGreatAwakening are Real?

A site that lists every single “data dump” that Q has posted since October 28th of last year

ANALYSIS: I know the Las Vegas massacre happened just before that time, and it is something that has been deleted from my website as ti appears in public now, but hopefully the computer guys have implemented a good version control protocol and all the posts are out there somewhere.

MORE ANALYSIS: In addition to all the posts about the Las Vegas shooting, which I described as related to some gangstalking experience at the homeless services place Gateway Center, one other thing I noticed removed was an Islamic prophecy about the Kingdom of God being squeezed even into the "hypercomplexly infinitesimal neighborhood" around doomsday.

You may want to start with the YouTube video

ANALYSIS: This seems to be in reference to my Benghazi video. This entire article seems like I could comment on each thing specifically as a meme but I will just do the main ones.

I had always been skeptical, but in legal terms we could refer to these dumps, when read in chronological order along with cross-referencing and answers, as a “preponderance of evidence.” I was blown away.

ANALYSIS: This comment seems to reference the totally ok behavior that got me expelled from college. In the years since my expulsion, I have seen memes (1) that Helene disguised herself as the college's administrator to make the outrageous decision regarding the nonexistent "preponderance," and that totally destroying my life's work and nine years investment in college was nothing more then her "slapping" me, and (2) that the first girl who made the rape allegations against me did so in league with the FBI and whose ugly horse smile looks just like "FBI lawyer" Lisa Page's ugly horse smile.

These bad actors were so assured that Hillary Clinton would win the rigged election that they got sloppy and didn’t take enough countermeasures to cover their tracks well.

Those most complicit were elevated to higher positions of authority

ANALYSIS: This reminds me of the time Lexis Nexis made me attend Tim Newport's promotion ceremony just before they fired me. He was a giant liar when I worked with him at Lexis Nexis.

First Richmond Fed, Now This: Dallas Fed Collapses Most Since 2008 As Hope' Crashes

A Holiday Mystery: Why Did John Roberts Intervene in the Mueller Probe?

ANALYSIS: John Roberts looks very much like Rodney Williams of Exide, whose LinkedIn says he has degrees from two different fake universities. Whoever Rodney is or was, his persona was in conjunction, purely for the purposes of deception, with another persona Rodelene Williams of Exide. Roberts should recuse himself from anything having to do with me because I have openly and actively campaigned for his death in 2011, and that would be highly improper for me to be interacting with him at Exide in 2016 and January of 2017, or last week.

Sunday before Christmas, Chief Justice John Roberts personally intervened in this matter.

For the moment calling into question the unanimous decisions of the courts below, the chief justice blocked the District Court’s order requiring the foreign corporation to comply with the grand jury subpoena, until the government’s lawyers could respond to the Corporation’s briefings.

So now, in abrupt fashion, Mueller’s investigation has suddenly reached the Supreme Court, and with the personal attention of the chief justice, no less.

There was unanimity below — all four judges (the District Court judge and the three Circuit Court judges) had agreed that the Corporation and Country A’s legal claims of sovereign immunity and of contrary foreign law were without merit. There was little reason for judicial watchers to expect anything beyond a quiet return to the grand jury and further proceedings there. We headed off for the holidays.

ANALYSIS: This thing about denied sovereign immunity seems in line with my suspicions about some fraudsters at Exide conscripting my legal person, without my knowledge or consent, such that they argue that I am deprived of my own sovereignty and it is awarded to them by proxy in their misuse of my name in their own fraud agreements among themselves. To the contrary, I always retain my sovereignty without respect to anyone's notions of fictitious legal personae.

MORE ANALYSIS: Roberts was a big winner in 9/11; he inherited the court soon after.

Trump "Not Up To Role Of President" : John Kelly Gives Dramatic Exit Interview

In an exclusive two-hour interview with the LA Times, Kelly offers a peek behind the curtain

ANALYSIS: That is scandalous that he chose the LA times, and it reminds me that the last data unit I touched at Exide was teh ILM business unit, a prominent force in LA. We called the business units "MCUs."

Kelly's supporters, meanwhile, have suggested that he was the only thing stopping Trump from making several ill-advised choices

ANALYSIS: I wonder if he would consider it ill-advised if I decide to transfer him out of bone crushing and into get his bones crushed? Around the time I quit Exide, I saw someone looking remarkably like Tillerson in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington DC, and I saw someone in the elevator at the YMCA in Manhattan who looked quite like Kelly. I think they are all in on it together, and I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Mattis and Kelly both got their jobs authorized by the fraudsters at Exide when I should been have been the one to make choices, to the extant that I am the meme President except no one ever told me and I never had an office and I don't have a salary or a chef.

That said, the outgoing Chief of Staff maintains that President Trump had access to multiple streams of detailed information before major decisions were made

ANALYSIS: Does this, perhaps, imply that the gangstalking which I hate is my formal briefing, and that my own private ideation is actually their information stream being transmitted to me ambiguously such that the information is useless to me with no dictionary available to check the meaning of the elements of the information. Furthermore, does this distract from the more important problem that they are making decisions which are mine to make, and that they have awarded themselves this power through fraud papers inserted into the docs which were supposed to related to the terms of employment discussed during the hiring process, namely 40/week computer guy bitch work for a private company, the lowest ranking person on their IT totem pole, for $100k/yr. I broke the agreement by walking out and they broke it by terminating my pay, but apparently they did not terminate their fraud docs relating to my meme Presidency which, as far as I can tell, does not exist in non-meme form; certainly I have never seen evidence of any such thing.

Michael Cohen's Phone Reportedly Pinged Cell Towers In Prague, Sparking New Steele Dossier Discussion

ANALYSIS: Since it only took one year for them to type Cohen's name into the cell ping search program, maybe a year from now they will look for pings around his daily routine near his home.

Riots Loom As Food Stamp Cash Will Run Out By End Of January If Government Shutdown Continues

"This Isn't Normal Price Action": Was Today's Historic Surge Just A Bear Market Rally

US Economy Snaps As Richmond Fed Plummets Most On Record

Tumbled from 14 in November to -8, crushing expectations of a modest rebound to 15

The internals were an unmitigated disaster, with the shipments index print of -25 was its lowest reading since April 2009

The monthly change in the composite index was the biggest drop on record.


Former top FBI lawyer James Baker subject of criminal media leak probe, transcript reveals

Lawmakers Seek Updates As FBI's Former Top Lawyer Undergoes Active Criminal Investigation

ANALYSIS: I think it's entirely possible that Baker is or was one of the co-conspirators at Exide.

PG&E Stock Hits Record Low, Misses Interest Payment As Bankruptcy Nears

If PG&E goes bankrupt as expected, it will be the first investment-grade name to default without entering the U.S. high-yield market since MF Global in 2011

"Erratic Movement" In Earth's Magnetic Field Threaten Global Navigation

"The Big Test" Looms - Bear Market Bounce Or Beginning Another Bull?

ANALYSIS: I would be very surprised if SP500 and NASDAQ both enter bear markets (they have) but DOW does not, which it has not yet after narrowly averting it after Mnuchin's emergency call, wherein he no doubt facilitated the kind of inter-bank collaborative strategizing which is 100% illegal.

Importantly, the previous deep “oversold” condition which was supportive of the rally following Christmas Eve has now been fully reversed back into extreme “overbought” territory.

Markets are still roughly 3% lower than where we started 2018, Entire topping process which started in November of 2017.

ANALYSIS: I am glad the "correction" which was simulated by the fraudsters in 2017 has now contributed to the actual top, which would have only just begun in October had they not simulated the "correction" for basically aesthetic purposes back in 2017.

“So…is the bear market over OR is it just starting?”

ANALYSIS: Since it didn't start in the DOW yet, it probably isn't over already.

Theresa May 'could be kicked out on Wednesday' if she loses Commons vote on Brexit deal

Parliament will finally have its say on the Brexit deal on Tuesday evening.

‘We struck thousands of targets’: IDF chief of staff on Israel’s ‘near-daily’ strikes in Syria

ANALYSIS: I suppose the Israelis have been gangstalking me, and I will destroy them all for it. I once liked about my own Judaism that it was the oldest of the Abrahamic religions but now I think the Tribe of Israel is the group that I didn't get back in touch with (yet) after they turned to evil.

Hamas sets $1mn bounty for IDs of Israeli commandos involved in botched Gaza raid

ANALYSIS: As more evidence of the Israelis failure to conform to what I deem just, they launched this stupid raid as a fuck you to me shortly after I expressed my ideological solidarity with Hamas on this website. I will destroy Hamas' enemy because that is my enemy too, as far as I can tell from my vantage point in this abandoned house.

PG&E Gets AIG-ed: Moody's Downgrade Triggers $800MM Collateral Call, Liquidity Crisis

Of course, the above take assumes PG&E will survive a few quarters, which thanks to nearly $1 billion in cash collateral the company must somehow find and post immediately, it won't.

Stocks Best Start To A Year Since 2003 But Trader Warns "Markets Are A Mess"
Since The Fed hiked rates in December, stocks are actually unchanged

Deutsche Bank Prosecutors Seize Massive Client List During 'Panama Papers' Raid

Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sweing said he was surprised at the raid, saying in December that he thought the case was considered closed, having addressed it in "close cooperation with supervising authorities" in 2016 when the Panama Papers were leaked.

Lampert Boosts Sears Rescue Package To $5 Billion In Last-Ditch Effort To Avoid Liquidation

House Democrats To Grill Mnuchin Over Russian Oligarch Who Was FBI Asset

ANALYSIS: I think I read that Mnuchin and Lampert were former roommates.

"Complete Chaos" As Brazil's Gangs Go Ballistic Over Bolsonaro Crackdown

Bolsonaro's administration says it won't back down on its plan to combat gang activity.

Scientology murder mystery as Sydney ‘church employee’ is stabbed to death at complex

ANALYSIS: I hope this person got killed in retaliation for the Scientologists gangstalking me on the train recently. The rest of them should all be killed too, and certainly one death does not even begin to pay for the crimes of the Scientologists (nor is the fleeting pain of a knife in any way commensurate with their years long torments) but before the rest of them die (ASAP) I hope this killing gives them a hint of what they have coming.

World Bank President Kim Unexpectedly Resigns

President Bongo Safe After Military Coup Fails In Oil-Rich Gabon

Graphic: Chairman Of Germany's Anti Immigrant AfD Party Brutally Beaten In "Assassination Attempt"

Ginsburg missing Supreme Court arguments for 1st time

Malaysia's king abdicates in unexpected and rare move

No reason was given in the statement.

The Council of Rulers is expected to meet soon to pick the next king.

Pentagon chief of staff Kevin Sweeney resigns

White House forced Sweeney out The source did not provide further information about the reason.

Trump said he moved Mattis' departure date up to January 1, two months earlier than originally planned.

Homosexuality is to blame for sexual abuse, not Catholic church, claims German cardinal

But Cardinal Brandmüller claimed that only a “vanishingly small number” of clergy had committed abuses. He said the real problem was homosexuality and claimed it is “statistically proven” that there is a link between homosexuality and abuse.

ANALYSIS: In what way is homosexuality to blame when the church is a haven for both child molesters and other perverts, and the entire abstention from womanly pleasures is in and of itself tantamount to homosexuality, and when, in fact, the impunity endowed to the child molesters by the church is an even more unhealthy behavior than the child molesting itself.

Sears Prepares For Liquidation As Lampert's 11th Hour Bid Fails

If the 125-year-old retailer does die in bankruptcy -- like Toys “R” Us in 2018, and Borders Group Inc. in 2011 -- it would mark the largest fatality yet in the retail apocalypse prompted by a shift to online shopping.

The second largest bankruptcy ever

Hacker group releases '9/11 Papers', says future leaks will 'burn down' US deep state

Hackers Release Personal Data On Hundreds Of German Politicians

Information revealed that several DB employees coldly calculated the risks associated with facilitating their clients' illegal behavior, and decided to continue with the business.

It is unknown if the hack is connected to a 2015 incident in which the Bundestag parliament network was breached and 16 gigabytes of data was stolen.

ANALYSIS: This is like the German OPM hack, and the timing in 2015 probably puts it, like the OPM hack, shortly after I went into Elavon's Linux network backbone system, shortly before being fired, to email the error records from Citibank (Saudi Arabia) to my internal customer at US Bank. The error records were rows in the incoming datat rejected by the lookup stage of my Datasatage job in Windows. Citi was expecting USB not to get the records that couldn't pass the lookup stage but after my counterparty on the project kept fucking with me I went into Linux, to spite that counterparty, and I sent the error records via emails and Lync to everyone on the project. Soon after, the OPM hack was announced. The unique ID in the data was called the "MID" and at my next job the notorious liar Tim Newport was greatly disturbed when he was probing me if I knew about the MIDs and I told him that I was the one who sent the data that my internal customers as US Bank were after. Citi thought the records would just disappear or something when Datastage said not to load the records into Elavon's instance of Oracle. In reality, those records go into the error.log file, they don't just disappear. Surprise! I simply loaded the error log into Excel with the "open special" option, and then sent the data to where it was intended to go.

"But they’re no kids either. It’s people that know about IT security."

ANALYSIS: If these people think that they can get a share in the tree of life without sending their daughters to me, in proper fashion for insemination, not sending them to where I could beg them to please, please, please take their clothes off please, then they will learn that they were catastrophically mistaken I kill them all.

Is The End Of The Brutal War In Yemen Finally At Hand?

The war’s swift conclusion appears all but inevitable.

Multiple FX Pairs Suddenly Flash Crash, Yields Tumble, Gold Surges

Reuters are reporting this as the biggest FX moves since 2009

In what some have suggested is a chained liquidation stemming from the collapse of AAPL shares after-hours, multiple FX pairs are flash-crashing across the globe amid still low liquidity conditions.

ANALYSIS: Odd spikes in currencies are much more black swan-ish than spikes in equities.

"Pay The F*ck Up": Hackers Threaten To Dump Secret 9/11 Attack Files If Bitcoin Ransom Not Met

Lloyds of London, Silverstein Properties and Hiscox Syndicates

"Hiscox Syndicates Ltd and Lloyds of London are some of the biggest insurers on the planet insuring everything from the smallest policies to some of the largest policies on the planet, and who even insured structures such as the World Trade Centers,"

ANALYSIS: I am surprised that they don't mention Silverstein in this regard as well since Larry Silverstein was the WTC beneficiary in the 9/11 insurance.

MORE ANALYSIS: As I recall, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions business model is to sell fraud insurance to insurers. Indeed, the fake project cover story for my job at Lexis Nexis had to do with unemployment insurance. Apparently, LN has been spreading lies about me and reporting my enemies as legitimate non-fraudsters, and if this shock has not gone through the system when I expect it will be quite an earthquake as the insurer of insurers has to admit they've written a bunch of policies they can't cover.

EVEN MORE ANALYSIS: While I was at the laundromat the other day, apparently I don't rate washing machine, the people were gangstalking me. I heard Tim Newport's voice say, "We're not done here." He is right. It's over when I say it's over and it won't be over until I see Tim's network sufficiently humbled and the sound of their lamentations grows old to me.

One River Asset Management: "QE Has Done Something Much More Damaging Than The Fed Could Have Imagined"

The hard part is knowing what to do with bad or incomplete data.

ANALYSIS: I think it is easy to decide to make two different decision making processes: one that is based on complete data and one that is based on incomplete data. The latter can be ignored in instances dependent on verifiably complete data.

Vatican spokesman and his deputy resign, capping difficult year for Pope Francis

Deutsche Bank Is "Well-Positioned For A Crisis", Chairman Says

Stock which has tumbled 56% in 2018

The bank with the 48 trillion Euros in gross notional derivatives

It is still unclear just what new skeletons in the bank's vault the local police found after their raid of DB's headquarters in late November, triggered by concerns the bank, which has been implicated in virtually every possible financial scandal

ANALYSIS: I wonder if the Democrats will make good on their promises to investigate the links between Trump and Deutsche Bank: links likely used to funnel the illicit proceeds of my enemies' semen rackets.

Meet “Avi Abramson” Who May Be Jerome Corsi’s Mossad Handler

What else happened in September?

ANALYSIS: In late September I sent an email to Exide requesting information related to some fraud allegations regarding Exide's illicit criminal enterprises. My requests were mot met and I went to Exide the following week, and the HR manager, one Mr. Gay, refused to terminate the agreements and he called the cops on me. He issued me a criminal trespass notice about returning to Exide after I got out of the jail the cops took me to, and now i will get arrested if I go request the documents which were not provided in response to my several requests, nor during the office visit in which I would have demanded them if not being hauled off to jail in chains.

Two More Spiegel Employees Out After Fake News Scandal Expands

ANALYSIS: Relotius looks to me like Pewdiepie, who looks to me like Chris Moriarty. I wonder if Pewdiepie got his name from the word Pookiekins, and I when he had on a certain set of green headphones it seemed like the same meme I saw on a Mike Adriano porn set's throw pillow. I think it's likely that these guys' careers in video will end with the video documentation of their own defilement... if they are so unwise as to procrastinate suicide to such an extent that they fall into my hands after having mocked me.

US Helicopters Flying Over Manbij As Confusion Reigns; Turkey, Russia Agree To "Coordinated" Action

The wild card that remains is whether or not US forces will fully and truly make a complete break from the theater. Considering the Trump administration is currently considering whether or not to leave US weapons with the Kurds, it appears a full pullout is indeed happening.

Foreign Hackers "Cripple" US Newspapers, Cause Widespread Delivery Disruptions

Leveraged Loan Prices Collapse Amid Record-Breaking Outflows

Sears may need to liquidate if no bid comes in by tomorrow

The 125-year-old company has more than 68,000 employees.

Giza Pyramid mystery chamber may hold Pharaoh’s 'meteorite throne'

Here Are Europe's Most Terrifying Christmas Traditions

The Christmas spirit usually banishes fear, but in some countries Christmas brings fear in abundance, trading Santa for ravenous ghouls who feast on children.

The Longest Bull Market In History Is Over - S&P Enters Bear Market

We are now in a Bear Market — here's what that means

Wall Street Has Not Been This Wrong Since 2008