"Deeply Troubling" - Wall Street Journal Implores "What Was Bruce Ohr Doing?"

We could have these answers pronto; they rest in part in those Ohr 302 forms.

Brennan Lashes Out After "Tyrant" Trump Revokes Security Clearance: "Americans Should Gravely Worry"

ANALYSIS: If I was someone doing the dirty with the CIA under Brennan, this would make me think I was about to get killed.

Europe's Sovereign-Bank 'Doom Loop' Can't Be Broken

Israel's Shin Bet detains Peter Beinart at Ben-Gurion airport over political activity

He went through a politically-centered interrogation upon landing in the country.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to news of Beinart's detention. A statement released by his office said that he "heard of Mr. Beinart's questioning at Ben Gurion airport and immediately spoke with Israel's security forces to inquire how this happened. He was told it was an administrative mistake. Israel is an open society which welcomes all--critics and supporters alike. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where people voice their opinions freely and robustly."

ANALYSIS: Is Netanyahu lying to say that putting me in detention and not admitting me was a mistake, or did he mean to lie to say that it was an accident that I got out of secondary detention in the Thai-Israeli dungeon two times?

The Shin Bet also told Haaretz it was "sorry for the unpleasantness Mr. Beinart experienced. The Shin Bet chief has instructed that the case be looked into."

ANALYSIS: This is all bullshit. The only reason I spent that last year on the streets was because Israel denied me entry into their country three times. Furthermore, when I bought an El-Al ticket to fly there I went to check in and the counter agent said, "The Jewish Agency told me not to let to you board the flight." When I was trying to work with the Jewish Agency, they told me that the Ministry of the Interior of Israel had told them to refuse to work with me.

MORE ANALYSIS: At Ben-Gurion, I was stopped at passport control and sent to special screening. At one point, the special screening agent told me that he had been coming to the USA to have sex with me disguised as a woman named Darlene, and he also instructed me to produce my penis to demonstrate my circumcision. The first two times I went there, after special screening I went to primary detention where the gang stalking was unbelievable. On the third time, I went to the jail from primary detention, but the first two times I got taken to secondary detention in the basement of the airport. They had a room with a military style plaque which read "Thai-Israeli Taskforce" and all the writing was in Thai except for one thing on the wall in Hebrew. This was very weird, and it was like I was being taken to the torture dungeon, and I think it is no coincidence that the torture dungeon run by CIA director Gina Haspel was in Thailand. After the Israelis denied my right of return three times, I could not afford a fourth attempt and I have been completely destitute since that time. When I was in secondary detention the guard said, "We're having trouble finding your ID." I said, "Maybe it's because I'm the landlord of this facility." A few minutes later some guy came in saying over and over, "This is El Arcón! This is El Arcón!" He took me out of secondary detention and back to the gate where I boarded a flight for New York. Even though they knew I was El Arcón, they refused my entry a few weeks later when they brought me to the jail and then directly to the plane on the tarmac in the morning.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: As a teenager, Helene tried to convince to move to the kibbutz with her in Israel, so the Israelis apparently had no problem with me then, but something changed in the ensuing years, and it can only be those political things which Netanyahu now says are not things which should bar people from entering Israel.

EVEN MORE ANALYSIS: Queen Elizabeth sometimes would spend time in the townhouse next to Helene where I knew her as Avis Jorgenson. She is George's daughter and "avis" means grandparent in Latin. Also, she looks not at all unlike me. Therefore, it is quite suspicious to me that, after having never mounted a formal state visit of British royals to Israel since it stopped being British Palestine, the first ever visit is an unannounced surprise immediately following my attempts to get there, and then immediately canceled after my money ran out. I think they mounted this trip to make a fake story about how the Windsor visit was the real big deal, and not my attempt to move there. As the King of Babylon, I think that makes me more important for Israel than either of the Queen or Prince of the UK. I think it means that I am the King of Israel. A few years ago when I was making a time travel thread on Reddit, i said I was feeling like I am the King of Jews, and Helene became hysterical when she confronted me about why I had written that. The was acting as if it is was insane but, to me, she was acting as if she knew I was exactly correct.

MARCH 2107: British Royal 'to become family's first member to make state visit to Israel later this year'

ANALYSIS: Look at the blue yamaka in the photo in the article. When I was a child, my blue yamaka was the shiny royal blue one, exactly like the material on the inside of the British Royal Marines' berets, not the crushed, matte velvet of the one in this photo.

MAY 2017: Plans for a Royal visit to Israel scrapped by Foreign Office

House Republicans succeeding in war on Robert Mueller 'beyond their dreams,'

Possible wrongdoing at the Justice Department and the FBI.

Hillary Clinton's private email server.

ANALYSIS: I think the reason "Hillary's secret server" moved from her bathroom into her basement over the course of the reporting was because Helene has a hidden door to a secret basement in the master bathroom of her home in Tucson.

Why it's time for Donald Trump to play his ace in the hole

Rod Rosenstein, officially Sessions’ deputy but really the boss of the Justice Department and FBI

Rosenstein is guilty of three main sins. One, he gives his spawn

As I and others have noted, a president has almost unlimited powers to declassify any document within the executive branch. It is a mystery why Trump has hesitated to use that power

ANALYSIS: It's because Trump and his base, apparently, think I deserve to be in poverty. It seems like these "sanctions" Trump talks about are against me.

Rick Gates says he and Paul Manafort set up offshore banking network

He said he also used money to travel to Las Vegas for an unrelated work meeting with a movie producer, which he admitted could be considered embezzlement.

ANALYSIS: I'd say it's more likley that the movie producer was his real boss and that Gates would rather get charged with embezzlement than to say the other guy was involved.

Manafort went from making millions per year doing political consulting in Ukraine to having virtually zero contracts in the country

ANALYSIS: I think they set up that whole coup in Ukraine get a new government cooperative with their intention to spawn a new sub-genus of people from my improperly harvested semen.

Offshore shell companies and bank accounts in Cyprus with help from a Cyprus-based attorney known as 'Dr. K.'

Rick Gates Testifies He Committed Crimes While Working For Manafort

At one point, he rattled off the names of a dozen overseas companies he said Manafort controlled; on prompting from prosecutors he identified three more. The money in them “came from income from political consulting in Ukraine,” he said.

ANALYSIS: I think the real source of the money was my semen, and I think my semen is what was in the freezer in the locker in Manfort's storage unit.

Trump May Override Rosenstein, Declassify Remaining DOJ FISA Docs: Report

As Cristina Laila of the Gateway Pundit notes, Rosenstein and then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe both signed off on a June 2017 FISA

Drawing up articles of impeachment against Rosenstein, only to withdraw them shortly thereafter.

Trump Warns Allies "Risk Severe Consequences" If They Violate Iran Sanctions

ANALYSIS: I feel there are sanctions against me such that no one is allowed to acknowledge my valuable contributions to math and science.

Anonymous vows to take down, expose QAnon

The video claims that Anonymous “knew who was responsible for Q” and thought it was funny at first. However, the group now believes the conspiracy theory has gone too far.

Judicial Watch: Court Orders DOJ to Preserve Comey Personal Email

Judicial Watch argued that “there is reason to be concerned that the responsive records could be lost or destroyed.”

ANALYSIS: Interesting that this comes immediately following my report of posts removed from my log.

The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles "Explodes" As The Middle Class Collapses

And if our homelessness crisis is escalating this dramatically while the economy is supposedly “growing”, how bad are things going to be once the next recession officially begins?

Manafort on trial: A scorched-earth prosecutor and not a mention of Trump

Ecuador, Britain in talks over Assange fate: Ecuadorian president

Republicans Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Rosenstein

Ecuador Foreign Minister: Assange Can't Enjoy 'Eternal Asylum' in London Embassy

ANALYSIS: I wonder if I'm going to get arrested for shoplifting on the day they kick Assange out?

Nomura: Today The Market Landscape Flipped Dramatically "Under The Hood"

There were some very large z-score reversals of YTD trends across the "factor" universe.

Regardless of the source of origin, however, this is a development I am interested in, as it looks to be yet-another “signal” of a regime inflection in the market

"Hoax From The Beginning": Carter Page FISA Application Exposes Flimsy Underpinnings Of FBI "Witch Hunt"

FBI used circular arguments which presented dossier claims as facts

Another approach used to beef up the FISA application's curb appeal was circular evidence

Ecuador to hand over Assange to UK 'in coming weeks or days'

Rod Rosenstein Summoned To White House

Lights go out at White House as Trump pledges loyalty to US intelligence

Former CIA Officer: Clinton "Involved In Biggest Treason In History"

Bloodbath: Oil Plummets Amid Biggest Commodity Crash Since 2014

But it's not just oil: the entire metals space is getting hammered on fears of a Chinese - and global - economic slowdown, with copper prices plunging as much as 4% in London, the biggest drop since December 2017; futures have lost almost 17% since peaking in early June.


Leaking Las Vegas: West's Biggest Reservoir Nears Critical Threshold

ANALYSIS: I wouldn't be surprised to learn that my water has been coming from the Colorado River

Report: over 300 Pennsylvania Catholic priests committed child sex abuse

Last month, former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, previously the archbishop of Washington, DC, and among the highest-ranking Vatican officials in America, was forced to resign his cardinalship

Earlier this year, Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s highest-ranking official, took a leave of absence to face criminal charges of child sex abuse

The report, which is often graphic and disturbing, details widespread sexual abuse and rape

The breadth of the accusations and the graphic specificity of the charges make the report a watershed moment in the history of abuse in the Catholic Church

Among the high-level ecclesiastical officials implicated in the report is Donald Wuerl, currently the archbishop of Washington, DC.

Shortly after becoming pope, Francis announced the creation of a Vatican committee to fight sex abuse in the church.

Francis, too, has vocally cast doubt on accusers. Most notably, late last year, he took a defensive stance when confronted with the case of Father Juan Barros, a Chilean priest accused of covering up the systematic child abuse of another priest, Father Fernando Karadima, calling the allegations “calumny.” (He later apologized for his remarks, and the entire Chilean bishopric resigned under pressure.)

Washington cardinal entangled in two sex-abuse scandals

Brazil's jailed Lula registered as presidential candidate

Trump Reacts After Peter Strzok Fired From The FBI; Strzok Attorney Responds

FBI Deputy Director David L. Bowdich ordered the firing on Friday — even though the director of the FBI office that normally handles employee discipline had decided Strzok should face only a demotion and 60-day suspension.

Strzok - the man who downgraded the FBI's assessment of Hillary's email mishandling from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless"

"A Devastating Scenario": Brazil Breaks Own Record For Number Of Murders, Ahead Of Election

Mexico: Homicide Rate Breaks New Record, Jumps 16% in 2018

The Entire West Virginia Supreme Court Might Get Impeached

"It's a Fucking Bloodbath" - Emerging Markets Collapse As Turkey Tantrum Spread

One veteran EM trader in Brazil exclaimed to us this morning "this is a fucking bloodbath," adding that "liquidity has disappeared"

Contagion Hits Latin America: Argentine Peso, Brazilian Real Plummet

South African Rand Flash-Crashes 10% As Turkey Contagion Spreads

US Orders Chinese Conglomerate To Sell Office Building Near Trump Tower

The stake is owned by HNA, the reeling, quasi-insolvent Chinese conglomerate whose Chairman died in a freak accident in Italy one month ago.

US Senate Intelligence Committee calls Julian Assange to testify

New York Congressman Collins Arrested On Insider Trading Charges

Sheldon Silver, NY ex-Assembly speaker, gets 7 years in prison for corruption conviction

NY Rep. Michael Grimm announces resignation

Wells Fargo Says Hundreds Of Customers Lost Homes Because Of Computer Glitch

Wells Fargo has been mired in a series of scandals in recent years that have cost the firm billions and left it facing a string of lawsuits and investigations.

ANALYSIS: On page 33 of this paper, it lists the biggest players in the global network of corporate control. However, Wells Fargo, nearly the biggest US consumer bank, is absent from the list. This means Wells Fargo is a front bank for the other banks on the list and I think that's why Wells Fargo keeps getting in trouble for defrauding its customers. The banks which have set up Wells Fargo as a front use it to research what they can get away with fraudwise.

"They Tried To Assassinate Me Today" Venezuela's Maduro Says As US Denies Involvement

Blaming the attack on right-wing factions specifically connected to Columbia and Florida.

‘Perpetual’ reactor for next-gen nuclear subs trialled in Russia

Explosions at Jacksonville FPL Cedar Bay Plant cause shockwaves

'It's very bizarre that they wouldn't have said something,"

Government Silent As Mystery Meteor Almost Explodes Over US Air Force Base

The energy from the explosion is estimated to be 2.1 kilotons.

54,000 mph

11 children rescued from filthy compound looked like 'third-world country refugees'

"It's obvious to me that they were brainwashed"

A serial cat killer has killed seven, displaying their mutilated bodies in public, Washington state cops say

ANALYSIS: When I read stories like this, I have to wonder if the cat got its tail cut off or if this is like something worse than a horror movie.

MH370 Mystery Remains Unsolved Even As Probe Finds Controls "Manipulated"

ANALYSIS: This plane went missing just a few days before Helene and Joe filed that fraudulent affidavit on me. Years later, the plane is still missing and people are still calling schizophrenic every time I post my research online: double profits for them likely.

Colombian Raid Yields $2 Million In Gold Bars

Ongoing DEA and CIA allegations both include that Venezuela is heavily involved in narco trafficking.

Mystery as Russia LIQUIDATES almost ALL of its holdings in US Treasury securities

Housing Market Collapse 2.0 Accelerates Rapidly!

Facebook Plunges Into Bear Market, Wipes Out $132 Billion In Value

Seagram Heiress Arrested In Sex Cult Investigation

Twitter Responds To Conservative Outrage As VICE Confirms "Shadow Ban" Reports

"One strategy is to shadow ban so you have ultimate control. The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone but they don't know they've been banned, because they keep posting but no one sees their content."

Venezuela Surpasses Weimar As Hyperinflation Expected To Hit 1,000,000% By Year End

Israel adopts divisive Jewish nation-state law

"Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people and they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it".

ANALYSIS: I am the historical home of the Jewish people, and they've had no problem abandoning me.

Mexico's next government to weigh legalizing drugs

ANALYSIS: It is so obvious to me that the only viable drug war strategy is to tax the industry for cash instead of taxing society with blood and prison while making the criminals rich. Whenever anyone pursues a different strategy than this, it makes me think their real job to make sure those criminals keep getting a 10,000x price markup on those untaxed commodities which are illegal.

Head of Mexico's ruling party resigns after record loss

Battered by corruption scandals, surging violence and poor economic growth, the centrist PRI was trounced by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Majority Of Clinton Emails Funneled To "Foreign Entity"; When IG Told Strzok - He Completely Ignored