Scientists accelerate airflow in mid-air

An important aspect of the new study is that the beams can be controlled, marking the first demonstration of an electronically steerable macroscopic self-accelerating beam in free space.

"Currently, we are planning to create more preferable flows for conveying airborne substances"

Assault ship USS America was in route to Changi Naval Base to help guide USS John S. McCain.

Ten sailors missing, five injured after USS John S. McCain collides with merchant ship near Strait of Malacca

The incident will be investigated to determine the facts and circumstances of the collision.

US Navy announces 'operational pause' after McCain incident

“This is the second collision in three months, and the last in a series of incidents in the Pacific theater. This trend demands more forceful action”

"There are so many safeguards in place to avoid these collisions that it's kind of baffling"


ANALYSIS: This reminds me of when the office that got blown up the most in the Pentagon on 9/11 was the Office of Naval Investigations.

First Images, Videos Show Extensive Damage To USS John McCain

‘Surrender or die’: Iraq launches operation to retake ISIS-held Tal Afar near Mosul

They also allegedly cut all escape routes in and out of Tal Afar.

US-South Korea drills could lead to ‘uncontrollable phase of nuclear war,’ North warns

ANALYSIS: North Korea is projecting a lot of fear with these remarks about uncontrollability. Time travel technology makes everything controllable and they know this as well as anyone.

Major league umpires wear wristbands to protest ‘escalating verbal attacks’ from players

ANALYSIS: Reminds me of one time at LexisNexis one of the executives came over by my bank of cubicles and she said as I walked past her, "It's nice to meet one of the players." I'm not a player bitch, I'm the owner.

Barcelona attack suspect remains at large, may be in France

British spy behind Trump-Russia dossier could be forced to talk after US court ruling

“I think it was disgraceful, disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out"

Interest in the funding and sourcing for the dossier led the Senate Judiciary Committee to summon Glenn Simpson, the head of the Washington, D.C.-based research firm Fusion GPS that commissioned Steele’s work, to a closed session meeting scheduled for Tuesday. In a letter to Simpson, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, indicated he wants Simpson to reveal who first hired him to investigate Trump’s Russia ties and which government agencies received copies when it was completed.

Attorneys for Fusion have already indicated to the committee that its client relationships are confidential

ANALYSIS: Another fusion reference here and I used one of Steele's blurbs early in my Occupy Atlanta pamphlets. I have often wondered if Steele played the role of Steve Kladitis who sat on the other side of me from Rhonda at Elavon. I liked Steve and I hope he would be eager to tell the truth about me if this is him.

Turkey's Erdogan says German leaders are enemies

More than 50,000 people have been arrested in Turkey since the coup plot, including hundreds of journalists, opposition politicians, academics and activists.

Mr Erdogan's ruling AK Party has also purged the armed forces, judiciary, police and education sector, sacking more than 140,000 people.

ANALYSIS: Trump could take a lesson in good governance from Erdogan and if Merkel was among those who dressed up as the blonde woman at Exide, the one that I hate the most in that whole office, then I will enthusiastically agree with Erdogan's assessment of the leadership in Germany.

A quick and easy way to shut down instabilities in fusion devices

Huge fire near Barcelona Airport as smoke towers over runways 'after blaze breaks out on industrial estate'


Barcelona terrorist attack: 13 dead, 100 injured as van plows into pedestrians

Reports have emerged stating that two armed men entered a Turkish restaurant called Luna de Istanbul and are holding people hostage

Catalan Emergency Services tweeted that an incident occurred near Plaça Catalunya and advised people to avoid the area.

Vehicles have been used to ram into crowds in Europe in a series of terrorist attacks since July 2016, when the driver of a lorry plowed into people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, killing over 100 people.


ANALYSIS: I wonder who is going to win the Catalan independence vote in October?

Catalan police say ‘anti-terrorist’ operation ongoing in Cambrils, south of Barcelona

Wasserman Schultz Aide Indicted on Bank Fraud, Other Charges

Robert Mueller May Not Be The Savior The Anti-Trump Internet Is Hoping For

"They're investigating something that never happened," Trump told reporters last week. "There was no collusion between us and Russia. In fact, the opposite. Russia spent a lot of money on fighting me."

ANALYSIS: Interesting if true.

Lawsuit claims Poland Spring a ‘colossal fraud,’ selling groundwater

The company has “politically compromised” state regulators.

ANALYSIS: I think my former coworker Sandy is down with me disguised as a Polish man named Jerzy. The initials of Sandy Bushey's obviously fake name are SB just like the Polish intelligence service. Also like Starbucks which I hate and like @SabzBrach which may have been the first twitter account that I noticed something memey about when I first made an account many years ago.

British Royal 'to become family's first member to make state visit to Israel later this year'

ANALYSIS: Despite not one state visit in the entire history of Israel since it was formed in British Palestine in 1948 they decided to finally have an official state visit by a Windsor about 30 days after I tried to go there.

2015: British royals ‘won’t visit Israel till conflict solved’

“Until there is a settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the Royal family can’t really go there,” a British government source told the newspaper. “In Israel so much politics is caught up in the land itself that it’s best to avoid those complications altogether by not going there.”

ANALYSIS: Wow! What changed? Are they trying to cover up my visit with a Windsor visit? Recall that Israel's refusal to admit me into "their country" was the event (in conjunction with my own choices afterward) that most directly precipitated my current state of destitute homelessness. Those three attempts to get to Jerusalem burned the $6500 I had when I quit Exide in January.

FURTHER ANALYSIS: If "politics is caught up in the land itself" it might be relevant that they told me I was the Landlord.

Police arrest 72 Palestinians suspected in Temple Mount riots

Special counsel's Russia probe loses top FBI investigator

ANALYSIS: Clinton probe to Russia probe to a postion in the FBI's human resources office seems like an eccentric career track.

In direct challenge to Trump, Iran's president says it could restart its nuclear program 'within hours'

Congress's overall 10% approval is the lowest for Congress in Quinnipiac's history of data back to 2003.

Israel detains diamond magnate in money laundering probe

Tal Silberstein, an adviser to Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern, was also among those detained, as was the acting chairman of Israeli telecommunications firm Bezeq.

Bezeq said its interim chairman David Granot was also detained for questioning, but added that the investigation did not involve the company.

Both men appeared in a magistrates court later Monday in Rishon Lezion near Tel Aviv and had their remands extended until Thursday.

"Independent Rocket Scientists" Claim North Korea's Nuclear Missile Claims Are A Hoax

The analysts concluded that North Korea is likely “years away from completion” of a nuclear-tipped missile that could reach the continental United States.

ANALYSIS: Missile or not, North Korea does have satellites than can carry nuclear devices over any part of the USA. All of this criticism of North Korea's missile and reentry vehicle technology is only relevant to the the nuclear strike, not the EMP attack. The satellites orbit near an optimal altitude for the EMP attack.

Basques march in solidarity with Catalonia independence vote

Catalonia, where the regional, separatist government is planning to hold an independence referendum on October 1.

Scaramucci: Elements Within Washington and White House Are Trying to ‘Eject’ Trump

Scaramucci waved off the idea that he was a "suicide bomber," instead comparing himself to the "Wolf" from the movie Pulp Fiction, a character who cleans up messy situations.

ANALYSIS: Someone was just telling me, and by this I probably mean that someone was channeling words though their agent, that their name is Wolf and that they had been calling him that for 30 years. He was pronouncing it "Woof" which is also a popular bumper sticker. Emily Trexler had asked me about "woof." I never heard of him/it and she said that woofing was gay flirting but I wonder if these woof bumper stickers are the name of this person Wolf pronounced in the Brazilian way. These words about Wolf and Woof came to me from some random homeless guy but they stuck out to me for a certain reason. On the morning of the first complete day of my homelessness I saw some words scrawled on the wall where I had slept. It looked like a 4chan post:

>be wolf
>my space
>wolf sorry

I took at the time to mean that the wolf was sorry for doing the brain scan on me constantly and then sending my brain scan data to hecklers for them to constantly harass me with.

Why a Mexican Cartel Capo Turned Himself in to the United States

The Sinaloa cartel split into multiple factions following former kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s arrest and extradition to the United States earlier this year.

Following El Chapo's capture, Licenciado became one of the most visible faces of the Sinaloa Cartel and was presumed to become El Chapo's replacement.

Licenciado was captured in May 2017 in Mexico City before being able to fully consolidate power within the Sinaloa Cartel.

In February 2017, Licenciado allegedly attempted to kill the leader of another Sinaloa Cartel faction, Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, as well as two of El Chapo's sons, but the attack did not succeed.

The struggle for power within the Sinaloa Cartel is all but finished.

Mini Lic currently has no arrest warrants in Mexico or the USA

A top Uber executive, who obtained the medical records of a customer who was a rape victim, has been fired

Watchdog Sues FBI For Failure To Turn Over Comey "Exit Papers"

With Bank Subpoenas, Mueller Turns Up the Heat on Manafort

Part of the reason Manafort is getting intense early scrutiny is that Mueller is drawing on investigations that were well underway, including one by federal prosecutors in Manhattan, when he was appointed in May.

The New York authorities are examining an unusual combination of mortgages and loans assembled by Manafort.

ANALYSIS: They should examine Steve Collins for taking the homestead exempion on properties in multiple Georgia counties.

Manafort switching legal team as feds crank up heat on him

Wells Chairman Out Following "Unbelievable, Outrageous" Scandal

In the end, shareowners ultimately suffer the long-term consequences.

ANALYSIS: Who are those shareholders? Wells Fargo does not appear high in the list of the top control holders (Table S1, p33) so those shareholders are probably mostly other banks that do appear in the list of top control holders. Those control holder entities may have colluded to focus risk on Wells Fargo as a front for the banksters in general to perpetrate this unbelievable, outrageous scandal. Other top US banks such as Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Bank of America do appear on this list of top control holders but Wells Fargo does not. Wells Fargo has likely acted as the agent of the other top cpntrol holding entities during this unbelievable, outrageous scandal.

Get On With It, Wells Fargo

In fact, considering so few changes are reportedly in the works, calling it a "shake-up" at all may be generous.

Wells Fargo fallout: Will chairman be next to go?

More than 2 million accounts that may not have been authorized by consumers.

Just last week, the bank disclosed that an expanded review of its sales practices is expected to identify a “significant increase” in the number of potentially unauthorized accounts employees created over an eight-year period.

ANALYSIS: Were any of these accounts opened in my name at Wells Fargo where I have never willfully opened even one account?

The review is expected to result in “actions” in the third quarter of this year

“I was surprised after the vote in the spring there wasn’t an immediate departure of some people.”

“Given what happened and continues to happen, there’s obviously something culturally going on that needs to be fixed.”


The rally was held in a packed hall at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, after it was moved from a smaller location due to the large number of Likud members who signed up to attend.

ANALYSIS: I wonder if this has anything to do with my recent trip to the torture hotel. Perhaps many Likud members would have been glad if I had exited the detention room of the Thai-Israeli Taskforce through the other door that led to the torture chamber. If they did sign up for this, I will be glad to read the list of names.

There are rumors that the media will demand that the police investigate [my dog] Kaya under caution

ANALYSIS: Unsurprisingly, "his dog" has the same Hebrew name as Helene.

Netanyahu also mocked former prime minister Ehud Barak, who has taken to recording online videos criticizing the prime minister, as an “old man with a new beard,” whose comments are “nonsense.”

Leah Remini Doubles Down on Anti-Scientology Crusade: I Want a Federal Investigation

The whereabouts of church leader David Miscavige's absent wife, Shelly.

ANALYSIS: On the show it said that the officer confirmed that the wife was ok by talking to her over the phone but that should not be counted as evidence of anything since it is trivial to replicate voices.

The Federal Marshal described here is to be the highest judicial agent so calling that position a judge is totally natural.

Netanyahu Might Be in Real Trouble

Investigators suspect she used government funds for personal expenses at the Netanyahu households.

ANALYSIS: This is probably the disinformation story for Netanyahu's cooperation with Helene. The "personal expenses" funded by the government probably constitute a euphemism for the harassment campaign against me. Also, the wife looks enough like Emily herself and Cathy Green's former direct report Nancy Grace for me to suspect some connection.


The workers are striking for better pay

ANALYSIS: As an example of the kind of cover story I am alleging above, this strike relating to low pay corresponds perfectly in time with the period during which I was painstakingly begging for money from Helene one dollar at a time.


ANALYSIS: This 2017 report coincides perfectly with my becoming homeless around April 6 of this year.

Judges 2


Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara to be indicted for using public funds for personal expenses, say reports


Mnuchin’s Fort Knox Quip: ‘I Assume the Gold Is Still There’

“The last time anybody went in to see the gold, other than the Fort Knox people, was in 1974 when there was a congressional visit. And the last time it was counted was actually in 1953.”

ISIS terrorists pulling strongest units to Deir ez-Zor for last stand

“ISIS units are completely shattered in the area.

“The defeat of the main forces of the most odious terrorist group, ISIS, which intended to create a so-called ‘caliphate,’ will be completed with lifting the siege of Deir ez-Zor.”

“During the past five days, Russian planes made 316 sorties and carried out 819 strikes,” Rudskoy said. “All in all, in August, Russian Aerospace forces aviation made 990 sorties, [and] 2,518 airstrikes have been carried out on command posts, positions, stockpiles, transshipment bases and camps. Forty armored vehicles, 106 gun trucks and up to 800 terrorists have been destroyed”

January, when terrorists managed to disrupt the supply line between the airfield and the rest of the stronghold.

ANALYSIS: I get the gist that the supply line is the one between the airfield I went to when I tried to fly to Israel and the stronghold is the non-Israel I place at which I arrived.

Secret Service depletes funds to pay agents because of Trump's frequent travel, large family

White House breach also found that that agents and uniform officers worked "an unsustainable number of hours"

ANALYSIS: These large amounts of hours seem like a case of identity politics.

Trump has taken seven trips to his estate in Mar-a-Lago, Fla.

ANALYSIS: This is pretty close to my LexisNexis nemeses in Boca Raton, a city in Wasserman-Schultz' district. I am still wondering if Eric Trump was playing identity politics as my in-office nemesis Tim Newport.

Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers expressed deep concern for the continuing stress on the agency, first thrust into turmoil five years ago with disclosures about sexual misconduct by agents in Colombia and subsequent White House security breaches.

ANALYSIS: At the time I speculated that this incident was related securing a cache of scopolamine for Biden to poison Obama with. Last I heard there were two names in the hotel registry identified as attachés to Biden unaffiliated with the secret service.

World's Scariest Drug (

Ross Levinsohn named new publisher and CEO of Los Angeles Times as top editors ousted

“We just felt that we weren’t going in the direction that we needed to be going"

Teen pleads guilty to lesser charge in Slender Man attack

Slender Man started with an online post in 2009, as a mysterious specter photo-shopped into everyday images of children at play.

Bannon's security clearance a challenge outside the White House

ANALYSIS: Does Hillary Clinton still have her clearance?

Did Stocks Just 'Cross The Median'?

Mnuchin Defends Decision to Stay as Trump Sees Healing Ahead

Mattis should “absolutely not” quit, if they were considering it, since they’re needed to “right the ship.”

ANALYSIS: What if it is time to scuttle the ship?

Sounding the Drums to Listen for Gravity’s Destructive Effect on Quantum Phenomena

Hezbollah Denounces Horrible Crime in Barcelona

No gambling, sex please: China widens crackdown on overseas deals

The statement did not elaborate on what it meant by the sex and gambling industries

ANALYSIS: The meme says to me that the gambling was the "risk" in LexisNexis Risk Solutions and the sex was the nonconsentual impregnation of Amy Huang with my sperm. I recently tried to meet one of my former professors at GSU: Dr. He. There was an imposter in his office and it seemed to me like it was Amy but she looks exactly like millions of other Chinese people so it's hard to tell if that was her nasty energy I was feeling or someone else's.

The company would strengthen its due diligence procedures.

ANALYSIS: If they were doing even modest diligence they would find that the disrespect they continue to show me is going to cause more pain for them than whatever enjoyment they are getting from it. I will go far out of my way to make the pain much, much greater. This is how I will teach fear of the Lord.

Tech Censorship of White Supremacists Draws Criticism From Within Industry

Who Built the Wall of Rock on Top of Stone Mountain?

Why There Will Be No 11th Hour Debt Ceiling Deal

The point is, over the past six months this Congress has been incapable of getting a doggone thing done. What makes you think they’ll somehow get their act together in just 12 days?

ANALYSIS: Since this is more directly about money than anything else they have worked on one could be forgiven for expecting action. I hope they don't raise the limit but it's hard to see why they wouldn't.

Weather Channel founder denies climate change: so ‘put me to death’

Coleman aims to expose what he calls “Algorian” scientists fudging data and taking billions in government research grants for the sake of career advancement and economic comfort.

FBI 'Reopens' FOIA Case On Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting After Getting Caught In Lie

The FBI's original response was either (i) just a simple reflection of their complete incompetence (best case) or (ii) an outright lie (worst case).

It is unbelievable that the FBI bureaucracy still only admits that some documents “may exist.” We know they exist. What else was the FBI hiding?

Perhaps it's time to refile all of those FOIA requests related to the various Hillary Clinton investigations that were submitted under the Obama administration...who knows what treasures may have been 'overlooked' in the initial FBI/DOJ responses...

ANALYSIS: The author is correct: It is time to refile those requests.

All Florida prisons placed on lockdown amid tensions

It appears to be the first time in memory that the Florida prison system has been locked down for an indefinite period of time.

U.S. Hiding Key Details of Mystery Attacks on American Diplomats in Cuba

"We've not been able to determine who's to blame"

Bannon Breaks Silence: Slams "Far-Right Clowns", Vows "Economic War With China"

CIA 'torture psychologists' avoid trial with secret settlement

‘Appallingly bad’ F-35 fighter jets to cost taxpayers even more as pound falls

F-35s, which have faced widespread criticism due to a number of technical mishaps, undermining their performance in almost every key area.

White House Confirms "Cohn Intends To Remain In Position"

FOMC Minutes Signal Balance Sheet Normalization Begins In September, Most Saw Inflation Pick Up

ANALYSIS: Sometimes correlation arises due to causation.

Why Was This 'Crowd Hire' Company Recruiting $25 An Hour 'Political Activists' In Charlotte Last Week?

"We were not involved in any capacity with the recent tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia"

ANALYSIS: Yeah but what about other kinds of recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia?

Billionaire Richard Branson weighs in on free cash handouts—there's a ‘real danger’ tech will replace jobs

"There is a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something like that, due to automation"

"Yeah, I am not sure what else one would do. I think that is what would happen"

Talks of massive downtown Atlanta passenger terminal spring back to life

Near Gulch, Underground, former Atlanta Constitution Building to get new life

Iran says can quit nuclear deal if US keeps adding sanctions

Rouhani also hit out at US counterpart Donald Trump, saying he had shown the world that Washington was "not a good partner."

'US campaign in Afghanistan has failed, troops should leave' – Russian envoy

Kabul has grown into a “global incubator of international terrorism.”

15,000 Nuclear Weapons In The World - Mapping Who Has What

Atlanta protesters deface Peace Monument in Piedmont Park

Tensions rose as the lone policeman on the scene was surrounded by black-clad antifa protesters shouting “pig.” Black Lives Matter protesters put themselves between the police officer and the antifacism crowd.

ANALYSIS: When first I went to Occupy Atlanta I was anti-fascist but my experiences quickly changed my mind. I use the definition of fascism that is synonymous with autocracy.

Is Changing the Constitution the Only Way to Fix Washington?

“The mechanism the founders gave for fixing Washington is Article 5"

“It’s hard to overstate what the danger is,” said David Super, a professor at Georgetown Law School.

ANALYSIS: It is hard to overstate the potential upside.


Mueller’s Targets Face Financial Strain

Hiring the high-powered Washington lawyers necessary to respond to a deep-dive Justice Department investigation can be extraordinarily costly

ANALYSIS: This week he switched legal teams and that is something people often do when their first lawyer tells them that they can't argue innocence well after the client told them too much of the truth.

Early-season storms one indicator of active Atlantic hurricane season ahead

Arlene in April; Bret and Cindy in June; Don and Emily in July; and Franklin in August. Two of these storms, Cindy and Emily, struck the United States.

ANALYSIS: I think I see Arlene = Helene in there, I thought they said the name of the guy who was fucking with me at LA Fitness was Bret, and I also wonder if that was really Rod. Cindy sat next to me at Exide. She wore a mask very often and she always followed the blond woman around when she would heckle me. Then we have Don and Emily: two Hancocks. One recalls that Don Hancock was the contact person for the plutonium leak that got announced after I identified the Coboco warehouse on a map and put it on Twitter. Then Franklin. That could be a couple of things.

OFFICIALS: Federal Prosecutor Investigating Visa Fraud in Wasserman Schultz's District Shot Himself in Head - But NO GUN Was Found

Reporter's attorney slams Eric Bolling in blunt response to lawsuit

ARC: Atlanta area adds nearly 80,000 people in past year

Benchmark Sues Travis Kalanick For Fraud, Breach Of Contract And "Gross Mismanagement"

The life of embattaled Uber ex-CEO Travis Kalanick just went from bad to worse

As explained in detail below, in 2016, Kalanick fraudulently obtained control of three newly created seats on Uber’s Board by his material misstatements and fraudulent concealment from Benchmark of material information that would have led Benchmark to reject the creation of the seats, and by his intentional failure to disclose to Benchmark and other stockholders adequate information for them to evaluate the requested stockholder consent to create the Board seats. After resigning as CEO, Kalanick purported to appoint himself to one of these fraudulently procured seats.

On or around June 1, 2016, Kalanick induced Benchmark to execute a stockholder consent approving an amendment to Uber’s Certificate of Incorporation

Kalanick intentionally concealed and failed to disclose his gross mismanagement and other misconduct at Uber.

Kalanick also understood that these matters, once revealed, would likely force him to resign as Uber’s CEO, and thus sought to grant himself a way to play an ongoing leadership role at Uber once the truth came out

One Of Uber's Largest Investors Just Sued Former CEO Travis Kalanick

Allegedly increasing "his power over Uber for his own selfish ends."

Engaging in a power play to get himself reinstated as CEO

Among Benchmark's biggest concerns is that Kalanick's continued influence will harm the company at a "critical juncture" while it is searching for a new CEO.

ANALYSIS: That movie get Get Out also made reference to a desire to see through someone else's eyes and I wonder if sometimes they call people who have cameras in ther eyes Uber drivers.

SNAP Plummets To New Record Low After Missing Everything, Burns Through A Quarter Billion

It's easy to summarize the just reported SNAP Q2 earnings report with just one word: disaster.

ANALYSIS: SNAP's business product of disappearing messages is very much the unending stream of harassing comments I get everywhere I go from people I don't know.

Dozens Of Female Employees Accuse Google Of Gender Discrimination

“We were taken aback by this assertion, which came without any supporting data or methodology” Google claims. “Our annual analysis shows no gender pay gap at Google.”

ANALYSIS: Perhaps that is why the women are ridiculously alleging another kind of discrimination: that the leadership of Google which includes Wojcicki is comprised of too many men

If Google loses this suit it could get very expensive for the company.

The future of work is medically enhanced ‘elite super-workers,’ report says

According to PWC, these forces will result in four potential futures: one where “humans come first,” one where “innovation rules,” one where “companies care,” and one where “corporate is king.”

ANALYSIS: There are other futures such as the one where a human king comes first and the responsibility for the economy is offloaded onto him from the "wise citizens" of our oligarchy masquerading as a demcratic republic. Monarchy. Scientific resource management and allocation.

Real news reports about augmented bodies in the office have existed for some time.

ANALYSIS: These kinds of reports, "real news reports," are the opposite of fake news. Were my coworkers tormenting me with devices implanted in their bodies? Did they attack me with borg weapons to torment me with implants in my body? I did discover a large hole in my gum next to an upper molar just a few days after quitting Exide and attempting to flee the country.

Male prostitute, 26, dies of meth overdose at Hollywood home of high-profile Democrat donor

Buck became a successful businessman, pioneering in computer technology, specifically in electronic information services, in Arizona before moving

"Looking for young gay black guys so he could inject them with drugs, see their reaction and how [they] would react and take pictures of them."

China's satellite sends unbreakable cipher from space

"That, for instance, can meet the demand of making an absolute safe phone call or transmitting a large amount of bank data"

ANALYSIS: That is not quite right because it does not account for possible acoustic interception techniques at either end of the call.

The establishment of a reliable and efficient space-to-ground link for faithful quantum state transmission paves the way to global-scale quantum networks

Once intercepted or measured, the quantum state of the key will change, and the information being intercepted will self-destruct.

FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home

Manafort’s allies fear that Mueller hopes to build a case against Manafort unrelated to the 2016 campaign

ANALYSIS: This "$1 million payment in October 2009 routed through the Bank of Cyprus" is highly suspicious to me because it aligns with the unexpected response to my September 2009 manuscript.

Philippines' Duterte announces 'dead or alive' bounties

The call for police officers to kill their colleagues is the latest inflammatory comment


U.S. Diplomats in Cuba Reported Experiencing ‘Physical Symptoms’ Following ‘Incidents’

Has lithium-battery genius John Goodenough done it again? Colleagues are skeptical

"I Have A Right To Express My Concerns": Fired Google Engineer Will Pursue Legal Action; Assange Offers Job

“Discriminating just to increase the representation of women in tech is as misguided and biased as mandating increases for women’s representation in the homeless, work-related and violent deaths, prisons and school dropouts”.

ANALYSIS: Perhaps women are underrepresented in tech because numerate women are more likely to be able to calculate how much of a better deal it is to get money for free than through a life of corporate toil. Certainly men are able to make these analyses but there is a large disparity in the availability of free money for men compared to that for women.

Eric Weinstein, managing director of Peter Thiel’s venture capital firm, wrote an open missive to Google asking it to “stop teaching my girl that her path to financial freedom lies not in coding but in complaining to HR”.

ANALYSIS: This is the Weinstein who seems to have briefly tried to steal my theory before the Snowden story stomped the Geometric Unity story out of existence. I plan to follow up with both Snowden and Weinstein.